NYG CAR intragame comments

GIANTS inactive
K Tynes
CB Madison
LB Wilkinson
T Koets
DT Douzable
WR Hagan
WR Moss
DE McDougle

191 Responses to “NYG CAR intragame comments”

  1. Brian Says:

    loved that first play call

  2. Nature Says:

    hate to say it by i dont care if we win or lose…i would like to see the offense get back on track, and the d get some sacks and pressures

  3. Brian Says:


  4. Nature Says:

    wanna see how we handle #89

  5. Andy F. Says:

    nature u r right, most imp forus to get the offense on track, now that we have the bye locked up w minn losing

  6. Brian Says:

    it is always about winning!

  7. Brian Says:

    ugh you have to catch that get bradshaw in there ward drops way too many of thosei will never understand why they havent figured that out

  8. Nature Says:

    if we can get JACOBS for decent $$$ 4-6 mill a year we should let WARD go….its the young guys time, but he on special teams once again…

  9. Andy F. Says:

    winning is fine, but the offense needs its mojo back, if we lost a game like the one we did vs the pats in w17 last year, but the offense was clicking, it would be fine. obvly against the panthers offense, that would mean our D was terrible, but u get the idea

  10. Nature Says:

    i wonder if JACOBS rusty or still hurt, rewound during the commercial and he isnt pushing off hard on that knee yet

  11. Brian Says:

    i agree sign jacobs move every one up the chart and draft an rb somewhere in the middle rounds

  12. Andy F. Says:

    charlie casserly (ex gm of texans) said on cbs he thought giants would franchise jacobs, lock him for that 1 year for ~6.5M, keeping contract short, letting him go into 2010 nfl contract yr, better

  13. Nature Says:

    hey ANDY….i think im gonna come around on JACOBS, but we have to let WARD go next year right? why would we keep him? after listening to OTHER teams talk about JACOBS i see the psychological advantage he brings but WARD has to go!!!!

  14. Brian Says:

    carolinas backs dont catch either thankfully

  15. Nature Says:

    never thought of that…we have no one else to use it on so the FRANCHISE tag isnt bad

  16. Brian Says:

    i agree on wardNothing special

  17. Andy F. Says:

    we were in zone, butler uggh

  18. Nature Says:

    too much time

  19. Andy F. Says:

    those outside runs were what killed ronde barber and TB, NOT CWEB

  20. Nature Says:

    whats was that? up the gut?

  21. Andy F. Says:

    58 looked bad

  22. Brian Says:

    poor effort from the d

  23. Andy F. Says:

    that drive was against the wind

  24. Andy F. Says:

    that drive was against the wind

  25. Mike Says:

    What the hell kind of effort was that from our D??Unacceptable!

  26. Nature Says:

    yeah that was suppose to be a 7 yard run “Mr.” AP looked lazy

  27. Andy F. Says:

    it was moments like that Carolina drive where i really want to get a LBer very very high in the draft,,,, 24 yrs and counting since CARL BANKS…

  28. Nature Says:

    mauluga, kushing, lairinaitis (i know i butchered the spellings) i hope we can get one

  29. Andy F. Says:

    madden is not correct, when u r gtg 8 man fronts, u CAN pass, just not big passes all the time

  30. Nature Says:


  31. Nature Says:

    holy brown he caught one

  32. Nature Says:

    lol my favorite play lolthat is the first time i ever saw that GARBAGE work…GILBRIDE doing fine to

  33. Andy F. Says:

    gd that ward got 1st down, but we need Boss tonight to be active to win..BOSS TONIGHT

  34. Brian Says:

    ick jacobs got up like he tweaked the knee again

  35. Brian Says:

    ick jacobs got up like he tweaked the knee again

  36. Andy F. Says:

    3rd and 3 in the red zone… that spells one thing: B-O-S-S, get the ball to BOSS NOW, pls

  37. Nature Says:

    WARD and JACOBS take so long to take the corner…during the counter tre the line block perfectly but those NUDNIKS are to slow to get the corner

  38. Andy F. Says:

    y, it did look like Jacobs got some kind of nick, altho he looks like that all the time

  39. Andy F. Says:

    quick slants is life w/o burrress

  40. Nature Says:

    is it me or does JACOBS go down a lil to easy?

