New York Giants vs New York Jets in Super Bowl XLIII?!

NY Jets vs NY Giants in Super Bowl XLIII? Are you kidding me?! No we are not. In fact, we will remind you where you read about it first.

5 Responses to “New York Giants vs New York Jets in Super Bowl XLIII?!”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    If the Jets keep going like they are it’s going to be one of the best games every.BTWAndy, your a football god.

  2. Motown Blue Says:

    The PSL Bowl.A big piece of the puzzle last year was the maturation of the rookies which showed in their contribution in the playoffs. I am excited to watch Thomas and Phillips get better and better and become an impact again to shore up that 2ndary. Once Robbins is 100% healthy and these guys have matured their D will be dominant again.

  3. Mitch Says:

    Start spreading the news? All that New York/New York Super Bowl talk sounded a bit silly to me until Sunday, They’ve now won five in a row since that embarrassing defeat to the Raiders and while you can't forget about the Titans, Colts, Pats and Steelers…The Jets have officially entered the conversation.The trade for nose tackle Kris Jenkins was a significant move and certainly getting Brett Favre, who was terrific on Sunday, has paid huge dividends.I know it is premature but if both teams host the NFC & AFC championship games, how could you possibly work out logistics on Championship Sunday? I don't think it could be done…it would have to be (I think) Saturday night & Sunday afternoon.

  4. Daniel Says:

    Mitch is right.I’m amazed that hasn’t happened before.But please, let’s not jump ahead of ourselves here. The magic number for the Giants to get homefield throughout is 4. 4 Giant wins, or any combination of Giant wins and second place team losses. 5 weeks left in the season. Let’s not jump ahead, and let’s look at the rest of the schedule. Washington, Philly and Dallas.We beat Washington and Dallas, that gives us the division, and most likely a first round bye, and maybe even homefield throughout. Hopefully we don’t have to put Eli through the hell of a meaningful game against Minnesota.Like the players, we fans need to take this one game at a time.Please, for everyone’s sake, let’s not jinx this.

  5. xtian Says:

    ummm…. let’s get to the playoffs first. we still have a 1/3 of the reg season to go. let’s talk about the next giants game. [jet fans get your own blog.]

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