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Yesterday we talked about the Giants WR corps being small, how they need to get BIGGER. In the past week or so, a few commenters asked us about a few players out there that are big, and we asked Wonder about them..

1) Oxbay: “Ramses Barden a WR from Cal Poly. He’s 6’6″ and around 230 lbs”
Wonder:”great value for Jints in 2nd/3rd round”

2) on 4.3.09 Mitch reported possible interest from Chris Mara at the USC Pro Day for Patrick Turner. On 4.6.09 Craig reiterated the idea about Turner.
Wonder:”might be the steal of the draft…total pro…great size, good hands…has to “fill out” to NFL body…not a burner.”

3) Rumors flying on radio yesterday about the Eagles interested in trading DOWN. Now where did you hear that possibility before?

Wonder’s remark about Turner certainly got my attention. The Giants are very good in Round 2 and this is precisely why. So while we all want to trade up and go for glory, part of us should sanely respect the ability of Reese to sit back and pick. As good as the Giants have been in Round 2, their track record in Round 3 is not very good. Okay, I was being polite, it browns. About the best third rounder we have gotten historically has been Justin Tuck, and then the dropoff is off a cliff thereafter. Drew pointed out to us that you cannot trade that #100 compensatory 3rd rounder, so trade the other 3rd rounder (#91) up with a few others to get into round #2 to cut down the number of players we draft. Quality, not quantity. Where else have we been using that argument lately?!!

Summary: Go for the big boys, and they do not necessarily have to be in Round #1 either.

11 Responses to “Ask Wonder”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Plaxico wins his hearing.!!!The Giants will be forced to pay the bonus due Plaxico from last season.“To think that a player could carry a loaded gun into a night club, shoot himself and miss the rest of the season but get to keep his entire signing bonus illustrates one of the serious flaws in the current system,” co-owner John Mara said yesterday.just a thought….Do you think that we are headed to a work stoppage for a new CBA?

  2. Pastime Princess Says:

    Yes we are

  3. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Patrick Turner is good but not great. I went to USC and saw him play a lot. The guy doesn’t have the speed to be an NFL deep threat. He does play physical tho. If he fills out and gains a little bit of speed, he could be worth it. Also the USC WR’s are a tightly knit group, it might be good for patrick to be around his old buddy Steve Smith.

  4. Craig Says:

    Plaxico wasnt Randy Moss. He wasnt all that quick

  5. Slater Says:

    What’s wonder’s opinion on Holt? Apparently he has offers on the table but is waiting to see if the Giants show interest. I have no idea what the contract structure would look like, but we are ready to win now….

  6. Bob Says:

    Since the 2003 draft class, Reese has had some very good success in the later rounds. E.G. Boss (R5), Bradshaw (R7), Michael Johnson (R7), Coefield (R4),Gebril Wilson (R5), David Diehl (R5), Brandon Jacobs (R4). All starters except Bradshaw. plus one Pro-bowl guy.As you said,Tuck was the only R3 gem.Whereas, we only have 4 first round starters since the 2003 draft class.Interesting stuff !

  7. Andy F. Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the Giants already worked out Holt near the end of last season after Burress went down. He said the Giants used him to motivate the younger WRs to play hard/er for their jobs. He implied the Giants were not serious about him.

  8. Bass Says:

    I thought that was Joe Horn who claims the Giants gave him a sham try out.

  9. Craig Says:

    i remember the joe horn try out

  10. Andy F. Says:

    horn holt.. both old guys, the giants would have made a move by now, but I’ll ask Wonder. thanks guys.

  11. Andy F. Says:

    SLATER- Wonder gave a quick response to the question you posed- (should the Giants be interested in Holt?)- his answer was “1000%.”

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