Sacks allowed

One of the reasons why the Giants offensive line is being lauded is obviously because the Giants are the #1 rushing team in the NFL. But the second reason is that Manning is getting protected week in, week out. In 2007 the Giants offensive line allowed 29 sacks in 16 games. This year, after 11 games, they have allowed 13 sacks, which is on pace for 19 sacks for the season. This is such an impressive stat. (Separately, if you want perspective on what they put David Carr through in his rookie season, click on his name. Talk about damaging a guy’s career.)

Some of it is being a veteran QB. We noted on Sunday evening’s recap how well Manning was stepping into the pocket, buying an extra precious second or two to find his receiver downfield. Veteran QBs like Marino, Elway, Brady and Peyton Manning have always been artful at sensing the rush and getting rid of the ball. There is NO DOUBT that Eli has gotten better this season at sensing the pass rush. So to ignore this and give all the credit to the OL is an error. But nonetheless, the OL is certainly getting the job done. When you consider that David Diehl had 13.5 sacks allowed by himself in 16 games last year, he has obviously made tremendous improvement. He deserves to be singled out, especially after this blog’s criticism of him last year. The Giants scheme to give Diehl help (especially against the faster edge rushers), but clearly he is getting it done.

Another perspective on the performance of the OL is penalties. Anecdotally (in the absence of granular OL statistics) the amount of holding penalties we have seen from the offensive line has been pretty low too. Certainly the number of Petitbrown false starts is way down last year and this year.

Summary: the OL is doing it in the run game (#1), sacks allowed (#6), penalties. The only thing we could do better is see them in more of the time at the end WINNING the game for the team. When the play calling (ie 4:02 left in Q4 of AZ game) is varied, they can do that ably.

ps please email or comment if you are able to supply us with a site that has individual (not team) penalty statistics and/or individual sacks allowed statistics.

11 Responses to “Sacks allowed”

  1. James Allen Says:

    I found individual penalty stats at the < HREF="" REL="nofollow"> STATS<> website. Scanning some of the players numbers it is striking not so much that the penalties are down, but how <>much<> they are down. I don’t have to remind anyone around here what a penalty machine this OL was a few years ago (back to back false starts were maddeningly common.) Now they are practically flawless, averaging maybe 1 or 2 per lineman for the season.Anyway, hope that helps.Happy Thanksgiving to all. I’m going to my town’s local HS football game this morning. Anyone else out there do this? It’ll sure be more entertaining than the Lions game this afternoon. I suppose the saving grace of such a lousy team playing every year on Thanksgiving is that you don’t have to pay all that much attention to the game. Just glance every 10 minutes or so and see how much the score has gone up for the other team. Prediction: Collins 4 TD passes today.

  2. Oxbay Says:

    I hope the Titans, Cowboys, and Eagles lose and the Lions, Seahawks, and Cardinals win.Then there would be more to be thankful for today of all days.

  3. Mitch Says:

    James Allen…Thanks for the website. Good info there.Oxbay…Looks like you will go “Oh for 3” with those wishes, but you never know. I’d be happy to see the Seahawks win so if we beat the ‘Skins on Sunday the division would be ours.

  4. James Allen Says:

    It’s at the point where the Giants don’t need any help. They take care of business, and the 1 seed is there. I think 3-3 (with one of the wins against the Panthers) will simply do the trick. Of course, I think they will do much better than that.The first two games today are jokes, or course. Tonight’s game should be good. I think the Cards will win, as the Eagles have simply imploded.

  5. Andy F. Says:

    Thanks James, much appreciated.If you think of penalties and sacks allowed as both drive killers (obvly sacks are worse, but both derail your offense nonetheless), you get the following:Total Penalties + Sacks AllowedMcKenzie 2.5Snee 3O’Hara 3 (+2 more for PFouls)Seubert 4Diehl 5.5Diehl is dramatically improved, having only given up 3.5 sacks, on pace for 5 this season compared to 13.5 last season. The other 4 COMBINED have given up 4.5 sacks, downright stingy. I voted for all 5 for the Pro Bowl, fwiw.Btw, separately I have to point out that Corey Webster is 4th in the NFL in passes defensed.

  6. Motown Blue Says: that goes really in depth.In land of Deadskins and wearing any Gmen gear I can locate.They should bury them and put them out of the picture. Show no mercy.Go Seahawks! Keep nailing that pinkie finger and to display that wildness of his. My Fantasy F team is rely on this too.

  7. Andy F. Says:

    Okay, so as I am finishing up that comment above, the fire alarm at the Dorchester (I’m here in Philly for Tgiving, at my mother-in-law’s condo) goes off. There are fire trucks outside blaring. My wife and I grab our things to get the F out of there, she wants to get her laptop, no, let’s live, I’ll get u another laptop. We get to the stairwell, smoke, we run to the other stairwell, no smoke, we get out of the building safely. I am outside in my pajamas. Inventory: coat, car keys, wallet… AND MY #44 JERSEY.

  8. Mitch Says:

    Glad your safe Andy…watch out for any Philly Phanatics there.Just some other stats to chew on:Ward is #1 and Jacobs is #3 in Yards/Carry on 1st Down.Jacobs is #1 in TD’s rushing in 1st halfSteve Smith is #7 in 1st down catches on 3rd down.

  9. Bob Says:

    AndyGood priorities…saved your #44jersey

  10. Pastime Princess Says:

    AndyYour sick. LOL

  11. James Allen Says:

    Titans 35-10 at the half. I kind of feel bad for Lions fans who dutifully put themselves through this because it’s a holiday tradition. Well, at least it’s indoors.Andy, you reminded me of a Simpsons episode where Homer gets an autographed football and says to it, “I now have four children. You will be called ‘Stitchface.'”Btw, I hope it was just some neighbor burning their turkey and your holiday got back on track.My local team won 35-21. Very entertaining and not too bad weatherwise. Anyone else partake in HS football today?

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