Two Year Anniversary of Ultimatenyg NY Giants Blog

Today is the two year anniversary of the Ultimatenyg NY Giants blog. No cake or candles, but something better… the Giants vs the Redskins today at 1PM. We’ll do some Simms recap later this morning (note, posted behind this post, see below), but first some Burress circus.

There is a great deal of speculation swirling around #17. Some believe he has already played his last game as a NY Giant. There are a myriad number of possibilities, ranging from criminal charges, NFL suspension, contract nullification, or something much less. With Goodell attempting to take a firm stance on these types of matters, and with NY Giants team disciplinary history already there, do not expect the Giants to offer Burress protection. They are an organization who not only plays by the rules, they do not like it when others try to skirt them. So I look for the Giants to seek redress at some point on his bonus and look to trade/cut him.

As we await more details of the incident, I find it at the very least alarming and at worst damning that his wife would not allow the police into their house for questioning.

We are not in the business of well-adjusted human beings:” Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the Giants administration. They have dealt with him holding out of minicamp, a training camp slowdown, missed meetings, one game suspension, domestic disturbances, disciplinary benching for first quarter of a game. The Seinfeld yada yada yada. Now guns and gunshots. At some point they have to cut the cord. Time to move on without anymore sideshow distractions than necessary. Would you have someone working for YOU with this track record?

The Giants organization has the most patience of ANY TEAM in the entire league. I do not want to hear it for one second from anyone that the Giants were wrong in parting ways if and when they do. The gmen are saints for all I am concerned; they gave this man way many more chances than he deserved BEFORE AND BECAUSE he helped them win a championship. All they have to show for their noble efforts is an employee who continues to disrespect them and himself. Next.

Oh, one last thing to all other teams in the NFL- if you think you are going to do something better by bottomfeeding a la Jones for Pacman, think again. There isn’t an organization who could have done it any better than the Giants. Drew Rosenhaus calling Al Davis, come in Al Davis.

ADDENDUM 8:30AM- waking up to hear that Pierce was involved. Anyone with any legal expertise please comment on whether his attorney will be able to ‘stave off criminal charges’ for being an accessory. Ugly, all of this.

15 Responses to “Two Year Anniversary of Ultimatenyg NY Giants Blog”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Andy, I posted this on the previous thread so I think this now should be read by all of us:I wake up this morning and read the entire article in the Daily News that now implicates Antonio Pierce as an accomplice…This is not good!Here is a portion of the article:Pierce, 30, rushed to his bleeding teammate and applied pressure to the wound as Burress screamed in pain amid the hip-hop beats piping through the club, sources said. As he worked to slow the bleeding, Pierce berated Burress for bringing a loaded handgun into a club. Panicking, Burress told his teammate not to call 911 for an ambulance, sources said. Pierce helped the bloodied receiver out of the club before taking off with the gun and stashing it somewhere in New Jersey, sources said.Here is the link: 30, 2008 6:07:00 AM EST

  2. TMonkovic Says:

    Congrats on the 2-year anniversary.Many more! This is a reliable place for smart Giants talk. You rarely shoot yourself in the foot, or any other body part.

  3. Mitch Says:

    The Giants gave Burress a new five-year, $35-million contract before the season opener, but only $11 million is guaranteed. The relatively low $4.5-million signing bonus also means they could cut ties with him after this season without too much of a debilitating effect on their salary cap situation next year.I think Plax has played his last game as a Giant.

  4. Andy F. Says:

    Well, now that we find out that Pierce has been drawn into it, yes, it certainly is over for Burress. So he brought the guin for “protection?” Protection from himself. Sad irony. I am no legal expert, but my guess is that criminal possession of a gun does not have fallout for Pierce, especially because (a) he is cooperating with police and (b) it is impossible for Pierce to have known that the gun was unlicensed in the state of NY (c) this is a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time with no criminal record who did not come to the club with any interest in breaking any laws. The NY Giants will now do whatever they can to protect Pierce, and Burress will get ZERO protection from them. Burress is done, he has played his last game as a NY Giant. It was bad enough that the guy caused all of these problems and sullies the organization, but for him to possibly drag down another employee is why it has to stop. This is no longer a distraction for this organization, it is a permanent stain. Such a waste, all of this.

  5. Motown Blue Says: the midst of all this Burress BS we have someone to look forward to that is the complete antipathy of Burress. Great article on a solid individual.I’ll never understand or conceive of why someone with that much god given talent can try so hard to flush it down the toilet.A., you are correct! Now that Pierce is dragged into this by Burress, the Giants will do everything to defend Pierce at the expense of Burress.

