NY Giants 30 Baltimore Ravens 10


1) Ward had a very nice blitz pickup of Ray Lewis on 3rd and 15 which enables a key 21 yard pass catch to Burress, giving a key first down in the first drive of the game and the tempo to be established for the Giants.

2)The Ravens simply made a cardinal sin, you cannot tackle Jacobs high. High they went, and loss they got.

2) Giants vs Ravens… 207 yards rushing against a team that was allowing 56 yards/game. This Ravens defense had not given up 100 yards rushing in 27 games. This was the first 200 yard running game given up vs this defense in 11 years. THE POINT- this Giants OL did it again. During the week, Lewis asked aloud, those holes the Giants OL created, c’mon, the RBs are not doing a lot, and he implied by it that the Ravens would not be handing the Giants those running lanes. Well, Jacobs, Ward and Bradshaw ALL had 20+ yard runs.

3) Robbins blocked a 33 yard FG. It will be nice when this guy’s hand/s are healed, because he’ll be resuming his pass rish too when that happens.

4) Aaron Ross had two picks, 1 for an TD. That TD was the killer of the game, effectively ending the game there assuming no craziness.

5) The Giants did not get a pass rush until late in the game.

6) Manning pick to Lewis was about the only real negative. Stop the telegraphing. (see #12 addendum at bottom)

7) Bradshaw had a 77 yard run, is he the best back on this team or what?!! Jacobs and Ward did great, but you have to ask yourself what would #44 be doing with the same opportunities. Ward had a big run for 22 yards early in Q2… you have to ask, would #44 have gone the distance on that same play?

8) Injuries? Ross, McKenzie, Jacobs?

9) Flacco (who was probably off their run radar) killed the Giants with those scrambles, but there was not enough around him to make them come together for the points to make a difference. Correctable mistake that Spags will clean up by getting more pocket discipline on those scrambling QBs.

10) Giants run defense continues to stuff the opponent.

11) Ravens only success came in trying to slow down the Giants successful D with those pesky reverses and screens to stop Giants overpursuit. That is not a big issue, it is correctable, and even by Q4 it was abandoned by the Ravens.

12) (addendum, added 10PM) Manning got a beating today. We saw him get hit on more than a few plays, but someone who was at the game and did not have to look through the camera’s eyes said that Manning took a lot of punishment. I want to point this out because when I mention the telegraphing, it is not to take away from a really good game that Manning played. His QB rating is a browning joke, the stat is so bogus at times, and this is certainly one of them. Besides, when there is that much wind, who gives a rat’s Brown about the surface. He uses that hard count, he deals with Gilbrown’s playcalling, he makes the decisions, he hits his receivers, he gets a tremendous amount of credit in this win.

17 Responses to “NY Giants 30 Baltimore Ravens 10”

  1. Motown Blue Says:

    O line is the key to this team. It is scary for opponents to think what if…..Bradshaw was given more carries. He is a keg of dynamite ready to explode every time he touches it….wish leads me to ask the obvious when will they incoporate him into the game plans more and more…..Gilbrown??I am concerned with the pass rush as we haven’t seen in it in 2 consecutive games. AZ with their WRs is a concern against that 2ndary with out a rush.In the first half before Eli’s telegraphic pass i was actually thinking… this team is dominant!Just hope Ross and McKenzie are very minor injury issues!!!

  2. Mike Says:

    Who really cares who the best back on the team is? Why cant we just be happy we have three EXCELLENT backs? They all bring something different to the table. Jacobs in the big guy who just runs over people and wears down the defense. Ward is the multi-dimensional guy who can run inside and outside, and is also a serious threat catching passes out of the backfield. Bradshaw is the big play home-run hitter, with great speed/moves and is also a tough runner for his size.This is the greatest running attack on a team I have seen in my lifetime.

  3. Mitch Says:

    to motown blueWe are 9-1. Relax. Life is good.I know you are concerned about the pass rush, but we will solve it.Every week is a test.This week…how can we run the ball against the Ravens #1 Rush Defense in the league?The week before against Philly. Oh, we have to go into Philly on a Sunday night, and they will be loaded for bear, how can we stop Westbrook?The week before that. Dallas. Uh oh, how can we beat Dallas they absolutely need the game & their season is on the line and they have all those Pro Bowlers…The week before that In Pittsburgh, and they never lose on their home field and the Defense that they have, etc…etc…etc.Relax…we'll find a way…WE ARE THE DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!…remember we are the team that is feared, and everyone has to worry about us.