  41. Brian Says:

    gilbride is calling a hell of a gameSmith is a beast on 3rd down

  42. Andy F. Says:


  43. Andy F. Says:

    now we just need to see that spags has made some adjustments to control the damage from that 1st drive

  44. Mike Says:

    Love the gameplan and playcalling on offense so far.The o-line came to play today!

  45. Andy F. Says:

    notice tho that the giants, when they don’t run, are doing quick passes to keep the def off balance, keep eli upright, shorter stuff. more rhythm this way, keep the down and distance manageable, unlike dallas game

  46. Nature Says:

    great put em on the 50

  47. Mike Says:

    Yes Andy I see the same stuff…nice to see that Gilbride has made the necessary adjustments from the last 2 losses

  48. Brian Says:

    why would they sqin it is carneys leg that weak?

  49. Andy F. Says:

    damn those westbrook checkdowns

  50. Andy F. Says:

    clark must make that tackle off that slowe piece of brown TE

  51. Brian Says:

    we need someone to make a play on d!

  52. Mike Says:

    Spags has to make some sort of adjustment to stop allowing these backs to be uncovered….three games in a row now, these checkdowns are killing us

  53. Nature Says:

    this is what a bad kick-off can do…55-60 yard field, any team can drive and score on that

  54. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    You think we would figure out how to play the dump off

  55. Nature Says:

    how the refs miss that hook?

  56. Brian Says:

    that was an obvious block in the back on the cutback

  57. Mike Says:

    How did they miss Ross being held on that long run?????????

  58. Nature Says:

    the O and D swap this week….we cant stop these dudes

  59. Andy F. Says:

    what is dockery doing on smith, we r toast on that

  60. Nature Says:

    all i want for christmas is a line-back-er

  61. Brian Says:

    awful we can’t stop them

  62. Andy F. Says:

    kiwanuka went for a ride on that

  63. Mike Says:

    I’m not exactly sure what the Giants gameplan on defense is….but its certainly one big epic fail so far

  64. Nature Says:

    no pressure, poor tackling, horrible kick-off…am i missing anything? why are we in a shoot-out with the Panthers?

  65. Andy F. Says:

    when u r a DE, u need to shed the block, u’ll never win the push battle… whenever I watched strahan, he never bothered trying to outmuscle a lineman on run defense, he was always tossing blockers to one side to get clear of them

  66. Nature Says:

    80 yard field is what we have to go…they just went 65 yards

  67. Nature Says:

    haha WARD is going to pull a hamy

  68. Andy F. Says:

    i do not like spot, i thought ward got to the 30

  69. Andy F. Says:

    mfer, another bad spot

  70. Mike Says:

    Why the hell are you handing the ball to Hedgecock on 3rd and 1…when you have Jacobs, Ward and BShaw???????????????????????????????????????????/

  71. Nature Says:

    that my friends is why i hate GILBRIDE he sux. he cannot call plays. HE CANNOT CALL PLAYS

  72. Nature Says:

    Fullback hand-off? lol dudes if GILBRIDE keeps his job than GEORGE W. BUSH should get another shot at it

  73. Nature Says:

    all day all night

  74. Andy F. Says:

    right thru his hands

  75. Mike Says:

    Our defense sucks huge balls tonight…how does Ross not at least break up that play???

  76. Nature Says:

    saw that coming why not them?

