To Draft or Not Draft the Head Case

“Character issues.” We hear about this one EVERY year. We see guys falling down the first round and we ask aloud wtf is going on. And quietly, we understand that there is obviously something else going on that is causing every team to shun the player like the plague. Warren Sapp was the beast DT who fell from the top of the draft to #12, where he was finally taken by the Bucs. Risk finally met reward. Marijuana turned out to be his greatest issue, and he went on to a Hall of Fame career. But for every Sapp, there are so many more Pacman Joneses. This year we get a discussion of five first rounders who allegedly have character issues.

Wonder has his own spin on this year’s crop of problem draft picks: “Food for thought…although I personally think Raji and Andre Smith (OT-Alabama) have a “BIGGER” problem- they’re both FAT SLOBS and will get ripped apart in the NFL if they don’t “shape up”…how Kiper, McShay, et. al. continue to believe Smith is still a top 10 pick is mind-boggling..if you can’t get in shape with the motivation of MILLIONS at stake, what does that say about your “drive” and work ethic?? Are they browning NUTS ?? I wouldn’t touch Smith with a ten foot pole…as for Raji, not TOO bad..but do you really want to draft a guy who’s so out of shape he can barely play 30-35 plays a game ? in the TOP TEN ?? NOT ME.”

Obviously Wonder is not TOO concerned about Harvin’s issues, saying that if he drops, the “Jints should either trade UP to grab Harvin” or can stay put or even trade down.

Ultimatenyg note: Wonder’s remarks were made ~24 hours before Smith fired his agent.

5 Responses to “To Draft or Not Draft the Head Case”

  1. Mitch Says:

    The article states…”Coachability, a posse of hangers-on, his lack of respect for authority and drug usage made Harvin a unanimous selection to become a repeated problem in the pros.”

    We do not need that on the Giants. Give me someone like Kenny Britt instead. I still want one of the “stud” LB’s first…Britt will be there in the 2nd round.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    well, there it is again, how high SHOULD he go, and how LOW does he GO before you take the risk? This is exactly why draft day is so interesting.

    ME? I am in the super-minority, I cannot stand how the team throws excessive resources at WR in the first place. I’d rather go LBer. I really do not think Britt will be there in Round 2, maybe Robiske.

  3. 10 Miles Says:

    Character is especially important at WR as we currently lack veteran leadership at that position. I was a little disappointed to see Hicks listed in the “other players” column.

    Not as concerned about Maualuga as we have players on defense who can, hopefully, exert a positive influence.

  4. Bob Says:


    You seem uncertain as to whether you’d like to draft a LB.

  5. Andy F. Says:

    braylon edwards trade talk surfaced earlier this afternoon; we’ll hit it tomorrow morning

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