  4. Craig Says:

    for that one stat you werent sure. Larry Johnson had 100+ in 06 or 07, they pointed that out after the game. They havent given up 200+ yards to a team in about 15 years, 93 i wanna saw but dont quote me on it, but i do know it was the steelers who did it.

  5. Pastime Princess Says:

    Oline reminds me of the late 90’s Broncos teams when T. Davis was running the ball.I have been hard on Jacobs but he was very very good today. Giving credit where credit is due.Sorry I don’t agree with you guys on just basking in the glow of another nice win. Andy’s just pointing out how much better they can be with Amad getting the bulk of the carries. Leaving points on the field in the NFL is bad and it will come back to bite you. It was 20 to 10 in the third quarter and the Ravens where driving again when Flacco throws behind the reciever and it gets tipped in the air so Ross gets a pic-6. The game went from a possable 3 point game to a 17 point game with one pass that was throw behind the reciever by just a foot. If you see Ahmad’s 77 yard run from the endzone camera angle it was all him. Ray Lewis was standing right in front of him in the whole and Bradshaw make him look silly. Ward and Jacobs don’t make that run.

  6. Mike Says:

    Yeah Jacobs and Ward dont make that 77 yard run…but Bradshaw doesnt do some things those other two guys do. Its a well-rounded three-headed rushing attack, maybe the best the NFL has ever seen. All three of these guys cause defenses to make adjustments and defend the offense differently.

  7. Bob Says:

    I believe the strategy of letting Jacobs soften up the opponents D in the first half and then have Bradshawdestroy them in the second half is an excellent one. The problem is that Bradshaw isn’t getting enough carriesin the second half.

  8. xtian Says:

    yes, the nyg 3-headed running attack is scary good. only pitt stopped them so far, and 200+ yards 3 games in a row since then!! come on, you have to give gilbride some credit. i hope bradshaw starts to get more carries in the 4th quarter for the final stretch and playoffs–yes, we are almost qualified.i too worry about the pass rush not being so effective, but it looks like spags playing it safe most the time because he knows with the nyg offense the only way they lose is if the other teams hits a couple of big plays.

  9. dberenson Says:

    I agreee, Motown, that against Arizona we’ll need a great game from both the pass rush and the secondary. The former was underwhelming yesterday, and the latter is banged up.If Plaxico had made a block, Bradshaw would have scored easily.I LOVED Eli’s drawing Baltimore offside twice in a row. That showed to me a mental command of the game that equals what his brother does on his best days. He blew it with the pick, but it was a delicious moment just the same.

  10. Nature Says:

    hey MIKE… what is it that WARD and JACOBS do that # 44 cant? are you guys watching the games? they run through HUGE hole every decent run….Ward has ZERO i repeat ZERO agility, he trips on his on feet when he tries to cut back, his lateral movement is horrible. the same run 77 yard run #44 made would of NEVER EVER happened with those other 2 “JUKELESS” backs. As big as JACOBS is he is TERRIBLE on short yardage, im nervous every short yardage play because he just plunges into the line and leaves the ball vulnerable, and also look at his inability to make a 3-4 yard play out of a busted up run… if you watch the replay of past games just look at the “BIG RUNS” JACOBS has, he usually breaks 10 yards down field before he is touched and its just straight line running after that, no cutback and sidesteps to take it the distance….and personally if you put #44 in when you put in WARD you would see a hell of a difference…WARD gets what i consider the EASIEST of the yard (Draw plays, and run plays in passing situations) just go back and watch the games. when #44 gets in its almost always HAVE TO RUN situations, the plays for #44 lack the 5th ELEMENT, the element of surprise….i know it sounds crazy to DISECT our running game like i do but guys trust me it could be better.and Mike lets not forget that JACOBS or WARD cant really catch if at all, #34 made a couple but you cant tell me you weren’t surprise he hung on to them. there hands flat out stink…JACOBS would be a great bruising back for us (example being ATLANTA with TJ DUCKETT and DUNN) but i think WARD is just taking up #44’s carriesalso notice the PILE when #44 runs, its always moving, forward he reminds me of WARRICK DUNN. Bradshaw would run better in between the tackles than both the other guys also so lets recapSpeed = #44Agility = #44Big play ability = #44Power = #27Hands = none of them (dont really know about #44’s hands to much, but the rest of the backs definitely cant catch)Blocking = #27Im sorry why do we use Ward again?…..Look i can write my gibberish all day about why #44 is better, i cant even understand how everyone doesn’t see it. forget the stats, what do your EYES say when you see #44 get the ball…Mike tell me what WARD brings to the table….