  77. Mike Says:

    This is a flat out EMBARASSSING AND PATHETIC effort from the defense

  78. Andy F. Says:

    yes, nature, the call to hedgecock was poor playcall, where is boss…. as for thedefense, very bad. i would challenge

  79. Andy F. Says:

    knee was down, these refs ****

  80. Mike Says:

    I hope this team gets booed off the field at halftimeThey deserve to hear it

  81. Nature Says:

    Gilbride kills a drive, Ross drops a pick….we gave them the last TD

  82. Andy F. Says:

    Giants defense has been as bad as I have seen it in quite a while. our run defense has usually been excellent this season, we have no run defense and no pass rush, poor

  83. Andy F. Says:

    hixon is better than bradshaw on kickoffs, poor coaching decisions to allow a gamechanger to not be placed in that position

  84. Nature Says:

    who’s the BOSS

  85. Andy F. Says:

    TY, BOSS finally gets the ball with 3 mins left in 1st half, too little gilidiiot

  86. Nature Says:

    that was a pass inter he was holding

  87. Nature Says:

    should of left the run….

  88. Mike Says:

    Great so now we go away from the run….awesomeMight be 35-10 before we see the ball again

  89. Brian Says:

    another crap effort This season started out so promisingPeaked too early

  90. Andy F. Says:

    madden said it, but I wll say it a little differently… there is no need to be passing downfield LONG passes 3 plays in a row, it sets up sack and bad down and distance

  91. Nature Says:

    Gildride cannot go 2-3 series in a row with good play-calling…he gives up on the run way to fast…he is pass happy, and not the right passes at that… if we dont win the BOWL i can pretty much guarantee GILBRIDE will be the main reason…why is it EVERYONE can see our playcalling problems except the people who matter

  92. Nature Says:

    Eli needs to go hurry up so he can call the plays, i would rather us going down with his stuff, gilbride gives us no shot

  93. Nature Says:

    TD’s to FG’sour offense is officially mediocre Gilbride is not the only problem, but the playcalling is the BIGGEST problem i have with the unit…from 30 to 30 he is fine, cross the 50 and it is all down hill

  94. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    Our defense is being humiliated

  95. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    Why did Gilbride not keep running the ball. I don’t get it. The are breaking off big runs and so when he gets in the red zone he starts passing. Man handle this team

  96. Motown Blue Says:

    Mr. Run and Shoot, pass happy sh**. Reason why he in 5 out of his 12 years as an OC he had the #1 passing O and always in the lower half in scoring. Predictable as sh** with no quick 3 step slants, screens etc…….And where the Brown is Boss in his play book???I hate this guy and it kills me to watch this.Spags needs to adjust; although personnel wise they may not be able to…..too banged up.

  97. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    I really hated that handoff to Hedgecock on 3rd and 1. Who is he kidding. That was the turning point of this game frankly

  98. Mike Says:

    Finally a blitz!! And we almost got an INTDelhomme is prone to mistakes if we can get pressure on him

  99. Nature Says:

    Crazed….thanks for that stat.it proves that he is a horrible play caller in opponents territory…week after week i find myself going nuts over the same stuff…giving up on the run, to much shotgun, terrible play calling inside th3 oppenents 30. i dont know if it will be enough to win it all again. the D is not as good as last year so that last year offense wont cut it

  100. Brian Says:

    so what cant you do to the wr in this game?

  101. Nature Says:

    this is going to be a looooooong night for the D….last week i was the main guy saying its not the end of the world….well i think i can hear SKEETER DAVIS in the background

  102. Nature Says:

    if Gilbride is going to call the plays

  103. Nature Says:

    last week second half we did nothing with the wind, cant repeat that…sheesh, im not even asking for a win. just wanna see gilbride calling the right stuff, some rhythm. we are only down 8 so he has to keep the run involved….im not even gonna waste my breath asking where is #44

  104. Nature Says:

    run the ball GILBRIDE…JACOBS has to go, stop piddle paddling.

  105. Nature Says:

    wow a SLANT….

  106. Nature Says:

    get JACOBS out we have 2 other backs

  107. Nature Says:

    thank you GILBRIDE dont be scared…run the ball until they stop it…

  108. Bob Says:

    who said let go of ward ?

  109. Nature Says:

    i would love to see the play to DARCY JOHNSON on second down

  110. Nature Says:


  111. Nature Says:

    BRADSHAW can do what ward is doing

  112. Nature Says:

    straight ahead….why try to get outside?

