All things Giant

1) I fear Bradshaw has been sent to the fumbler’s doghouse. Not that it is not deserved. If he gets one CARRY this Sunday that will be a major victory for the Bradshawlics. This team needs his speed, he stretches the field and causes a great deal of trouble for defenses.

2) Adalius Thomas out for the year. That guy still gives me nightmares, glad he can’t possibly meet us in Super Bowl XLIII.

3) Shockey is an even smaller pea brain than I thought. Brees won’t take his Brown (here is a link to a Monday article in case you missed it), he needs an intervention and fast. But for our sake, we hope he will continue to cause as many problems as possible for another 7 games because…

4) …that set of draft picks the Giants get from the Saints just keeps on getting better and better. Based on their schedule, looks like they will finish ~8-8, but that assumes they win at home vs GB and ATL, so perhaps it can get a little uglier for them. They will not lose to KC or DET, but those are desperate teams and anything is possible.

5) The Giants need to respect the fact that they are only 1 game ahead of the Panthers, and they play them later this season. Get the bye AND the homefield advantage. No let up. This team needs every game.

6) If you think the nitpicking that goes on here is a lot, just go down to Philly. If they could run Reid out of town, they’d do it in a heartbeat.

7) Buy low. Purchased #44 jersey (25% off, see link ad to the right) AFTER the fumble. He may go to the doghouse, but I am loyal.

8) I guess Serby voted for “Block ‘N’ Blue.”

9) The league’s second- and third-highest scoring teams play in the same New Jersey stadium: the Giants (262 points) and Jets (255).

10) Everyone was talking about the Eli heel that kept him behind the line of scrimmage. But last week’s move by leon Washington, who grabbed a kickoff while standing out of bounds, was even better. How many of you knew that instead of the Jets getting the ball at the spot of the touch, the ball goes to the 40 yard line?!!!

11) The Giants are -6.5 vs Baltimore.

8 Responses to “All things Giant”

  1. dberenson Says:

    The Giants and the Ravens seem to match up very closely. Strong running games, very good run defenses, spotty but capable passing games.The Ravense have a bunch of picks this season, which is disconcerting. They also have Troy Smith, who I wouldn’t be surprised to see show up in some gadget plays intended to confuse the Giants.You’re right that every game counts. But if you’re going to lose one, losing against an AFC team is clearly preferable.

  2. Gilad Says:

    I think the Ahmad fumble play caused, for any Bradshawlic, a wild swing between emotional extremes. Seeing his blazing speed got my spirits climbing, but it was when #27 of the Eagles slid off our #44 like a rag doll that I was jumping out of my chair in joy — only to experience the deepest sadness and horror when that ball squirted out. But then joy! it went out of bounds. But then the truly tragic realization: Bradshaw’s back in the doghouse.

  3. Mitch Says:

    I couldn't agree more with dberenson, especially if a team has to lose (and lets face it it is hard to fathom the Giants going undefeated the rest of the way) it is always better to lose out of Conference.I wasn't aware of this stat, but the Ravens have not allowed a 100 yd rusher in 28 straight games. That might inspire Jacobs, The 5 Boroughs & Madison Sledgeblock just a little…don't you think?

  4. dberenson Says:

    That’s the beauty of the Giants running game this season. They don’t need a 100-yard rusher to have a 100-yard rushing game.

  5. James Allen Says:

    To go off track for a sec, I hear a good deal of buzz for tomorrow’s Jets/Pats game, and it does look to be a good game, but it leads me to the following observations:1) Because of the NFL’s stupid new network, there are too many goodamn Thursday games. I don’t like Thursday night NFL, never have, and there’s no reason for it. Thanksgiving is the only exception, but that leads to…1b) The Lions have been ruining Thanksgiving. Why, oh why, are we stuck with a crap excuse for a team playing every Thanksgiving at 12:30pmET? We never get a good early game, do we? And we won’t this year as the friggin’ Titans go to Detroit to destroy the Lions. The Lions don’t deserve this game anymore, give the game to another team that will actually show up. And finally…2) I want the Saturday afternoon games in December back. Damn NFL network again. Did they really need to clear airtime for the 34th- 38th bowl games?End of rant. Ravens make for an interesting matchup. Since it’s a non-con game at home, they might let up (notice what they did with the Bengals?) If they do what they can do, they should, of course, prevail.

  6. Robert Says:

    I am glad the Eli foot behind the line rule worked in our favor but the rule should be changed. Regarding the “kickoff at the 40” rule, what ever happened to the rule that if you step out of bounds you cannot be the first one to touch the ball? Is this just for non kickoff/punt plays?

  7. Motown Blue Says:

    I hear you about the Lions and the turkey game. However, got give these people someting….highest unemployment in the nation, 3 biggest companies are going down the tube, a 3rd world city in a 1st world nation, and most of all the worst owner in all of sports. About time the NFL did what they did for the Giants after the Pisarcik moment and maybe this can change the drudgery of the t-giving game.As NYG fans we should be grateful with what we have. An organization that at present is producing greatness and has a very bright future.Just a perspective from my back yard.

  8. Pastime Princess Says:

    Know we know Serby reads this blog. On second thought, maybe not because he never gets anything right.

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