  11. Mitch Says:

    This was supposed to be a statement game for the Ravens.It was a matchup between two smash-mouth football teams & the Giants delivered the most body shots. It seemed to me that most of the day the Ravens were arm-tackling and diving to the ground. They got punched silly.My point is (and forgive me Giant bretheren, I don't want to jinx it ) but this is beginning to look alot like 1986. We are not just winning games….we are beating up these teams…we are annihalating everyone in our path. I remember scoring 55 points against Green Bay on the last day of that season. We then beat San Fran 49-3 in a divisional playoff, and then the Skins fell to us 17-0. We seem like a juggernaut. I hope I do not wake up.The Big Blue Wrecking Crew has returned!!!

  12. Craig Says:

    Ward gets 20 – 50 yards receiving every game! How can you say his hands stink? He was great hands out of the back field. 44 and 27 dont have not proven hands. 27 doesnt fumble the ball. 27 is the power back, 44 is the speed back, and 34 is a blend of power and speed. I do agree that 34 doesnt have quick feet but he manages to get yards. I dont know how you can say 27 doesnt have quick feet. Every game he makes plays that makes me say wow great feet. he broke a 36 yard play from -3 yard run by making a cut back to the back side. please argue that 27 made that play by plunging through the front of the line. the majority of the giants running is 27 and 34 and they posted the best running game in the league so dont say they arent any good. its one thing to say 44 is good, but its another to say 34 and 27 arent any good. 44 is good, but he is not consistently getting it done for me to make him the no 1 back. I want to see him early in the game before the defense is exhausted and pounded. If he puts up good numbers early in the game then i would be confident in trusting him as our number 1 back. till then LETS LEAVE THE BEST RUNNING TEAM IN THE LEAGUE THE WAY IT IS.

  13. Nature Says:

    yeah i would love to see Bradshaw in the game earlier also and that was the point of my rant, get #44 the DAMN BALL…he is better than WARD and i dont think anyone can change my mind of thatLATERAL MOVEMENT is what matters, the hell the DAVE BROWN is QUICK FEET? beside the one and SEATTLE and the one sunday, name me a so called “QUICK FEET” move from JACOBS….dude you guys mistake a lot of yards for a lot of TALENT, at one point the DENVER BRONCOS could of put my 3 year old in the backfield and he would of ran for a 1,000 why? because the line was great. a lot of back rushed for 1000 years in that backfield but the good ones (Terrell Davis, Clinton Portis) rushed for 1700 yards and better, why? because of there TALENT…BRADSHAW has TALENT unteachable things, AGILITY, and Breakaway speed…..so let me sum it up for youBlock n Blue + #44’s “TALENTS”= BIGGER PLAYS IN THE RUN GAMEas good as we are running the ball where not doing it at some all-time pace, it can be improved with more BRADSHAW…that’s my story and im sticking with itWARD= WASTE give BRADSHAW the damn ball

  14. Mike Says:

    So let me get this straight….Ward and Jacobs both suck and Bradshaw should get 25-30 carries a game. Ummmm okay.You would think people would be happy being 9-1 and having three RB’s who are all real good all getting the job done for this team.Only us NY fans would bad mouth one (or two) of our own guys who are actually HELPING the team and playing well.

  15. xtian Says:

    i love bradshaw too and would like to see more of him instead of ward, but ward IS doing a good job and showed some excellent hands last game. jacobs does mash the other team and that helps everyone! that 36 yd run was great because the line was jammed, so jacobs flattened their de–hahaha–who was engaged in a block and reversed field and balt knew right then and there they were in trouble and the nyg running was better than anyone else they had faced. also jacobs is emotional and the ol loves blocking for him. i expect the giants to sign jacobs next year but let ward go and then we will see lots of bradshaw and ware will pickup some carries.

  16. Pastime Princess Says:

    “I actually think that Ahmad Bradshaw (nine carries, 96 yards) ran better than Jacobs did,” Baltimore defensive tackle Trevor Pryce said Sunday. “The holes they were running through were so big. The holes were gaping. Gaping. If you give any NFL back holes like that he’s going to look like Gale Sayers.”

  17. Nature Says:

    Pastime thank you for posting that qoute

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