WR or LB?

Before people freak out, rest assured that Reese is almost a lock to take at least 1 WR and at least 1 LBer with his first 3 picks (assuming he does not package to trade up).

You can say that amongst the WRs we have, none are the kind of talent to draw a double team the way a Boldin, Fitzgerald, Burress et al can. So if that is the case, how is this team going to go all the way and win? The answer is that you still have a set of WRs who can move the chains and make enough catches to help the offense win games. Relatively speaking they are all babies, ANY of which can have a breakout year. Which one does it? Perhaps 2 or 3 of them. Perhaps only one. Perhaps NONE! But given their age and experience, this is the time when pros make that leap.

Steve Smith certainly has it in him. He’ll play in Toomer’s old spot and has been on the biggest of all stages, so he can certainly (not only handle but) excel in the starting role. While on the subject of biggest of all stages, that 3rd and 11 catch and run for the first down vs the Patriots on the penultimate offensive play may be the asterisk sandwiched in between Tyree’s helmet (wtbrown did they ever finally name that play?) and the TD, but there aren’t many bigger than that.

Sinorice Moss should have gotten way more work when Burress went down. We were one of his biggest detractors, but he stayed healthy last year and delivered whenever called upon in limited snaps. I do not know why (other than the fact that the OC is a browning terd) he did not get more involved. He’s got the speed to give any defensive coordinator a problem if they think they can cheat the safety. Stretch the field with him.

Domenik Hixon has had flashes. How much his production dropped off when he was playing hurt cannot be quantified. But when healthy he certainly has demonstrated some big play ability. Consistency is the question.

Manningham missed camp, and the raw rookie never got in the offense.

Sure, would we all love a Crabtree or a Heyward-Bey? Of course. But there is enough talent on this offense to win a championship. No, w/o a WR who can draw a safety, the offense will lack that extra explosiveness. But the 1986 and 1990 Giants had a platoon of ordinary WRs.. Bobby Johnson, Lionel Manuel, Stacy Robinson, Stephen Baker, Mark Ingram. None of these guys were anywhere near Plaxico Burress in terms of talent. Yet they had the kind of defense to win a title, because those guys helped move the chains and made some big plays along the way.

I can only speak for myself on this one: I cannot trust Kevin Gilbride to carry my team, whether he has Larry Fitzgerald at WR or the league’s #1 OL.

So let me put my faith in the defense. Sheridan is keeping the system in place. Give me that impact LBer with speed that we want. Trade up for Maualuga, now THAT gets me excited. Go blockbuster and trade UP UP for Curry. Very excited.

When Burress suggested the vaunted Patriots offense, 18-0, would be held to 17 points, Tom Brady chuckled. The Giants held them to 14. And that is why DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

10 Responses to “WR or LB?”

  1. Matt Davis Says:

    Love it!!! You really think they could move up far enough to get Curry? If not him or Malugua who else on D? Any chance of them going OT in 1st? With one of our second round picks we can get a quality reciever and allow the guys we have develop. D-Fense!!!

  2. Nature Says:

    i just read some ESPN insider news about the G-MEN and a Torry Holt release….i think HOLT (not a rookie) would help us right now. he can TEACH those younger guys (name me the receiver who runs better routes than HOLT) and we can go OL within those first 3 picks while still drafting a LBer. looking at the DRAFT pool there are some good TACKLES, i can see 5-6 going in the 1st, wouldnt hurt us to get one. i think a 2nd round guy would be a good pick up for WR (Britt,Robiske maybe Nicks) the one thing i would hate to see happen is one of the OL men going down early or getting old fast. OT needs some depth i think everyone will agree on that….and i AGREE with ANDY about the wide receivers IF we can get a vet like HOLT or Harrison (someone who runs good routes and can catch “F” speed) to come in and help out.ALSO i think K.Boss will TAKE-OFF this year.ANDY i dont think ANYONE has faith in Gilbride

  3. Bob Says:

    We've got to learn from past problems & rebuild last years weaknesses.The playoff game against the Eagles needs to be a lesson for the future. Our O couldn't score & our D wore down.We're not going to win a championship until we get this offense scoring more than 20 pts/game against top competition. I don't care how we do it, but that's the first priority now that we've rebuilt the D . Last year,in the last 5 games we scored 11 and 14 vs. the Eagles, 8 vs the Boys, and 19 vs. the Vikes without Burress. Sorry, friends, that won't win anything. If we keep that up, it will also wear down the D like last year. This is exactly what TC was discussing on the radio last week.Burress played a huge part in the 2008 SB run, we need to remember that. We need someone to fill thatrole.Our D was good in 2008, will be much better in 2009. A stronger Owill do more for our D than the addition of 1 more LB. And what is being done to teach our friend Eli how to throw a tight spiral, so he can be effective in Giants stadium winds in the Winter ?

  4. Bob Says:

    I also agree with the need to beef up the OT position. Mc Kenzie was really shakey at year end. If he was lost, that could be a major problem.

  5. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Agreed sir! I actually would rather get Maualuga than Curry though. I went to USC, I saw Rey a ton, in games, on the practice field, around campus… he is literally a monster. He is the hungriest, angriest, meanest son of a bitch to come up in the draft at MLB since Ray Lewis. This guy can bring the pain. He obliterates QB’s and RB’s alike, putting the hurt on everyone he touches. He needs to get more smarts and learn more control, but keep in mind, he is from USC, which is by far the closest thing to an NFL system in NCAAFB. The practice and competition for positions at USC alone is tougher than the play in any conference in the country. Rey has the pedigree, talent and physical abilities to be truly great. Also, learning under pierce will allow him to develop the right way. I am convinced at this point that we NEED to move up to get him. Then we grab a WR in the second round, an OT in the third and a safety in the fourth (unless we can get another OT through free agency, which would be clutch, we need depth there).

  6. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Cuz Rey is such a great athlete, we could use him at any LB spot for now, and with our current depth within the front 7, we could really even start messing around with 3-4 if we want. If we get Rey, our D will be unstoppable, able to do anything to anyone. Our D will make the Steelers look like the Broncos.

  7. dberenson Says:

    Can anyone explain to me the rationale behind signing a free agent TE? Not to claim that Darcy Johnson or Michael Matthews was poised for the Pro Bowl. But they both seemed fairly serviceable this past season.What gives?

  8. Nature Says:

    Andrew i dont know if i agree with you about CURRY…Curry looks awesome on film, and add that with the combine ouch!!! Curry looks like a cant miss….I always have a little red flag about USC guys period, offense or D, because they TALENT is ridiculous and the PAC-10 is horrible

  9. Craig Says:

    Right now I feel more confident with Peirce, Boley, Clark or Kehl, than i do with Smith and Hixon starting. 1st and 4th to trade up a couple spots to get Bey, or 1st and 3rd to trade way up and get one of those USC LBs, every day i feel less and less hopeful they will drop. 1st and late 2nd to trade up to top 10(dont want this). Getting a Lb 1st rd and Robieski 2nd sounds like the best plan so far, but you dont wanna fall in love with one guy.

  10. xtian Says:

    i agree with trading up for an impact lb–whoever reese and co think is worth it. we very much need depth help at ol and s. i wonder how whimper is doing. when he played in 2007 he seemed to be decent–certainly better than any of the 2nd stringers who stepped in last year. the first 3 picks should be lb, ol, and wr, but have no idea which order. a s can be gotten in the later rounds.

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