Webster’s Dictionary

1) Negligent– failing to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances
Incompetent– lacking qualities for effective action
Of the two, negligence is far more serious. It implies known neglect. Yesterday’s post dealt with Gilbrown’s incompetence. But the more I thought about it, Gilbrown allowing his QB to get sacked 8 times in one game is NEGLIGENT. How dare he not protect his QB if his OL cannot?! He put the entire franchise at risk, given that Eli Manning is the franchise.

2) Speaking of Webster, I have zero problem with allocating a lot of resources towards a good CB. Once again, Webster was very good Sunday. He was part of the answer, not a question.

3) Speaking of protecing Manning, where was the ref with the nonsense browning flag when Brady James body slammed Manning to the turf?? And they give Tuck a flag for something half as bad in the first Dallas game? Ridiculous.

4) Everyone who doesn’t trust David Carr in there, just let Manning get sacked 8x per game and Eli will morph into David Carr. I saw Eli Carr out there Sunday night, come to think of it.

5) Perhaps I was not completely clear in my rant yesterday about Gilbrown. He is not the ENTIRE reason why the Giants dropped from 29 points to 3 points per game. This may be semantics, but to quantify in broad strokes, lack of Burress chops down some points, poor OL play chops down some points, not having that bully Jacobs chops down a couple of points. Gilbride cost the team double digit points. If they were able to have an identity, a game plan, an ability to adapt, the team could still manage to score 17, 20 points per game. The way the Giants defense was playing, that would have been enough to win.

6) Dallas was playing hurt too, so we did not exactly lose to a great team last night. Dallas is improved, but they are not great.

7) Mr. Platitude (Eli Manning) spelled it out after the game, wondering aloud : “Just because you miss one or two guys, we’ve got playmakers, we just didn’t get it done.” This is Mr. Manning being polite and saying that 11 men here still have plenty of talent to score more than 3 points per game.

8) Did everyone on the OL have the flu? David Diehl looked like he was sleepwalking on a couple of those sacks.

9) This team is banged up. It needs that bye in the worst way. Maybe this is part of the reason why the OL is not playing as well.. showing some wear.

10) I do not really subscribe to the theory that the Giants ‘miss’ Jacobs as much as others. As long as #44 is playing hurt, I admit Jacobs will be good to have back this weekend. Ward is not a big dropoff. The only point here to concede is that Ward is not the emotional leader that Jacobs is. If Bradshaw was 100% and being used properly by Gilbrown, no one would be missing Jacobs at all. In fact, Bradshaw would have delivered another Buffalo W16-type performance, in my incredibly biased opinion.

11) Reese did the right thing in not re-signing Jacobs. Yes, if he wants his services again he will have to pay more, but the only thing we learned from this year about him is that it is more true than ever that a 6’4″ RB will get injured during the year.

12) To my long-suffering Chiefs fans out there… There are a few of you who visit Ultimatenyg New York Giants Blog. For these Chiefs folks, it is 40 years since Len Dawson. Alas, there is HOPE! Peterson was fired! (Anyone who would PAY to have Herm back must need a lobotomy.)

3 Responses to “Webster’s Dictionary”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Nice post this morning Andy.On point 1…Gilbride was negligent and still incompetent.On point 3…The bad officiating is rampant in the league, there has to be an overhaul in thinking, training & recruiting next season.On point 4…There are no words…On point 5…Gilbride has to start coaching and devise a game plan around the current roster and not the one we had a month ago. This is the only way to right the ship.On point 6…Check the definition of desperationOn point 7…see comment on point 5On point 8…The OL obviously has problems w/ speed rushers and less with bull rushers.On point 9…Just win this week!

  2. Mitch Says:

    Since I'm working at home today…my mind starts to wander and ultimately I'm thinking about our favorite team. Since I always tend to look at the glass half-full…here are some thoughts…When I think about the 1990 NY Giants, I always start thinking about them and look at the previous years team first. The 1989 Giants team was a great team at 12-4. They never should have lost that playoff game to the Rams in OT 19-13…Flipper Anderson…yada yada yada… and you know the rest. When the 1990 team took the field, they had a purpose because of that awful loss the year before. (the 2008 Giants team was considered a fluke) They reeled off 10 wins in a row and looked unbeatable. ( Starting to get the picture)They then lost 3 of their next 4 against Philly, 49ers, and Buffalo, in late November & early December ( I see a trend here ) They finished the season with wins in their last 2 games and then the run through the playoffs and the rest is part of Giants lore.This Giants team has alot of resolve and character given what they have already accomplished going back to last year. Let's hope history can repeat itself. Just something to get us fans through Tuesday on a positive note.

  3. Bob Says:

    This is the time where Coughlin must step up and take control bytelling Killdrive to shape up or hit the road

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