Phil Simms Week 11

Simms on the NFL and the Gmen this weekend…

1) The Tennessee-Bears game last week illustrates what a team has to do when the opponent loads up to stop your running game… it is radical… it is novel… are you sitting down?… answer: you have to pass the ball! The Bears committed to stopping the Tenn running game, they did, and then Collins started to pass the ball and he beat them that way. He was accurate, his WRs beat single coverage, ~280 yards of passing later the Titans had dismantled the Bears. Next. (This Gilbrown public service warning advisory was brought to you by Ultimatenyg.)

2) Jets-Pats, Casell was spectacular on that last drive. Only a few QBs in the league can make that throw to Moss at the end of regulation, he did. Moss catch brilliant too. Re Jets, the Jets offense is designed well. Favre gets rid of the football, quick 6-7 yd passes, screens… “Brett Favre is one of the best (at those types of passes) I’ve ever seen.” Can the Jets take a run at everything (AFC, Super Bowl)? YES THEY CAN. They can stop the run, they have that good short passing game. Their schedule is easy/manageable. They even can give Tenn lots of problems next week because they match up well against them (run defense in particular vs the Tenn run, but alos their offense vs Tenn too).

3) Giants-Eagles, the Eagles are so far behind the Giants from a talent perspective. Westbrook is their guy and he was not 100%. The Eagles coaches get ripped but it is not fair or accurate, because the Eagles coaches did a masterful job of keeping their team in the game with this Giants team… the Eagles coaches got more out of their players.

4) Giants-Ravens, Francesa made good note of the wind that Flacco will be introduced to today. Back to Simms, with the exception of Ed Reed, the Ravens secondary is (paraphrased) mediocre, nothing particularly good. McAllister is not the same anymore, he can be had. With the Ravens’ words, they say they are committed to stopping the run today. But you can throw the ball down the field against this team. Even against Houston last week, the Ravens still gave 3-4 big pass plays. The Ravens can and will be had on the pass. As for the Giants running the ball, there will be some moments during the game that the Giants will be able to run the ball. Why? Because the Giants running game “is just that good.” (Summary: Simms implied that if the Giants offense does what it needs to do, it will come out on top.)

5) Arizona WRs are excellent.

6) Larry Johnson, Jeremy Shockey, these players find out that if they mouth off, the team will simply move on without them, they’ll find someone else to get the touches and get it done. The team marches on.

7) Boys-Skins, Romo will be able to counter some of the Skins’ novel pass coverages used in their first meeting earlier this year, but Simms believes the Skins will nonetheless come out on top in this game.

6 Responses to “Phil Simms Week 11”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    As always Andy, thanks for the Simms spotlight. I don’t have time to listen to it but I do have a few minutes to read your summery before game time.

  2. Mitch Says:

    I also look forward to Phil Simms on WFAN. Any of you who cannot listen, be glad because it would be a whole lot better if Mike Francesa would keep quiet and listen to Phil. He is constantly interupting him and you always hear Phil saying, “what did you say Mike?” He should listen to an expert instead of trying to impress Phil with his knowledge. (Just my opinion)In todays NY Times was an interesting article about how well the Giants are except for the fumbling that has plagued them the last few weeks. Here is an excerpt:At a Giants practice late last week, three running backs at a time carried footballs that had thick rubber bands attached to them and ran forward. Three other running backs pulled on the loose ends of the straps to provide resistance. In the next drill, one running back carried a ball without the rubber band while his colleagues took turns bashing his upper body and helmeted head with large plastic pads. It looked like a fraternity initiation ritual.After Friday’s practice, Bradshaw left the locker room in his street clothes. In his arms, next to his chest, he carried three footballs. He did not drop a single one, nor did he bobble them.The coaching staff is leaving nothing to chance and I think it is terrific. Reminds me of the late 80’s…Parcells, when hearing there would be wet weather for the upcoming game, he would then have Giants practicing with wet balls all week.

  3. Pastime Princess Says:

    Good post Mitch, thanksYour right about Francesa. I can’t listen to the man. Way way way to much ego.

  4. Andy F. Says:

    Phil Simms offers something very rare: wide ranging knowledge of the nfl COMBINED with the willingness to offer an opinion that will be wrong some of the time. What we get as a result is excellent insights and forecasts. Last year during the playoffs, Simms was consistent in his message vs the Cowboys, Packers and Patriots… that the Giants were “live” and that it would go down to the end… how could you ask for any kind of prediction that would have been better than that? This team was +7.5, +7 and +12 point dogs, and yet each time he articulated that the Giants would be in it at the end.As for today’s game, notice how Simms predicted a Ginats win vs the Steelers, yet was not as definitive vs the Ravens? Why? We have said that sometimes it is not what is said but what is not said. Simms simply cannot know what kind of adjustments Gilbride will make and how Manning is going to protect the ball in the wind. So there are enough variables that are there for Simms to not pass 100% judgment. But he does spell it out that the Giants have the edge today.

  5. Oxbay Says:

    Yes Andy man thanks for the update for those of us in the hinterlands with the world’s slowest dial-up. Even if the show is on the internet I can’t listen to it. Your update is practically an essential service.Baltimore is a dangerous foe. Play well, Giants.

  6. dberenson Says:

    Lots of focus on the Ravens secondary being banged up, but the Giants are in the same boat. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Baltimore try to go over the top a few times also. Even without Mason, they’ve got to give it a try.Very even matchup between these two teams. Strong running games, hot/cold passing attack, terrific run defense. Very brusing defensive approaches. (Lots of time in the tub tomorrow.)The key difference is that Eli has much more experience than Flacco’s half season versus weak opponents. If the turnover margin is even (attention: Eli), the Gmen should win it.

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