Bill Sheridan

I think you guys nailed it. Your comments on the selection of Bill Sheridan were exactly where I was. The fact that Spags was likely going to hire Sheridan away from the Giants was a clear indication of Sheridan’s worthiness. The points about continuity and sticking with the attacking schemes of Spags is a plus. I do not care if Mortenson of ESPN was completely wrong or not about his story on Capers, because I am just glad that he was not selected by Coughlin. Capers is the kind of guy who can get it ‘done,’ but will he innovate and have a dominating defense? Probably not. You take a chance on Sheridan the same way you take a chance on Spags- he is new and can only lose, but he CAN win. With Capers and these other retreads, how do you shoot the moon? Simply put, the upside is greater in Sheridan than Capers. Take chances. Make mistakes. Championship or bust.

I like what the players had to say….
“It’s good to know that there will not be many changes,” said linebacker Antonio Pierce. “Bill is a hard worker and is very familiar with the defense. Obviously, we did great things on defense over the last two seasons, and I am looking forward to what Bill will bring as defensive coordinator.

“Coach Sheridan has been very in tune to everything we’ve done on defense over that last two seasons,” defensive tackle Fred Robbins said. “He should have no problem adjusting to his new role as defensive coordinator. It’s good that we will not have to start this whole defense over. We’ve been in it for two seasons and we’ve had success, we all know the system and it will be good to continue to work in it.”

“Coach Sheridan is a very knowledgeable football guy,” added defensive end Justin Tuck. “He’s a quality coach. It’s good that we kept it in-house so we can continue to improve on a successful defense. I’m very excited to see what coach Sheridan will do in his new role.”

And one more thing… maybe the fact that our guy is a LBers guy means that he can have some sway in getting a #1 or #2 LINEBACKER in the draft.

7 Responses to “Bill Sheridan”

  1. gmen08 Says:

    I think someone needs to start the clamoring for drafting Brian Cushing. In the mock drafts that I’ve seen, he has been available when the Giants draft in the first round. He is an amazing talent who consistently played in big games, fits the Giants blitzing schemes, and has an NFL ready body.

  2. Craig Says:

    its still early to be pick out which guys you want, besides all first round picks are nfl ready, to be a 1st rd pick you need to be able to start week 1. position wise im thinking 2 lbs, de, dt, ss, maybe a wr(toomer may not be back, and moss wont be(boy imagine santonio holmes on the giants)), cb(finally not the giants weakness)funny virtually all defensive positions. just for the record, the guy i wanted the giants to trade up and get was jerod mayo.

  3. gmen08 Says:

    To be a 1st rd pick you need to be able to start week 1? That’s far from the truth. I don’t know how much football you watch, but most 1st round picks don’t start from day 1. The NFL is played at a different speed and different physicality than the college game.It’s never too early to hope for a player in the draft. We are only 2 months away from the draft, so when do think is appropriate time to start thinking about which players to draft?I also think Kenny Britt and Clint Sintim would look good in a Giants’ uniforms.

  4. Nature Says:

    we better not use 1 of those 1st 3 picks (1st and 2 seconds) on a DE….LB,RB, and we need to address special teams returning punt and kick

  5. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    Obviously everyone wants an impact player in teh first round. By the 29th selection, that may not be the case. So we need a real to find the gem in the rough. We have done well with that challenge. And I think the Giants will be active in the free agent market. The prototypical free agent is not the superstar who commands huge money but the above average player who can do his own assignment proficiently, and allow your stars to freelance. The Kawika Mitchells, the Antonio Pierce’s. These are the guys who are known qualities. I think the Giants will have some cap room with Plax’s money. His non-football injury may turn out to be a cap saver.

  6. Craig Says:

    I was just naming some positions that need to be addressed, not any specific order. After the actual draft order is made then id start looking at individual people. I think is was wonder who said your first round pick should be a dominate player, Im not saying all first round picks should start week one, but they should BE ABLE to star week one, thats what makes them a first round pick, they are good enough to come right in and contribute immediately. You dont pick a project player that needs time to develop in the first round (other that a qb, but first round qb’s usually start even though I dont think they should). gmen08 you said Cushing “has an NFL ready body”, meaning start right away?Later in the draft we can find a DE who can pass rush, maybe not so good in run d, because there was no pass rush this year other than blitzing. With Osi back next year we can go to the 4 DE line like last year on 3rd and long.

  7. gmen08 Says:

    NFL ready body – meaning, he can take the punishment of a 16 game regular season with bigger, stronger, faster players than he played against in college.I like the thought of drafting a wr/return man type of player, but that all depends on whether or not they want to use Hixon to return kicks. If Hixon doesn’t return kicks then we need to address this.The draft order has already been solidified for the Giants, I think. We pick 29 in the first round. If we can get someone with Kenny Phillips skill level again I will be happy.

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