  113. Bob Says:

    why wait so long to throw to Boss ??

  114. Brian Says:

    good driveNow we need the d to keep the momentum

  115. Nature Says:


  116. Andy F. Says:

    BOSS… I am shocked, shocked…NOT. This guy is the 1986 version of Mark Bavaro and Gilbride is so slow to figure it out… better late than never.

  117. Nature Says:

    we cant get a good kickoff with the wind?feeling alot better about the O know. keep it up

  118. Nature Says:

    i go for the tie there… just my thought, dont think not going for it will kill you

  119. Nature Says:

    uh oh DOCKERY out there

  120. Nature Says:

    are we going to get some sacks today?

  121. Nature Says:

    bye bye wind….i think not having the wind will be crucial…all FG’s are a toss ups, even the chip shots

  122. Mike Says:

    The defense has to step up here and get a stop…the offense has some rhythm after that last drive

  123. Nature Says:

    still no pressure…it is a problem now..we CANNOT get pressure with 4…havent done it in about a month

  124. Brian Says:

    brownWe needed to get off the field there

  125. Brian Says:


  126. Nature Says:

    poor tackling..nothing but poor tackling

  127. Mike Says:

    Why is Spags not blitzing on 3rd and 10? That was a HUGE play in this game and as it turns out, might have been the play that kills us

  128. Nature Says:

    same game GILBRIDE, do not give up on the run completely

  129. Nature Says:

    Offense owe the D a game we have to score and get 2….

  130. Nature Says:

    cant believe #58 is plating so bad. has to be his worst game as a GIANT

  131. Nature Says:

    im done fellas….he has given up on the run with THAT first down pass…

  132. Bob Says:

    ward has 100 yds today, keep him.

  133. Nature Says:

    i spoke to brown fast…

  134. Mike Says:

    Hell of a game for Ward….we also now have over 200 yards rushing

  135. Nature Says:

    good running by WARD…that horrible play has worked 2wice 2day, what does that say about the PANTHER….both teams need to get TACKLING FOR DUMMIES

  136. Nature Says:

    RB’s who can catch are a so valuable…JACOBS ruined the drive with the drop

  137. Brian Says:

    game on the line leave peppers alone on diehl great call

  138. Mike Says:

    RUN THE GOD DAMN BALL!! We have 204 rushing yards in this friggin game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Nature Says:

    good calling on the last drive, D needs a stop and GILBRIDE needs to give me one more surprise

  140. Andy F. Says:

    Dave Diehl looks like total regression to 2007 vs Ware and Peppers, a turnstile. Agreed on #58, he is slow out there, and he almost never makes an impact in pass coverage away from the line of scrimmage.

  141. Nature Says:

    ward should of cut up, he know he doesnt have the speed to the outside

  142. Nature Says:

    f the toss…why the speed runs?

  143. Nature Says:

    3rd down #12 and #89 we should run again, and go for it on fourth

  144. Brian Says:


  145. Brian Says:

    finally they call the PI

  146. Nature Says:

    draw play for 2…not the pitch, wish we had a shovel pass

  147. Mike Says:

    great drive by Eli!! Beautiful 2-point conversion!!LETS GO DEFENSE!!!!

  148. Brian Says:

    nice drive!We need a stop from the D!!!

  149. Nature Says:

    i have seen enough from the OFFENSE, we are back. if we win it is a plus…GILBRIDE gave more than 1 good drive in the secong half and that is a good sign DIEHL regression is a scary thought ANDY

  150. Bob Says:

    why the he.. did it take so long to start throwing to Boss ??

  151. Andy F. Says:

    Manning is back in rhythm, the playcalling always seems to magically get smoother when there is the TE to push the chains, eh? I know the running was big, but Boss is bigger.

