Political Jeopardy

Answer: Holt released, Boldin on the block, Burress gets traffic tickets

Question: What WRs developments are the Giants rumored not to be interested in?

In the spirit of Jeopardy, a little fun with Jay Leno.

And back to a little football humor,

“The Top 10 Unluckiest Plays”

Classics, all of them.

One Response to “Political Jeopardy”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Gary Myers writes today…Even if the Giants might be willing to give Plaxico Burress one last chance – really, they mean it this time, one last chance – they are going to have to proceed until further notice in case he might have other plans, such as being sent away to prison on gun charges. His next court date is March 31 and unless this gets resolved quickly in Burress’ favor, the Giants must go into the April 25 draft as if they will not have him. The Giants are picking 29th and won’t have a shot at Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree – he should still be a top-seven pick despite needing foot surgery – or Missouri’s Jeremy Maclin, who has great speed and is a likely top 10 pick. And they will probably have to move up if they want Maryland’s Darrius Heyward-Bey. The Giants have the ammunition to move into the middle of the first round if they want to give up one of their second-round picks, either their own (No. 60) or the pick they acquired from the Saints (No. 45) for Jeremy Shockey. As we first suggested in December, putting a package together for Arizona’s Anquan Boldin is the best alternative to replace Burress. Boldin still does not have a new deal from the Cardinals, who have not made keeping him happy their top priority. The Rams on Friday cut Torry Holt, who could be a good replacement for Amani Toomer.

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