NY Giants 36 Philadelphia Eagles 31

very nice td grab by Boss
1) GREAT WIN despite a few intragame nightmares.

2) If the Giants can cut down on these turnovers/fumbles, this team will be hard to beat, because the only team out there that can beat the NY Giants is themselves.

3) PROTECT THE BALL. Repeat after me, I will not carry the ball like a pineapple at the fruit stand. Didn’t Tom Coughlin teach Tiki to carry the ball high and SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE HIS FUMBLES? So why do we keep seeing these balls squirt loose? There are 11 people on the other side of the ball who want to strip the ball EVERY PLAY. This is known. What is not known is why the Giants RBs are not carrying the ball high, and why they are not putting two hands on the ball when contact/tackle is upon them.

4) Bradshaw is the best back on this team, but he does not deserve more playing time until he can demonstrate that he can protect the ball. He and the Giants are very lucky that that ball skips out of bounds. At least he caused a fumble on specials. The Giants coaches must correct the way he carries the ball so that he can gash defenses. He ran wide and completely exposed the Eagles defense.

5) On the Jacobs NIGHTMARE fumble, we were not so lucky, and it cost the team so much that the Giants might have won the game by 20 points if he does not cough up the ball there. The crowd was out of it, the Giants were driving the ball, they could not be stopped, the team was up by 10 on its way to be up by 13-17 points and Jacobs fumbles away almost everything.

6) Was this a football game or the Olympic 100M Hurdles?

7) Great call by Coughlin to challenge the Manning pass over the line of scrimmage.

8) THE GIANTS OFFENSIVE LINE IS DOMINANT. THE GIANTS OFFENSIVE LINE IS DOMINANT. The only thing the Giants needed to do more of this game was use more play action when they were passing. The run was SO GOOD that it (and the play action) would work all game.

9) After the beginning of the game, the Giants DL did not get the pressure on McNabb. As the DL goes, so goes our defense. The offense must take responsibility and carry the load when the Giants pass rush is not there. It did that up until 5:30 mins left. (see #13 below)

10) The Giants were lucky that Andy Reid and the Eagles went to run on 3rd and 4th down. MISTAKE, ERROR! These two playcalls cost them a realistic shot at the game. The Giants DL could not pressure McNabb, so why are you running it? Even Madden nailed it, he said he keeps the ball in McNabb’s hands, but he did not articulate why. The reason is that the OL of the Eagles was giving McNabb so much time that he had (a) all day to find a receiver (b) even more success given the Giants pass rush springing a leak and not containing the pocket. That was a gift. Thank you Eagles.

11) Madison Hedgecock’s pass catching is deteriorating. Good blocker. But lately he is killing drives with his drops.

12) Gilbride found his TE! Overall a very good game plan, pounding that small Eagles DL repeatedly. 45 carries, 39 mins possession. The gmen should have won by more if not for the errors, but if you clean them up this team/offense is unstoppable.

13) The only thing the Prevent Offense prevents you from doing is winning the game. 5:30 left. RRRK. Barf. On third down, the Eagles had 8 men in the box and by the time the ball was snapped they had TEN men in the box. Ya think the Eagles knew what was coming? To make matters worse, the play is a big loss, and if it was still near the line of scrimmage, the next play (offsides, 5 yards on Eagles on the punt snap) gives us the first down. Instead we have to give them the ball and decline the penalty because we had more than 5 yards for a first.

14) We have said this before, but it will get repeated- the Giants need to have Manning and their RBs practice the swing pass/check down out of the backfield. It can be far more lethal if executed better.

15) I know Webster got beat on one play late, but I really like the way he is playing.

16) This was a very good team the Giants beat on the road. Despite the turnovers, the team held on, it deserves tremendous praise.

17) I love the smell of roasted Eagles fans in the evening.

18) 8-1. 3-0 in the division. 1 win vs all three divisional opponents. The Giants are nearly a lock for making the playoffs, they are in tremendous position for the division and they are in very good position for a bye/homefield thru the playoffs. This team knows how to win games, and (repeating) the only team out there that can beat them is themselves.


16 Responses to “NY Giants 36 Philadelphia Eagles 31”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Love the win…obviously, we really now have a stranghold on the division and a clear path…ONLY….I mean ONLY if we keep playing with hunger. As Andy states…7) Great call by Coughlin to challenge the Manning pass over the line of scrimmage.Now, the question of the day. Was Eli over the line of scrimmage? People, it wasn’t even close! Let me explain. NBC had the “red line” at the 21 yd line and the “line of scrimmage” was the 20 yd line. Actually both his feet were behind the line when he threw the ball. I hope someone in the NFL points that out. Having said that, why didn’t Eli just run?

  2. Pastime Princess Says:

    Jacobs was great tonight. I am not a big fan but if he makes every carry last night they get another 50 rush yards.Agree 100% Andy, Bradshaw needs to go to the Tiki Barber school of funny way to hold the football.Giants where not lucky tonight. They where just better so when they got unlucky it didn’t cost them the game.Great Great Great catch by Boss in the endzone. I don’t know why Eli threw that pass because Boss was completly covered by to iggles but he made the catch anyway.

