One of the Giants’ newest fans

Little “Bass” is showing his true colors!
The color this weekend is green, as in the Masters. I do not golf, and do not pretend to know much about the sport. But I do know one thing- this is a GREAT tournament to watch. WHY?

1) History
2) Tradition
3) One of the 4 Majors
4) THE ORGANIZERS PROTECT THE INTEGRITY AND QUALITY OF THE WEEKEND BY AVOIDING ALL THE EASY PATHS TO DILUTION. The one I specifically refer to is 4 minutes per hour for commercials, with no promotions of other network programming. (4 minutes?! We get 4 minutes of ads surrounding a kickoff.) These guys could milk this tournament for all it is worth, but they protect their franchise. They protect the quality of what we watch. Goodell, are you listening- where are your priorities? Think about what 18 games is about in the context of some of the items mentioned in the link. Which direction is being chosen? Is there any doubt about the long term implications it means to EVERYONE- fans, players and owners alike?


3 Responses to “One of the Giants’ newest fans”

  1. James Allen Says:

    I’m not a golf fan at all really, but I admire the Masters for being the only sporting event I know that calls the tune in how it’s covered. The NFL, for all it’s apparent power bends over for the networks. The most notable thing to me is the “flex scheduling” which I suppose seemed like a nice idea to someone, but only screws over local fans, who, of course, have to fork over PSL money, ticket money, etc., only to find out that the plans they made to go to a 1pm gave have to be scrapped because the game now starts at 8:30pm. Isn’t that, you know, galling? Pay thousands for the right to buy a seat and get absolutely no guarantee a game is going to start when you think it is?P.S. And yeah, I agree with you wholeheartedly: an 18 game schedule is a potentially disasterous concept.

  2. Bob Says:

    The only way the whole situation will change is when the fans wise up and reject high ticket prices, PSL's,flex scheduling etc. As long as the fans idolize the NFL and keep paying up the big bucks(that they now can't afford), it will continue.Otherwise, the owners & players will milk the fans for every penny they can bleed out. It seems rediculous that we have "average Joe" fans paying these rediculous PSL's & buying jerseys, etc, to support the upper high end lifestyles of NFL players.

  3. Russ Wellen Says:

    Eighteen games aside, you’d think that the NFL might consider ganging up commercials for the Super Bowl at least at the beginning, end, and half-time.With the Masters you feel like you’re part of the tradition — along with being allowed to linger in the natural wonderland that is Augusta. (Of course, competition-wise, it was a classic this year. There are few rags-to-riches stories quite like Cabrera. For more, see this story from a couple of years ago: < HREF=",28136,1652947,00.html" REL="nofollow">Angel Cabrera fought his way from the barrio to the U.S. Open<>.)After watching the Super Bowl, you feel violated by all the commercials. It’s especially pathetic how the media plays along by rating the commercials and holding surveys to see which ones fan likes the best.Heck, why not edit the Super Bowl down and just run four hours of commercials with a few football highlights spliced in?

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