Wonder’s autopsy and other remarks

We all are trying to move on. But Wonder’s view is always worth listening to, because he educates us as to what is going on. (Wait till you get the skinny on his draft board. I used to listen to the Kiper’s of the world, but none of the them are as good as Wonder. He is BRUTALLY FRANK about who is garbage and who is the real deal. This is why blogs work.)

THIS Jints’ Loss REALLY irks me..WHY ? Because the Lombardi Trophy was there for the taking…have you EVER seen a worse collection of teams headed to a poss SB? Did ANYBODY believe that Ariz could come to the Mead. and win? No…Warner back here in THE COLD ? They can’t run/stop our RUN, and we would light him up !! They had NO CHANCE…and what do we do ? Lie down and die like an old elephant headed for his burial site…The Eagles ? PLEASE…they would have gotten killed by a really good 49ers/Cowboys early-mid 90’s team..Pitt ? great D..NO OFF LINE…Ravens? same thing..very good, but NOT GREAT D, and a mediocre, at best, offense…do NOT blame the DEF…they played unbelievable the first half, except for the last 2min “prevent you from winning” prevent defense…up to that point, they had 34 TOTAL YDS OF OFFENSE !!!..let’s face it: I said BEFORE the game my biggest fear was AVANT converting a critical 3rd and 10..guess what..?? it was 3rd and TWENTY !!! We’re up 11-10 and BOTH TUCK and Kiwi had a chance to SACK McNabb..instead, PLAY OF THE GAME- escape and drop-off to AVANT, who was TOTALLY UNCOVERED and who scampers for another 10+yds for a total of 21 and a first down..PATHETIC…again, NO SACKS !! However, a fair amount of pressure on McNabb…buttttt, the real culprit was the three-headed monster of Manning, Carney, and Gilbrown…c’mon, are you KIDDING ME ? You keep Tynes on the ACTIVE ROSTER and don’t use him for 46,47yd FG attempts ? And as for Eli, he MUST learn/be taught HOW TO STEP INTO the ball using his LEFT LEG when throwing in a windy game..I said that EXACT THING earlier in the season..and it came back to haunt us…as for Gilbrown, GET A CLUE!! You have a great running game, a QB who can’t hit the broad side of a barn, and you keep THROWING the ball to “confuse” Jimmy Johnson’s troops.. the only ones you confused were your FANS..US !!! 1st and 5 after a penalty at the Eagle (roughly) 25 and you THROW 3 straight times ? How’d that work out for you Gilbrown ?..and has he EVER even THOUGHT of a draw, screen, flareout for Bradshaw ? Or how about a quick slant to Smith ? How about a clearout by the WR and a quick 7yd dumpoff to Boss in the vacated area? And SNEAKING Manning was ABSURD…you don’t think JACOBS was/is 99% to gain 3in. right up the middle? COME ON !!!…in conclusion, we all want to blame the loss of one MORON (Burress) for our off. woes and the end of our season..WRONG !! This will sting a LONG time and go down on my SHORT list as one of the WORST losses in Jints’ history.

A few things are for sure: 1) It will probably take the first snap of the 2009 regular season before I have ‘completely’ moved on. 2) As everyone has pointed out, the Giants beat all four of the remaining teams. 3) Burress is already in the news, as Tuck et. al. are already welcoming him back for next season. 4) I cannot bear to watch ESPN this week. 5) At least ‘some’ people covered the obvious, that our friend Gilbrown is the weakest link: Garafolo and Monkovic. Garafolo’s article is endorsed highly in these corners, as his post-mortem dovetailed many of the ultimatenyg new york giants blog remarks in the latter part of the season. 6) Hope springs eternal- offseason maneuvers are already being discussed. 7) Another shout-out to the Chiefs contingent of loyal ultimatenyg bloggers, you got yourself a good man for the front office. I cannot imagine anyone who is rational thinking that Pioli will put up with Edwards for TOO long. Maybe a year for continuity? Even that is a mistake- you have to move forward, the quicker the better. That is Pioli’s first test.