  152. Nature Says:

    i hope CAROLINA panic and stop running

  153. Nature Says:

    60 yard field again….this is a problem…we MUST address this

  154. Nature Says:

    what is up with the tackling? #58 should of left his moustache alone

  155. Nature Says:

    if we dont get a sack we are in trouble…the killer will be the RBs…he will be looking for #89 and the back out the backfield watch

  156. Mike Says:

    Pierce is killing us with these missed tacklesI know you guys are happy with the offense (as am I), but our defense HAS to play ALOT better then this is we wanna go deep into the playoffs

  157. Nature Says:

    that should of been WEBSTER’s first read…SLANT

  158. Brian Says:


  159. Brian Says:

    this is it dStop them!!

  160. Nature Says:

    we have to get this stop

  161. Brian Says:

    block itblock itblock it

  162. Andy F. Says:

    i want the wind, not the ball

  163. Nature Says:

    now the running in the 4th can play its part….run it more and look for the PLAYACTION

  164. Brian Says:

    Take the ball drive it right down their throats.

  165. Mike Says:

    Earth to Gilbride….keep running the ball and we’ll drive down and win this browning game

  166. Nature Says:

    ANDY right now the wind is everyone’s enemy, the WHOLE side to side winds are going to kill the kickers…we need a TD, kicking is going to be an ADVENTURE to say the least

  167. Nature Says:

    run the ball on first down please

  168. Nature Says:

    run the BAAAAAAAAALL

  169. Nature Says:

    thats was terrible

  170. Nature Says:

    thats was terrible, run for 6 on first and thats it?

  171. Nature Says:

    GILBRIDE regressed, thats was a joke

  172. Brian Says:

    awful awfulrun the goddamn ball

  173. Nature Says:

    can we get a sack please

  174. Mike Says:

    To be fair…Eli checked out of a run on 2nd down

  175. Brian Says:


  176. Nature Says:

    PIE IN MY FACE!!!!

  177. Brian Says:

    what I sayrun the god damn ball!

  178. Nature Says:

    thank you sheesh…RUN THE BALL

  179. Bob Says:

    ward, ward ward !!!184 yards !!!

  180. Nature Says:

    damn…the HIXON play would of done it…run the ball

  181. Brian Says:

    jesus, what did i say, run the ball!eli can’t throw in this

  182. Nature Says:

    told yo so….is he listening to me? ground control to major gilbride

  183. Bob Says:

    WARD198 yards !!!KEEP HIM !!

  184. Mike Says:

    DERRICK WARD BABY!!The running game is back!! The o-line is back!!

  185. Brian Says:

    After we established the BOSS, they’ve had no answer for the run.

  186. Nature Says:

    protect the ball RBs

  187. Nature Says:

    “if we can get JACOBS for decent $$$ 4-6 mill a year we should let WARD go….its the young guys time, but he on special teams once again…”who said that? lol i stick to my words im no ESPN guy

  188. Andy F. Says:

    that was a gutty performance by a team that would not give up. Wow, even I, as a biased Giants fan, am at a loss for words to describe the resolve of this team tonight. That was incredibly impressive. A lot of pride out there this evening.

  189. Mitch Says:

    This team played Giant football, shut them down when they had to…and what a job by the O-Line & Ward. Home field baby!

  190. Motown Blue Says:

    Just a great game for any football fan period. Resolve and will is pretty much what this team’s motto is.How can you not win with ease when you run for over 200 yards in regulation. Gilbrown just can’t take any thing that is given to him. Painful to see a great run game and gutty performance by the O line almost go down the tube because of poor strategy. Boss got his 5 catches but he should be used almost like Witten on the ‘girls. Ward earned his pay day tonight!! 2 weeks to rest and rehab that worn down D and Tuck!

  191. Andrew Says:

    I love love love what Gillbride was doing yesterday with blocking schemes for our TE’s and FB. He had them bump and run on the DE’s. Peppers had one sack and wasn’t allowed to put much pressure throughout the game because of this. It also really opened up holes for Ward. On that big run that took it to the 1 yard line in OT, Hedgecock makes a block that opens up the field. Once again, playoff style football is about protection and running lanes. This has always been Gillbride’s biggest strength. I often talk smack on the guy but what he lacks in being able to get the most out of our skill position depth, he makes up for in sometimes brilliant protection schemes.

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