Showtime Phil Simms Week 13

Phil Simms, one of our NFL gurus on Ultimatenyg NY Giants Blog, has had the best won-loss record on Showtime’s Inside the NFL program (link highly recommended) for 5 consecutive weeks and has the best record for the season. “I’m shocked, shocked..” NOT!

1) PIT vs NE– Pittsburgh has good defensive matchups vs the Patriots. NE has one of the worst defenses in the red zone this year.

2) NYG vs WASH– “The Redskins are having trouble moving the football against everybody. The Giants have one of the best defenses in the NFL. That’s going to be good enough for the Giants to win.”

3) NO vs TB. Simms takes Tampa Bay.

4) CAR at GB. After (ugly) performance on Monday night, emotion, GB to win.

5) CHI at MINN. Simms takes MINN.

6) DEN at NYJ. Jets are running the ball extraordinarily well, did it against Tenn Titans, will do it against Denver.


2 Responses to “Showtime Phil Simms Week 13”

  1. dberenson Says:

    Chris Mortensen, who has the best record of all the ESPN experts, also takes the Giants over the Redskins. In fact, all the ESPN experts take the Giants this week.That’s either a good sign or a bad sign, depending on your point of view. Jason Campbell isn’t a great quarterback, but he can make plays with his legs. Given how Joe Flacco did versus the Giants a couple of weeks ago, and Portis’ injury, this may be the biggest concern for tomorrow.

  2. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    I believe that if the Giants come out and play their “A” game, they will beat this team. The Redskins are not a quick strike team with talented WR’s. Though the WR can make plays and I am sure they will go after Ross, that is not their focus.They have won by lining up and pounding the ball. And our defense is designed to stop the run and then pressure the passer. And so, it will be a big day for Danny Clark and Pierce and the weak side LB du jour. Cofield too.The great equalizer is always mistakes. Turnovers kill and if we win the TO battle, I am confident we will win the game. In many ways the Redskin team reminds me of the Ravens. I don’t think we will be able to run for 200 yards against them though.

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