Jerry Reese offseason comments, Gibril Wilson bank heist

Jerry Reese transcript Q&A at the NFL Combine.

The most interesting item of note was Gibril Wilson getting cut. Al Davis and the Raiders are clearly a derailed train, completely out of control. Do you realize how much Wilson scored from this? Try $9M for one year. Cha-ching. This is the same team that also coughed up $8M with DeAngelo Hall for 8 games. There was a $4.5M roster bonus coming due for Wilson in March, so they cut him. Wilson had 129 tackles for the team, so it was not as if he was doing a bad job there and laying down. As I said in the comments section yesterday, do not expect Reese to spend any serious money for the higher-priced free agents UNTIL you actually see him get involved in that segment of the market. We have not seen him even invite/bid for one of these players yet in his first two years as a GM. Says Garafolo of the Star Ledger: “I wouldn’t expect Wilson back unless he gives the Giants a steep discount.” Agreed.

4 Responses to “Jerry Reese offseason comments, Gibril Wilson bank heist”

  1. Craig Says:

    Other than Eli, the highest paid player is Kareem Mackenzie at 6 million and except for Troy Palamalu the good safeties make about 2 – 3 million. The giants need a strong safety and Gibril Wilson is pretty good and still young. For 2 million a year, go for him. Maybe he’ll understand to go to a good team and not the money. He will plug a hole and complete the secondary now that Butler is gone, and its not a big deal, but i would love to see him back in a giant uniform.

  2. Daniel Says:

    I know he’s old, and might be a little expensive, but how would you feel about picking up Marvin Harrison at WR for a year or two? You know, in case the Giants can’t get anyone to replace Plaxico in the draft.

  3. Pastime Princess Says:

    Here is my take on Reese and free agency. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We won a SB 2 years ago and where the best team talent wise, hands down, no questions asked this year. Reese did his job. He was let down by a stupid, stupid off the field incident, a windy day at the most inopportune time and a bad OC. Not his fault.

  4. Craig Says:

    Brian Cushing come in the top ten is every part of the combine for linebackers, FYI

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