6 Responses to “Wonder’s autopsy and other remarks”

  1. Motown Blue Says:

    I posted too early but wanted to forward Ralp V’s article on Eli’s big pay day coming up:http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/2009/01/13/2009-01-13_giant_payday_coming_to_eli_manning_after-2.htmlMuch like Wonder alluded to on Eli’s mechanics as they better mandate that he puts x amount of work and gets x amount of results for improving his technique in the confines of the swamp. Simms did it Eli has to do it. Aikman said that Simms is underappreciated for his ability and understanding of how to adjust to playing in Giants Stadium. Eli must adapt.Be careful when listening to Ralph V as he doesn’t want to criticize Manning because he has a book to promote about him. I heard that he stated on WFAN that the wind had no effect on his throws and he just had a bad game. Give me freakin break! You mean to tell me there were no gusts of wind on that day. Although it wouldn’t take much force and drag to knock his throws off line but a gust would have a major effect.We can’t go through what we went through like the year after the SF playoff game debacle in keeping Fassel. I really would love to take an anonymous poll of scouts and GMs on thier honest opnion of Gilbrown.Just curious, but how would everyone feel about the Gs going after Ray Lewis to replace AP??? I know he isn’t what he used to be but he would be an upgrade over AP and they need an impact LB.

  2. Raymond Says:

    First of all, as for Ray Lewis: I haaaaaaaaate Ray Lewis. I’ll never forget his smug jerk dance before the SB that never happened, and the way he totally dismantled the Giants in the same imaginary game. I would be sick if I had to root for the guy.Second, I’m never getting over this game. Never. It was so bad that it was absolutely surreal. The 1st and 5 was arguably the worst series in Giants history, as in a lot of ways it directly cost them a Super Bowl. I’m a big fan of Gregg Easterbrook’s TMQ column on ESPN.com, and he’s a big proponent of the idea that games are won and lost on momentum-turning decisions: such as doing exactly what the other team hopes you are going to do (throw and then kick instead of running for the yard on 4th) at a moment in which you could have broken the other team’s will. I’m positively sick over that series, and over the similar 2nd and 5 following the Robbins INT. At this point in the year you are what you are, and for Gilbride to pretend that we were some version of the pass-happy Arizona Cardinals was nothing short of insane. This game has left the worst possible taste in my mouth.As for Eli, I’m sorry, but this report about his contract is just embarassing. He is a very average player who had a fantastic five-game hot streak last year. Yes, we’re all forever grateful to him for the SB, but does that mean that we don’t have to analyze him rationally and objectively in the same way that we do other players? The reason that people are even entertaining the idea of bringing Plaxico back–which I hope they don’t do–is because Eli is so horrifically inaccurate, and Plaxico can go get his patented “crazyball.” Think about the number of plays that Eli leaves on the field. He’s like a basketball player who can’t consistently make layups and free throws. It’s insane that we’re still talking about him needing to learn good mechanics. HE’S BEEN IN THE LEAGUE FOR FIVE YEARS. If he doesn’t already know how to throw the ball–which is, ahem, the basic requirement of his job–he probably isn’t going to figure it out. Yeah, he has games where he’s good, and he’s definitely led them to some big wins. But you never know what you’re going to get with him. Picture the offense with Philip Rivers at QB. (Or Big Ben, for that matter. Or–dare I say it?–Kerry Collins.) I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t be putting up at least one more TD a game with a player like that behind center.In short, Eli isn’t an elite player. And if his last name wasn’t Manning, they never would have gone after him on draft day anyway. Again, he seems like a nice guy, and he won the best SB ever, but I’m sick and tired of his getting a pass on his wildly inconsistent and maddeningly imprecise performance. When I hear people grouping him with the top players in the league I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

  3. Raymond Sultan Says:

    And by the way, if that ball doesn’t stick to Tyree’s helmet, how happy is everyone with Eli? Let’s not forget the miraculous element in all this.

  4. Bob Says:

    Just think friends, we could easilyhave had Kurt Warner or Philip Rivers at QB in 2008 PLUS a few high draft choices in the past.I’m starting to wonder if Accorsidid us a favor.

