NYG at DAL tonight

The Giants got dropped last week and are still hurt and undermanned. The consensus sees problems with the gmen, that the mounting loss of players is taking its toll. The Giants are a lot better team than they showed last week, so if they have been playing with (1) concentration and purpose all season, what do you think we are going to see from the (2) road warriors tonight (3) coming off a loss (4) playing Dallas? There is not a single doubt in my mind that the Giants will be ready for this game.. is there any in yours?! Addendum 855am.. Let me be clear about it: the Giants will win the game. Why? the Giants have every reason to lose the game, the Cowboys have every reason to win it. But I just heard from Emmitt Smith (who is one of the weakest sports commentators, not to mention a Dallas blohard) that he likes the Panthers now as his favorite out of the NFC. After one loss, the Giants ship is sinking! NOT! Ridiculous. I heard the expression, you are only as good as your latest at-bat, but this is ridiculous. This is the same team as a weAk before, except Toomer, Smith, Boss and Hixon are not going to drop their passes, Manning will be able to throw the ball all four quarters, and when Wade Genius puts 8 men in the box today, the Dallas secondary will get roasted.

14 Responses to “NYG at DAL tonight”

  1. Oxbay Says:

    I have to admit. I have doubts, worries, etc. before every game.P.S. Thanks in advance for the Sunday morning Simms update Andyman.

  2. Pastime Princess Says:

    Not many. I expect a win unless they turn the ball over and that’s just a crap shot.

  3. Mitch Says:

    Like Oxbay I always am leery of an upcoming game. Today I am as well, but because we played so poorly last week, I’m sure we will come out and match Dallas’ intensity and put forth a great effort. If we happen to win we can all exhale and get ready for next week. But, if we lose…then the Press will be all over us ( 2 weeks in a row…can’t win w/out Plax…all the negativity will surface )…I think we will come to play tonight…Philly has already given us our reality check. Tonight is The Survivor finale…so it is time for Dallas to get kicked off the island!

  4. Andy F. Says:

    I have doubts as well. Let’s face it, if I KNEW the Giants would win this evening, I would have the mortgage on the Giants. I do not KNOW and I do not (99.9% of the time) bet. My angle is simple- those who all of a sudden are reading into this downtick as a major problem are mistaken. I’d love to know that Jacobs (out) and Burress (gone) and Bradshaw (not 100%) and Robbins (not 100%) are there for this team, but they are not. We really did not have that last week from them either. We lost because we were flat and because of the wind, those two items are gone this weekend, and I believe we return to our winning ways.

  5. Mitch Says:

    Andy..I said this on Wonder’s Jints bits…They are really banged up in the secondary as well. That is where Eli will go tomorrow as I’m sure the ‘Boys will put 8 in the box to stop the run game. Eli has played well in “Big D” before…and he will again.

  6. Motown Blue Says:

    I will worry about the Gs when we play a sound game and lose. That is NO dropped passes, blown routes, blowen coverage, poor tackling. They need to come out aggressive to get the crowd out of it, not let Romo get in tune and let the ‘girls begin to fight amongst each other.Wonder is right on about the 3 step quick timing routes which I think is keyy in this game to control the clock. I still would like to see them get back to the dominant running game as I think the ‘girls can be run on after watching them all year. #44 hopefully will be healthy and we can actually see him get 15-20 touches.Spags will come up with some wrinkles to get the rush going and to knock off Romeo’s timing. At some point they need to get Robbins some rest for the playoffs as he is obviously a big factor in the rush.Eli will come up big in this game, Boss is a big link to the game plan (he needs to be in order to open it up downfield for Hixon), and TO will be shouting at Romeo and Garrett before the 1st half is over.

  7. Bob Says:

    I believe we can win this one IFFGillbrown thinks out of the box & comes up with a creative short passing game featuring Bradshaw &Ward,plus uses Boss heavy over the middde. Mixed with appropriate play action. Ward has been very effective catching the ball, when utilized.If we try to pound it too much we're in trouble.

  8. Oxbay Says:

    In the comments here Andy mentions the wind from last week’s game. The wind didn’t seem to effect McNabb. Of course neither did the Giants defense. Most of the game I was sitting there muttering to my son “no pressure, wide open”. If that doesn’t change the Giants will not win tonight.

  9. Nature Says:

    Oxbay im pretty sure Mcnabb’s arm is stronger than Eli’s sp throwing in thw wind is less of a prob….but at the same time Mcnabb didnt throw long passes, the short stuff is what worked, and that is why I hate Gilbride, he doesnt adjust, and his playcalling just stinks

  10. Nature Says:

    And by the way…im still not sipping the JACOBS kool-aid, i dont see it…what i see is a great OL, yeah he has size but that isnt how he gets his yards. Jacobs dont break a whole lot of tackles, he runs people over in the open field that i give em…i actually believe he has hurt us at times…of you go to NFL.com and look at his personal highlights, look at the BIG runs…he isnt touched until he is pass the line and he always gets run down from behind…now im not saying JACOBs isnt OK but i think he is overated…and he cant stay healthy Bradshaw needs the ball….period!!!

  11. Pastime Princess Says:

    NatureI agree 100% about Jacobs.

  12. Mitch Says:

    NatureYour insight on Jacobs is Spot ON! Ward & Bradshaw (maybe Ware…we'll see)are really better inside runners than Jacobs. Giants have a very big decision on him at the end of the year. He will want to be paid like an elite runner and quite frankly compensation should also depend on his ability to stay on the field.

  13. Mitch Says:

    NatureYour insight on Jacobs is Spot ON! Ward & Bradshaw (maybe Ware…we'll see)are really better inside runners than Jacobs. Giants have a very big decision on him at the end of the year. He will want to be paid like an elite runner and quite frankly compensation should also depend on his ability to stay on the field.

  14. Andy F. Says:

    When I am wrong I admit it, and my call for a Giants victory was incorrect. But where I went wrong was assuming that Gilbride and Coughlin would have half a brain in making adjustments to what they saw from the Eagles in the post-Burress world. We did not get that. And that was the difference. That was a VERY winnable game… what else do you call it when your defense has held the opponent to 7 points in the first 3 quarters and you are LOSING? All that was needed was a little better offense than what we got and this game would have been a Giants victory. If someone had told me the Giants were going to hold Dallas to 7 points for 3 quarters, of course I would take the Giants. In some ways, this game was gift-wrapped for the gmen, but they beat themselves.

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