Butler – Brown = $1.9M; Tisch the con artist (PSL Part 6)

Butler’s 4 year deal is $3.5M/year. Considering that we signed CC Brown for $1.6M for 1 year, this is far better than spending $3.5M for Butler. Is Butler that much better than Brown? Doubtful, considering how slow Butler is.

This one is 3 days old: Tisch says that the PSLs are well-received by Giants fans. Tisch was there in September at halftime when he was roundly BOOED in reaction to the PSL. So for him to say that the Giants fans are supportive of them is either

(a) delusional or
(b) an outright lie

Since I do not believe that Tisch was born yesterday, I’ll pick (b).

TISCH IS A LIAR. Sure, he is trying to push his product, and he has every right to do that. But please do not take Giants fans for being stupid, gullible, vacuous patsies that are ready to be brainwashed by any public relations that you inject into the media. If you would be kind of enough to at least show your customers a modicum of respect and admit the truth, then perhaps there would be a little less resentment about the situation.

Tisch says there has not been a “backlash.” This is his proof. Does he mean no marches through East Rutherford? Giants fans are too busy trying to earn a living (SO THAT THEY HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY YOU FOR YOUR TICKETS AND PSLs) to have time to organize ‘backlashes’ against an entertainment entity.

No backlash? So what was the halftime booing all about? Be so bold, Mr. No Backlash, and try showing your face for some other halftime promotion this September and see what kind of response you get then, and then tell Ralph Vacchiano and the rest of the media that there is no backlash. There were tons of comments off of the Daily News piece. I read the first 30 of them and of the ones that were positive or negative, it was 21 NAY, 0 YAY. 100% against and negative, spewing their ire at Tisch.

No backlash? Go try walking the corridors of your stadium (hint: NOT the club seats) at intermission… I suspect the reception will be somewhat akin to wearing a Giants jersey at the old Vet or Linc.

It cannot be stated enough times that Tisch and Mara have a right to do anything they want with their franchise. We as fans have plenty of choices. This is not bread or water they are selling us. We may all be emotionally tied to this team, but we can also live without them. It could be a lot worse. That $1K big screen hdtv never looked so good. The beer is reasonably priced, and the only thing I will regret is not being able to boo Tisch. But somehow I suspect that there will be a few people at the game who will want to do that for the rest of us.

2 Responses to “Butler – Brown = $1.9M; Tisch the con artist (PSL Part 6)”

  1. PD2LISN Says:

    I was there for opening night last season. I have had season tix in the upper deck since the stadium opened in 1976. I have ponied up for the PSLs, as my daughters have begged me to maintain the family tradition. Although I struggled with my feelings about the PSL fees, I ultimately decided that I would pay the money and wait to see how the whole thing plays out. After all, my PSL is much less than what others are having to pay. While we were sitting there booing Tisch at halftime of opening night, a Redskins fan sitting behind us asked why everyone was booing him. We explained the PSL issue to him and he nodded his head in agreement. Just then, Christie Brinkley walks up to the microphone and everyone bursts into cheers. The Redskin fan taps me on the shoulder and says,”I know it’s Christie Brinkley, but I think after what you just told me, even Osama Bin Laden would have gotten a round of applause.”

  2. xtian Says:

    pd2lisn–that’s just wrong!!!! lolthank god i don’t have season tickets cuz i would be pissed off!!i’m glad butler got his payday–and it’s not us.

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