Boley signing with Giants… CANTY?!!!

Earlier today we asked Wonder about the three players the Giants were looking at:

Boley: ok if price is right …3M/year
Bernard: NO, NO, NO
Canty: YES, YES, YES !!! BIG TIME PLAYER…6yrs. 36M about right with $12M signing bonus prorated…anything less is STEALING….6yrs. $42M acceptable…he’s a rare “inside-outside” DL..

Boley is about to be signed for 25M/5yrs, richer than Wonder thinks is appropriate. But considering how tight Jerry Reese is, this does not sound so outlandish. Bart Scott signed for 8M/per. Boley is no Scott, but Boley is certainly better than the clowns we have right now who are masquerading as OLBers. THIS IS GOOD, BROWN THE 2M EXTRA PER YEAR, I am glad we have him on our team, he certainly addresses a huge need and will get the job done a helluva lot better than anyone on the team right now. He’ll be 27 by the time the season starts, done. Show him his locker.

Now as for Canty, this guy is worth getting excited about. Next to DeMarcus Ware, I have always felt this guy made an impact for Dallas on defense. Funny, two of his three sacks this past season were against us, I guess I know why I like him. Wonder says that Canty is the best player left in free agency. I would so much rather spend $$ here on Canty than on TJH, because DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Last year we lost Strahan and Osi, this year if we could get Canty and Osi that would be a pendulum swing the other way, THE RIGHT WAY. Canty is visiting the Giants tomorrow- you know what that means… he is signing a contract with us or he is leaving permanently to visit and sign with someone else. This makes the Giants very live for getting him.

10 Responses to “Boley signing with Giants… CANTY?!!!”

  1. Craig Says:

    happy to hear about Boley, i know the giants tried to get him 2 years ago to no luck and finally someone who can cover Westbrook would be nice.Nobody is pointing this out but me, THERE ARE ONLY 2 SAFTIES ON THIS TEAM WITH 16 CAREER STARTS BETWEEN THEM!!!Everyone is saying, LB WR and plenty of people are saying OT but a SS is a MUCH bigger need than OT for the giants right now. With Reese’s history i wouldn’t be surprised to see them go for Darren Sharper.A veteran player who still has a couple years left and will be cheaper and a safety net(no pun intended) if we cant get a SS in the draft. Same idea as Sammy Knight and Danny Clark.

  2. Mitch Says:

    Canty would be great…That’s a huge upgrade if we can sign him…Our pass rush would be like late 2007.Hey Craig…I know one player who would love to see Darren Sharper in Giant Blue….Eli Manning

  3. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    Mitch,You are right about Eli. LOL. Maybe he could tell him what he’s doing wrong. It might be worth the signing bonus just for that alone

  4. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    As for Canty, thats a lot of money for a guy who doesn’t make too many tackles or impact plays. 3 sacks last year? No FF, no INT’s?

  5. xtian Says:

    not true. i have written–before signing boley–that with our #1 and 2 #2 draft picks we need a lb and a s plus something else. i even though mentioned imagine if we got another phillips-type with our #1 how good our secondary would be–i do like johnson too.i like canty, he is not a pass rusher as a de, but maybe as a dt he could be. he is solid, but not great. i’m surprised reese paid boley so much–5m–i guess he knows something i don’t. right, maybe he is a really good cover for a lb.if sharper could be had for vet min type contract that would be cool.

  6. Andy F. Says:

    from what I read, Boley took a step back in Smith’s new system this past year, that he will do much better in the Giants’ more aggressive style (which he played well in the prior year). I take that at face value, I cannot tell you, altho that is worth asking Wonder about. A side note on Wonder, he is very busy with work, would be posting a lot more but he does not want to do anything half-browned, has not watched enough tape of college players last season and combine enough to comment aggressively on the draft yet.Mitch and Crazed Giant, lol, .. YES, a veteran like Sharper could make Manning a better QB. Re Safety, don’t be shocked if teams shy away from Butler (fugly speed) and he comes back to us very cheap as insurance. The team upgrades without him, but at a low enough price he could be depth. He got burned in ’08 less than ’07, he knows the system. Reese is probably eyeing the Knights of the world in the third wave of free agents. Without sounding arrogant, if the Giants get Canty and an impact LBer in the draft, they could suit any of us up back there and get the job done, that is how good this defense could be.

  7. xtian Says:

    i read this:“The Giants likely won’t give $18 million in guarantees to Canty, but according to a source, the Bronx native is excited about the prospect of playing close to where he grew up. So excited, in fact, that he rearranged his schedule to meet with the Giants before any other team.”

  8. Craig Says:

    The LBs are undersized, Peirce, Boley, and Kehl. So DT depth is more important as Robbins was falling apart. As well as a SS that can play in the box. Xtian, my bad i didnt remember anybody saying anything about SS but ill take your word for it.Osi, Kiwi, Tuck, and Canty, on 3rd and long would be solid. Canty wouldnt start at DT but he would be in the rotation and would be solid. Yea Eli would love Sharper which wad why i thought he was a good option.

  9. Andy F. Says:

    Wonder nailed the terms of the contract down to the penny at 6 yrs and $42M.

  10. xtian Says:

    no prob craig. i actually thought we should draft a safety with 1 of our 1st 3 picks before butler was leaving.

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