Showtime Phil

Ultimatenyg NY Giants blog features a recap of Phil Simms’ commentary (on live ~945AM with Mike Francesa) every Sunday morning. But on Wednesday nights, Phil Simms also appears on Showtime, and his picks of selected games are online. No point spreads, but he is out there, on the record.

Simms’ comments from this week’s broadcast:

1) Not a believer in Dallas yet. Poked fun at Collinsworth for jumping on the Dallas train after one win, arguing that you can’t get bullish a team with Romo when it tanked without him. Phil (and Warren Sapp) felt that good teams rally around the second stringer and lift him up, that those three games without Romo were evidence of the problems, so he is looking for more before believing.

2) The biggest matchup Simms is eagerly awaiting (coincidentally, the game he is covering) is Kevin Mawae vs Kris Jenkins in the Jets-Titans game. Since Simms is covering the game, he won’t directly come out and pick a team, but he (or his ventriloquist dummy Collinsworth) does imply the Jets are ‘live.’

3) Likes the Gmen this weekend…”So big and strong, (they) run on everybody.”

4) Likes Miami this weekend over the NE Patriots. Pointed out that they have the least turnovers in the NFL this season. “They are younger and faster.”

5) Colts over Chargers, because Sanders is back, and “yes, he means THAT much to them.” Without Sanders, 20 yard runs, with him, 4 yard runs.

6) Saints over Pack. GB will play man to man, and Brees will dial it up for the win.

7) PLAYOFF CHANCES ALIVE: Broncos, Skins, Colts


Separately, the panel wondered aloud if 3rd and 15 for the Jets to Keller becomes their 4th and 17 to Bobby Johnson. I’ve seen teams galvanize around a play like that before. I’ve also (lol) seen the Jets fold with stronger hands than this. Like I have said, I have more confidence in the Jets players than I do in their coach.

3 Responses to “Showtime Phil”

  1. dberenson Says:

    Simms is right: Surely the Giants will run on Arizona effectively. Even without #27. BUT, that won’t guarantee a win.Our pass rush has been MIA the last 2 games. If it doesn’t come back in a BIG way on Sunday, then Warner could shred the Giants secondary with Fitzgerald, Boldin, Breaston. Yikes.

  2. xtian Says:

    i think the gmen will blitz more this game to get pressure on warner because they must rattle him to stop them, otherwise the cards pass for 300 yds and might beat the giants.i expect the giants to run well again–going for 200 yds again.

  3. Bob Says:

    This is probably the biggest test of our D this year.Hope Spags has some cool blitzs cooked up. otherwise could be a long afternoon for the 2ndary

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