Mara, the PSL

1) John Mara gave a voice of sanity amidst the mob majority of feel-good affection for the expansion of the regular season to (likely) 18 games. Peter King calls it a “freight train.” What is not to like, another two hits of crack for all the football addicts?!! How can that be bad?! Well, what if the crack is watered down so that now each of the other 16 hits we get are all weaker and less interesting? What if the coaches are juggling players for survival by attrition instead of simply being worried about playing the game to win?

Most of us here were watching football before 1994 when free agency started. We know the drop in quality that came from wrecking the continuity of team rosters throughout the league. That kind of drop in quality will likely come again, perhaps not as significant a drop, but nonetheless the same insidious undermining of competitiveness we have seen before. At least Mara gets it. Kudos to him for defending the quality of the brand.

2) More PSL news. The Giants sold out Field 3, the $5K endzone dreck seats. Are you surprised the $5K seats went before the remaining “club” seats? What- you mean you don’t want to spend $20K and $700/game to watch the Giants? Don’t worry, there is a stupid corporation waiting to deduct those seats as a business expense, provided they still have the profits to write it off against. All the food you can eat, what a deal!

And remember the loophole?

From a brochure given to PSL purchasers:

“What if I am not satisfied with the location I am assigned?”

“If you are not satisfied with your assigned PSL zone and/or seat location, your PSL money will be refunded and your seats will be offered to another Giants fan.”

It comes as no surprise that they moved up the date to show PSL buyers their location from ~March 2010 to the Fall of 2009. Given the economic situation, the Giants are likely rushing to get past this loophole before people change their minds.

One Response to “Mara, the PSL”

  1. Mitch Says:

    If the NFL goes to a 18 game season ( which is probably a foregone conclusion ) there will be more than just that to consider.The Super Bowl would be pushed back to mid-February. This actually is good for the sports fan because February is a dead month anyway. It better manages the bridge to Spring Training & March Madness…also the Super Bowl could be played on the day prior to Presidents Day. Many people are off that Monday, so those Super Bowl parties can be even more eventful. I think there is a stat somewhere that says the highest "call in sick day" for American workers is the day after the Super Bowl. Roster sizes would have to increase to account for more injuries.A developmental league would need to be started so that the reduced amount of training camp could be made up by younger players during the off-season.Training camps would begin later and the regular season might feature two bye weeks instead of one.The injured reserve system would have to be addressed so that players could come back from injuries suffered early in the season.The biggest challenge would be presented to coaches, who use a six-week, four-game (sometimes five) process to determine who should be on the roster.But here is something I came across the other day….Average life expectancy for an NFL retiree, depending on playing position, according to cardiologist Jeffrey Boone is 53-59.The average life expectancy for U.S. men overall, according to the National Center for Health Statistics is 75.Think the NFL is looking into that stat? I doubt it…

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