Giants release WR Burress amid legal troubles

Giants release WR Burress amid legal troubles

Clayton’s perspective from a step back affords us some general clarity on all of what we saw over the past number of days, weeks and months.

Trent Dilfer’s macro perspective on Eli needing that big and strong receiver so that he can throw into an area is a polite way of saying that Manning is not an accurate QB. Absolutely correct, spot on. This is why we were pounding the table, pointing to Boss as the new #1 receiver for Manning, despite the fact that he was a TE. He’s a big target, he’s tall, he has great hands, and who cares if he is a TE or not… Bavaro led the ’86 Giants in receiving, but Gilbrown wastes his TE. He barely figured out that the TE was his personnel answer to the loss of #17. If you go man on Boss, he will hurt you too. This is what they needed, and still need. Wonder and I were both disappointed when the Giants did not make a stronger play for Gonzalez before the trading deadline when TG asked out of KC. He had another pro bowl year. As a 1 year solution, he’d spread the field for you too.

Everyone is pointing to drafting an impact WR in round #1 as the savior. History says that we do not get WRs coming into the NFL and blowing the doors off in their rookie year. Either it is going to come from one of our existing receivers, from Boss, or from a trade for Edwards/Boldin. Realistically for 2009, given that the Giants already tried for Edwards and missed, it probably is going to come from Boss, with an outside chance that Moss/Manningham/Hixon makes huge strides in camp to become a consistent threat.

8 Responses to “Giants release WR Burress amid legal troubles”

  1. Mitch Says:

    This is why I was so adamant in my comments about Plaxico back on Jan 21st….. He still needs to go. Burress' lack of judgment let down his teammates, his coaches and the fans, and the Giants can't take a chance that something like that could happen again. Filling the gap Burress would leave behind is hard, but hardly impossible, to do during the summer; filling it during the season can't be done, as evidenced by the Giants' tumble over the past month and a half. Burress contributed to the Giants' season collapsing. And no matter how good you are at catching passes, you don't get the chance to ruin two seasons for a team. You just don't.It shouldn't be a tough decision. The Giants gave Burress everything. Tons of money. Glory. And more than a couple of chances when he screwed up. The Giants gave Burress everything. Now they need to give him goodbye.Trent Dilfer couldn't be more correct…and he deftly uses his wordsI am hoping that Manningham was just slow to pick up the offense last year. Probably wishful thinking on my part…but he is a talent and as Andy said, "History says that we do not get WRs coming into the NFL and blowing the doors off in their rookie year." The Giants now are in a position of weakness regarding trading for an established wideout. So, I am not confident we can pull it off without sacrificing a lot. It now becomes extremely important regarding Gilbride. To Andy & Nature….What frustrates me most is the apparent denial in the organization about Gilbride. We have the weapons to succeed…WE DO!! Will Gilbride change his philosophy now?…We all better hope so or we will be floundering on "O" next season. On one hand I'm so pleased the way the Giants went about fine tuning the Defense for next season ( they have the ability to be dominant )…but I just don't have any confidence that the Giants will alter the offense to better utilize their personnel. Andy, with your permission I want to forward your morning post to the Giants front office ( Jerry Reese ) It can't hurt

  2. Mitch Says:

    I was also wondering how this would affect the salary cap. Remember that the Giants signed Burress to a five-year, $35 million contract extension in September. The team then withheld a $1 million signing bonus after the shooting and the NFL Players Association filed a grievance on Burress’ behalf.The grievance, which contests whether teams can withhold guaranteed salaries and bonus money from players because of off-field conduct, was heard earlier this week by Stephen Burbank at the University of Pennsylvania law school. His ruling is expected within a week.Releasing Burress will only save the Giants $300,000 on their salary cap. The savings could jump to $1.3 million if they win the grievance.

  3. Motown Blue Says:

    In Reese we trust. I am fully confident that Reese has a contingency plan while the Burress soap opera has been playing out.I agree with Ultimate Andy and Wonder regarding Gonzalez as well as Boss. Just one glaring problem,our dipbrown OC will probably stick TG in the garage. Boss and TG would force opposing Ds to account for the middle of the field which would stretch it for Hixon, Moss and Manningham.TC hinted slightly in his interview in Jax about the offense. He commended the D and stated that they did the job to win the game but the O didn’t get it done that day. Just hope that TC gets more involved and will be looking over Gilbrown’s shoulder more this year or, as I believe, he realizes his brown will be on the line.Reese was aggressive in free agency and apparently demonstrates the urgency to win now. Expect a deal before the draft for a WR or TE.

  4. NYG24 Says:

    s a polite way of saying that Manning is not an accurate QB.”—His main problem it seems is he overthrows his receivers much of the time that is why the Giants need tall receivers bad. I don’t care if it was Burress, Schockey, whoever many of their big plays were made on balls thrown way over their heads.

  5. NYG24 Says:

    Andy“The Giants now are in a position of weakness regarding trading for an established wideout.”==Exactly! I said all along Burress would NEVER play with the Giants again and they were just blowing smoke with Reese saying he wanted him back, and I think the only reason they kept him so long this year is precisely what you said if they were going to trade for a WR before the draft. Looks like if they already don’t have a trade deal in place, they will be trading with no one for a WR. At best may try to trade up in draft for a rookie. Manningham and Moss have not been great draft picks by them. You saw how many WRs Millen flopped on in Detroit.

  6. NYG24 Says:

    ” many of their big plays were made on balls thrown way over their heads.”And TYREE if you remember that game?

  7. Andy F. Says:

    Mitch- at the way bottom of the blog, the reprinting policy is stated: “You may quote up to 400 words of any text on the condition that you attribute the text to Ultimatenyg and either link to the original text or to” Thanks. NYG24- I go “easy” on Manning because I said after the Super Bowl that Manning has a free pass for life. The guy delivered a championship to us. I never ever want to appear ungrateful for that, because I cherish our three titles. I accept Manning’s weaknesses and tolerate them because he won us a title. Before he won us the title I ripped him to shreds wherever possible. So when it comes to his (a) mechanics on throwing a tight spiral into the wind (a critical necessity given where he plays) and (b) inaccuracy, I deal with it as coming with the package. He is our QB. Reese knows what he has, he is very smart.

  8. Bob Says:

    AndyDon't agree with going easy on Manning. Yes, he helped win SB47,but the D line helped there a lot more. He gets paid the big bucks & now must earn it.In the NFL each player must justify his existance every year.Sorry, but Manning's weak armcontributed heavily in the playoff loss to the Eagles. We needed his arm badly in the playoffs & it wasn't there.If his tendency were to keep up in key games,the NYG will be looking for a new QB in a few years.2009 could be a very important year for Manning without his 2 tallformer receivers who could catch his errant passes. Lets all hope the new lineup works out.This might be a good time to reconsider the release of Toomer. A reliable tall receiver who is experienced with Manning might come in handy as a fill in WR,for clutch situations.

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