  6. Pastime Princess Says:

    From a purely football point of view I take Plax over Pierce. As far as Plax’s behavior, I don’t care. He comes to play and as a fan that’s what I want. I don’t have to like him. He is not any dumber than 100 other people I know so why should I hold him to a higher standard than any other American. Stupid is what stupid does. On the other hand, if I’m the DA I throw the book at Plax because the ignorant moron could have shot an innocent bystander. It’s just by the grace of God the right guy got shot this time. I think Pierce is in big trouble. Goodall is going to wack him hard whether the DA gives him a pass or not. The Commish is going to use Pierce as an example of not letting your friends get you into trouble. Whether its’ another player or your posse, if you get caught up in something it’s your fault for putting yourself in that position. That’s what the NFL has been preaching to it’s rookies for years now so how can they let Antonio slide.If Pierce did take the gun to NJ his is breaking at least 2 laws I can think of off the top of my head.1) Adding and abetting ( Plax told him to take the gun and get rid of it)2) Transportation of a firearm across state lines (ignorance of the law is not a defense)

  7. Andy F. Says:

    NFL Now at 9AM on WFAN Francesa:”they have looked the other way with Plaxico… now, they have to move on.”Says Burress finished with the Giants. Doubts anything will happen to Pierce, he will have a day where he has to appear in court, but he should be okay.Back to the Giants, Francesa says we will find out if this moment derails this team or not, maybe a month from now.

  8. Pastime Princess Says:

    I also find this statement extremely funny. What does it take to violate this thing?<>NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Daily News it was too soon to determine if the shooting was a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy. <>

  9. J.blaze Says:

    I think the Giants need some controversy and adversity to keep them motivated in the playoff run.With no Plaxico, I see some losses coming our way and the “backs against the wall” attitude.Watch the sports news drop Giants down “best team” label.

  10. glenn warciski Says:

    Congratulations, Andy!I think your blog is fantastic. I think Ultimate New York Giants is provocative and insightful. GlennNew York Football Giants

  11. Nature Says:

    hey Pastime …Plax is more important than Aaron Pierce? lol Laughable….Dude #58 is our D-fensive ELI MANNING…do you watch per-play? he is the best at getting his INTERIOR linemen in order…50% of the time he knows the PLAY whether run or pass, i would argue that he is our MOST important defensive person, if not one of them….WE CAN WIN WITHOUT PLAX, i repeat WE CAN WIN WITHOUT PLAX…he is a WR dont forget that…

  12. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    The one thing no one is talking about is the extent of the injury to Plax. We have been told that no bone, blood vessels or nerves were hit. That is incredibly fortunate for him. But there could still be significant damage to the muscles in his leg. The kind of damage that takes many months to heal and perhaps he will never regain full function! Even if all heels up properly, he may be slower and/or less explosive. His career may be over entirely, independent of the NY Giants, the NFL or the criminal justice system. Dragging Pierce into the debacle is unfortunate. But if your ‘buddy’ gets shot and you don’t call an ambulance, you are stupid! What would’ve happened if Plax bleed to death in his car on the way to the hospital. How stupid would that have been for Pierce? And unfortunate for Plax. How many dumb decisions can Plax make? And how about the dumb ones Pierce has made too. I think this will affect Pierce’s mental state on the game today. There will be alot on his mind other than the football game and the Redskins.

  13. Mitch Says:

    The mandatory…I repeat MANDATORY punishment for possession of a firearm outside of one’s home without a legal permit in New York is 3 1/2 years.(NYS does not recognize out of state permits) Plaxico is screwed. Maybe this is what he needs. He had to hit rockbottom and it is here right and now. The Giants have gone out of their way and it is their history to help players, but I think they are well within their rights to void the contract ( non-football injury) as well as breaking the law and recoup their money. Don’t know what they will do but this is past just being a distraction.Mike Vacarro said this in todays NY Post:The Giants were willing to tolerate Placating Plax an awful long way, all the way through his game-winning catch at Super Bowl XLII and all the way to a $15 million contract extension. But Burress has kept pushing, kept tugging, kept kicking. And Giants GM Jerry Reese is too smart a personnel man not to recognize the fine line between irreverence and irresponsibility. Burress now finds himself on the same side of the line that Jeremy Shockey ultimately found himself last year without ever pulling the trigger of a gun. Ultimately, your presence will be tolerated until your insolence is greater than your usefulness.

  14. PD2LISN Says:

    ATTN: Mario ManninghamIf you are out there, please pay attention! This is not how to handle your professional career. I am hopeful that with your body and speed, you will be able to eventually step in when Plaxico exits (which appears to be sooner thatn expected). Hope to see you on the field as we make our way down the home stretch. Even if we have to wait until you mature a bit and develop as a player, I look forward to you making contributions next year.

  15. BreadCity Says:

    The fact that now Pierce is drawn into this makes me want to see Plax gone even more. Pierce is a leader on this team, whereas Plax couldn’t care less about that kind of thing. Manningham better grow up fast, or else maybe we need to bring back Michael Jennings. He was cool.

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