  5. Andy F. Says:

    I am a big Collins fan, he could throw in the wind, and was a part of that dominant offense in 2002 that scored 38 points in 41 minutes in SF before F***el put the brakes on. He was part of the answer, and then we gave up so much to go three picks higher. Yes, Eli was responsible for us winning SB XLII, but that does not mean that I will EVER NOT think that Accorsi paid way too much to go up 3 spots. Trade down in the draft, 9 times out of 10 it is the better deal. (The best value in the draft is in the second round. The Strahans, Toomers, Sehorns, Barbers, Umenyioras, Snees…the list goes on and on.)As for Manning’s performance, hey, he did improve a lot this year, but his egg he laid in the playoffs is simply unacceptable. Did it happen in part because of the wind? Yep. But that is certainly part of the job description, and in NJ in the playoffs, you can COUNT on it. Reese HAS to be smart enought to realize that his QB is not a homefield advantage in the playoffs. Make him one by demanding the guy learn how to throw the tight spiral. Btw, look at Collins last weekend. He made one big boner, then led his team down the field numerous times for the win, only to have other players self-destruct. Not his fault that the Titans came up short. Cannot say that about Eli last weekend. Let’s hope we are on the road in the playoffs next year, Reese drafts (a LB) well, Osi is back and bad etc….

  6. Mitch Says:

    Guys, I am still depressed and haven’t been able to accept this yet….Why? Because it was all right here for the taking. G-d I’m so pissed….wait I’m still angry…Let’s go back 14 months.The 7-4 New York Giants were coming off a 41-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, in which Eli Manning was an abysmal 21-of-49 for 273 yards, one touchdown, and four interceptions.People questioned the Giants quarterback, wondering if it was time to cut the cord with the former No. 1 overall pick after that game. In fact, before the famous Week 17 game in which the Giants almost beat New England, he had thrown 19 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.For three seasons those numbers were excused as the trials and tribulations of a young quarterback. But at some point, production needs to replace potential and pedigree.In that regular season matchup with the Patriots, Manning finally showed why he was so highly-touted coming out of Ole Miss, going 22-of-32 for 251 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception.Then, in the playoffs, Manning fulfilled everyone’s wildest expectations, leading the Giants to an improbable Super Bowl victory. The interceptions that had plagued him were gone, with six touchdowns outweighing a sole pick in the playoffsSuper Bowl championships cloud bad memories, and for good reason. Playoff successes clearly take precedence over regular season failures.But Sunday’s playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles shows that Eli Manning has a long way to go before he is considered anywhere near the elite class of quarterbacks.He finished 15-of-29 for 169 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions—a performance that simply will not get it done. The Giants had the best running game in football and the Eagles knew that, but Manning provided little to no threat of a passing attack and the Eagles knew that too.Perhaps the most damning indictment of Manning occurred in the Giants’ first two drives of the fourth quarter. Down by two scores, time was of the essence. Yet, look at their first drive, starting with 14:50 to go in the game.1st-10, NYG24 14:50 B. Jacobs rushed to the right for 11 yard gain1st-10, NYG35 14:21 B. Jacobs rushed to the right for 5 yard gain2nd-5, NYG40 13:44 B. Jacobs rushed to the right for 2 yard gain3rd-3, NYG42 13:03 D. Ward rushed to the left for 2 yard gain4th-1, NYG44 12:29 E. Manning rushed up the middle for no gainNow, let’s not forget these ridiculous play calls were Gilbrown’s doing ( seems he called this game in reverse of what conventional thinking should have been ) It’s one thing to dance with the girl you brought to prom. The Giants are a run-first offense. Nobody questions that. But five plays, not one pass, ( even a dink or a dunk would have been safe ! )…and the one play the Giants relied on Manning, he rewarded them with a poor effort on the fourth down quarterback sneak.Wind…Shmind….Eli has to dedicate himself to bulking up, improving mechanics to be able to handle NJ in winter. Hire Simms, to show Eli, call Kerry Collins…if the Giants are about to give Eli $100 million…then they better make sure they will be able to get a greater return then Bernie Madoff has given people lately.It was all there for us and….I just don’t think I can watch football this weekend I’m so depressed…

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