Bradshawlic’s Anonymous Meeting #3

For those of you who do not get the reference, on my blog profile I have a quote from Casablanca where the Nazis are trying to close up Rick’s (Humphrey Bogart) Night Club.

I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here,” exclaims Captain Renault (Claude Raines), when coming up with charges to appease the Nazis so that the club can be closed. Renault is the local corrupt police officer who regularly takes payoff money from Rick, and the hypocrisy is laid on thick when the crupier coincidentally gives Renault his “winnings” (payoffs delivered thru a rigged roulette wheel).

Well, I’m shocked, shocked, to find that another outside voice of sanity asks aloud why on earth (or fire) #44 does not get more touches. Motown gives us a second nugget in the same day..

Matt Mosley: “For some reason, Tom Coughlin doesn’t trust Bradshaw enough to give him meaningful carries. That’s the guy who needs to touch the ball more. He’s a game-changing player who touches the ball about three or four times a game. Makes no sense to me.”

Would others find it shocking that we had a list of quotes from Super Bowl XLII eve on #44? No, I didn’t think so.

Did anyone else NOT see the 16 yard slip screen they ran to this guy? Like maybe they should be using this guy as the scatback Dave Meggett-type to spread the defense and make the opposing defense account for him? Wait a second, hold the phone, Tom Coughlin was ON the coaching staff of the 1990 team with Meggett. I’m shocked!

If Bradshaw is playing hurt, limiting his touches, then at least be smarter about it and use him on MANY of those 3rd downs to stretch the defense and leverage those touches you CAN give him.

You’re probably not shocked to know that the day that Osi Umenyiora was put on IR, we asked for TWO things: Kiwi back on the DL, and #44 starting in order to have a shot at winning another title without #72. Well, adversity is here (a little later than I thought, obviously) with #17 gone, and now we need some more help. WAKE THE BROWN UP. The championship is still within reach. Of course it is not too late.. it is 4 wins away. You lose one game-changer, use the one wasting on the bench, and while you are at it, (like everyone has suggested numerous times here already) put the other game-changer Hixon back on kickoffs to maximize the utility of this team. You can only lose once, so if you are going to go down, you might as well go down swinging.


8 Responses to “Bradshawlic’s Anonymous Meeting #3”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Here’s a nugget to chew on:The Panthers have yet to beat a winning team on the road this year. Lost to Minnesota 20-10Lost to Tampa Bay 27-3Lost to Atlanta 45-28

  2. Motown Blue Says:

    Interesting info on the Shockey trade which could lead to a #1 pick per Sporting News: "If ex-Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma participates in 85 percent of the defensive snaps (he has started all 14 games) and if the Saints sign him to a contract extension, the Saints would have to send to the Jets the second-round pick currently earmarked for the Giants. And the Giants then would get a first-rounder. For Shockey." move by In Reese We Trust. Now if he can pull of the monumental, trade Gilbrown to Oakland for a jock strap.

  3. BreadCity Says:

    I was banging my head against the wall about #44 all game Sunday. I tried to rack it up to the “stiff neck” I saw mentioned a couple times during the week, but then why use him twice anyway if he’s injured? Damn. I am THIS CLOSE to making the ultimate gesture and calling up WFAN and complaining. It’s so frustrating. How do we get the message to Tom Coughlin? Giants aint shit without a running game, and we are going to need Bradshaw to beat the Panthers.

  4. Oxbay Says:

    Regarding Vilma. When the sun goes down I can listen to WWL-AM 870. They talk sports from 4-8 with Bobby Hebert, the former NFL quarterback, and some other guy. Tuesday I heard them lamenting the fact that Vilma had not made the Pro Bowl. They seemed very happy with his play this year. So I wonder if Vilma has, up to this point, played 85% of the defensive snaps this point. Anyone know? Has anyone heard if the Saints plan to extend his contract?

  5. Bob Says:

    Coughlin must take over the offenseand pressure Gillbrown to find creative ways to get Bradshaw in open space.Gillbrown is too braindead to realize this. Another issue may be Bradshaw’s pass blocking…..then use him as a slot backNeed a creative O Coordinator, don’t have one.

  6. Motown Blue Says:

    Sorry fellas, my bad. A #1 pick ain’t gonna happen as they would do it under the table to avoid giving up a #1. Per Andy’s comments on 12/4:It is not going to happen..Vilma has to sign a contract extension this year “before a certain time” AND get 85% of the snaps. That is the way the Jets get a #2, which would bump us to #1. But even if the Saints wanted to sign him, they would do it under the table, delay the signing and agree to sign him after the date.

  7. xtian Says:

    i’m getting tired of writing about the obvious using the outstanding playmakers in their spots. i don’t mind that much during the season especially since the gmen having been playing from the division lead the entire year, but when the playoffs start i want to see hixon returning punts and kos [at his expense on offense–we can always use one of the other receivers for a couple of snaps] and bradshaw on more third downs and receiving [especially in the second half].

  8. Motown Blue Says:

    This Sunday is what it’s all about and TC feels it. TC’s giddiness was on display yesterday, jumping jacks and all. I would like to believe he stumbled upon an old highlight reel of how they utilized Meggett and a big light bulb went off in his head about using Bradshaw in the same manner. But something tells me that’s wishful thinking. Everything they have accomplished this year has led to this extremely meaningful game. As a golfer, I get this feeling when you’re in the final holes of a match play event all square. The adrenaline is on full throttle, your concentration level is at its peak and you’re locked in. I see no complacency or lack of focus coming from this team.Andy, in his previous post on December 9th , relates to the Super Bowl XXV champs and their attitude: “TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT. GO DOWN SWINGING. SHOOT THE MOON”. As Fassell stated in what will probably be his most memorable moment as head coach of the Gmen in his guarantee speech: “I am in a poker game and all chips are in”. They have to have all their playmakers out their and fully utilized. Hixon on kickoffs and punts, Bradshaw utilized on 3rd down, catching the ball out of the backfield, and lined up as a WR. Boss has to have at least 5 catches. Football is all about a game of matchups and these are the players who create matchup headaches for opposing coordinators. And if they don’t use them in this capacity do you think they deserve to win? Do they deserve to get to the Super Bowl?

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