News Flash: Burress Cut

What a waste, the entire story. The Giants realized this DA is not going to help Burress or the Giants. It must have been the obstruction of justice (hospital worker) that blocked any attempt at a reduced sentence and an oppty for either #17 playing again for the team OR the Giants trading him. Not much else to do.

The cries are already there for a WR in Round #1. This draft is deep at WR, OL and LB. Reese can go to OL or LB and still find WR in Round 2.

Braylon Edwards?

8 Responses to “News Flash: Burress Cut”

  1. Mitch Says:

    After hearing that Reese said they waited as long as they could it would seem to me that the postponement Plax got on 3/31 was the reason they cut him today. They just could not wait any longer. If it were obstruction of justice or they just knew that he would serve time or the very least a league suspension…the Giants decided to go with “Plan B”I personally thought this was the correct move all along. It will be extremely hard to replace a truly gifted athlete like Plax, but the Giants really had no choice here.The fact that they made this move now right before the draft…tells me that they already have trade in the works ( Boldin? Edwards? )This also is a deep WR draft….who knows? I still want that stud LB from the draft as my #1

  2. Bob Says:

    Gosh, what a terrible mess !What a waste of talent.What a dumb A**hole Burress is !This is a very sad conclusion to an unhappy chapter in the history of the NYG. Plax’s behavior cost us a serious run at another big one.I feel we could have done it with Plax, despite the Gillbrown factor.

  3. Bob Says:

    AndyWhy not wait and trade Burress ??Is the situation that bad ??

  4. Oxbay Says:

    Plaxico had a hard time dealing with success, i.e., the big contract. Unfortunately he had a hard time dealing with failure too.P.S. Brian Cushing & Clay Matthews allegedly tested positive for ARoids at the combine.

  5. Oxbay Says:

    Burress also was at Giants stadium for treatment on his back Tuesday. Maybe the way he behaved there then contributed to the timing of his release.

  6. NYG24 Says:

    I said all along from the day Mara and Tisch suspended him for that flesh wound that cost the Giants a great shot at the Super Bowl, it was ALWAYS about the money!Blue Screen“Burress rejected a chance to stayPlaxico Burress was given one last chance to salvage his career with the Giants, but he refused to sign a new contract the team offered him before his arbitration hearing last week.According to two sources familiar with the situation, the Giants – – in an attempt to settle their arbitration case with the troubled receiver – – offered the 31-year-old Burress a new deal that would’ve given him the chance to remain with the team at least through the 2009 season. The new deal would’ve nullified the rest of the five-year, $35 million contract he signed in September and would’ve kept the two sides out of arbitration.Burress and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, flatly rejected the offer, as they had all attempts by the Giants to settle, sources said.Rosenhaus did not immediately return a call and e-mails seeking comment, and it’s not clear exactly what the terms of the offer were. It was likely much less than the $11.5 million in salaries Burress was due over the next four years under his current deal.The Giants, according to one team source, took his refusal to accept their offer as yet another sign of Burress’ refusal to change and to work with the team to return under their terms. As a result, the arbitration hearing over the $1 million payment the Giants’ withheld and the status of all the future escalators and bonuses in Burress’ contract, took place as scheduled on Wednesday morning.Two days later, Burress was cut.”

  7. Andy F. Says:

    I suspect he was in the Giants offices so that the Giants could tell him in person that he was going to be released. That is my guess. As for the aroid thing, boy would that s**k, they would plummet down the draft board. Bob- some more light was shed on your question- see the next post.

  8. Andy F. Says:

    NYG 24, the words of George Young: “It is about the money, and when they say it is not about the money, then it is DEFINITELY about the money.”That the Giants were willing to stick with him in a NEW contract was GENEROUS. I wish my employers would be so kind to me after I dissed them repeatedly. See next post. GOOD RIDDANCE.

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