  3. Andy F. Says:

    At the time of the challenge, it was not 100% clear to me where the original line of scrimmage was, but doing a little self-promotion, I NAILED IT ALONG WITH TOM, and it is right there on record:“Andy F. said… your entire body has to be over the line of scrimmage, there is a small, but enuf of a shot to challenge, it depneds on where the ‘real’ red line is for line of scrimmageNovember 9, 2008 10:33:00 PM EST”

  4. Andy F. Says:

    Speaking of Jacobs, a little promotion for Wonder and Simms, both nailed the Jacobs angle in slightly different ways… Simms said the difference was going to be how the Giants OL would take care of the smaller Eagles DL, and Wonder outright said pound Jacobs against those smaller guys all game.

  5. Mitch Says:

    Jim Johnson’s undersized linemen and young linebackers were no match for the Giants’ athletic offensive line and its three-headed rushing attack of Jacobs, Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw.

  6. Motown Blue Says:

    I haven’t looked back and reviewed but it appeared to me that Spags didn’t blitz/stunt much in the 2nd half. I looked like he was playing max pass coverage….perhaps fear of McNabb’s scrambling abilities?D has a tough time with quick receivers and especially in the slot/slants. Maybe Dockery could have helped a little in this area??Win is a win and that was huge!! 3-0 IN THE BEST DIVISION AND ONE AWAY.

  7. Mitch Says:

    Can’t wipe the smile off my face this morning…The way the G-Men are playing – balanced, patient, defensively sound – they aren’t going to crumble….This is not the 2006 Giants!This is obviously a confidant, mentally tough group that are the defending Super Bowl champs, and are on a mission.I can’t wait for this team to put it all together. They haven’t yet… Let’s enjoy the ride.

  8. James Allen Says:

    Great game. They overcame their turnovers, moving the ball consistently throughout the game. Plus, this wasn’t Reid’s best hour. Throwing away a timeout on a challenge (the first one, the second challenge was defensable), and suddenly going away from the pass when McNabb was killing the Giants in the 4th quarter. The “WTF” groans I heard from the Eagle fans said volumes. By the way, I think we have a new rule you can add to your list that goes something like this: “If it doesn’t work on 3rd and short, it probably ain’t going to work on 4th and short.”Also, regarding the “prevent win” thing, I will never understand it. The Giants rip of 8 yards on first down; here’s the place to do a quick 3-5 yard pass on second down while the box is stacked, ending the game. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, <>why is it noble to trust the defense to end the game but not the offense?<>Anyway, 8-1, the division all but wrapped up, #1 seed overall is the next goal. (After watching the Panthers/Raiders game, I’m not sure I’m scared of Carolina at all. Then again, maybe it’s the lame vibe of that stadium that makes even visiting teams play like crap. Just ask the Jets.)

  9. xtian Says:

    giants completely dominated on offense although they had too many fgs, but the eagles did a great job of stripping the ball and took max advantage with tds when they did create a turnover. this is the only reason it was close. on defense nyg shut down the run, but were less successful in stopping the pass, especially as the game wore on. what is so beautiful about the nyg attack is they have a variety of weapons so shutting them all down is almost impossible. for instance, burress and smith were stopped but then toomer and boss weren’t. ward didn’t have a great game but jacobs and bradshaw did.wow!!!

  10. Mitch Says:

    New Orleans tight end Jeremy Shockey continued to be a disappointment with two receptions for 16 yards. Plus, he and Brees got into a heated discussion on the sideline. After that, Billy Miller, who had five receptions for 65 yards, saw more action. On one third-down play, Shockey seemed to go half-heartedly after a low pass. Maybe that had something to do with the discussion. Here is the link ( New Orleans paper) to what happened yesterday between Brees & Shockey http://www.sportingnews.com/blog/the_sporting_blog/entry/view/14483/brees,_ryan_take_different_paths_to_success

  11. James Allen Says:

    Jeremy who? I agreed with Andy in that I thought he wasn’t used as effectively as he could have been, but in the end he had to go. At least now (for entertainment purposes) Shockey is paired up with a QB who isn’t easygoing and won’t take his crap. Karma’s a bitch.

  12. Nature Says:

    we had 6 carries for 2 yards on 3rd down, B-shaw needs to cover the rock so he can become the short yardage guy, Jacobs just isnt as good as he should be,

  13. Mitch Says:

    These are a few of the comments on the Eagles message boards today….Weapons of mass destruction are a slam dunk, Fannie and Freddie are well funded and in no danger of failure, subprime is contained. The Iraqis will greet us as liberators, these Mortage backed securities are worth every penny and yes The fundamentals of the Iggles offense and defense are strong..Brandon Jacobs steamrolled the Eagles’ smallish defensive line. Anybody who watched the game would see it. Clinton Portis, Brandon Jacobs and Marion Barber in this division, folks. Think the Eagles are going to the playoffs?FIRE ANDY REID TODAY! “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert EinsteinThe Iggles can still go to the playoffs…if they buy their tickets right now they can probably still get decent seats.Were the Eagles front seven wearing rollerblades or the old style 4 wheelers last night?They’re passionate, I’ll give ’em that…

  14. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    Great win. Always fun to watch the Eagles lose.

  15. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    BTW, why did Coughlin go for two with so much time left in the game? Didn’t he violate one of the cardinal rules of this blog?

  16. Andy F. Says:

    When Mangle Mitts (aka Andy Reid, who will go down as one of the worst game clock managers of all time) burned not one but TWO timouts upon the Giants going up by 12 with 9:30 left, that was equivalent to the Eagles losing 1:20 off the clock. Add that it was on 12, not 5, and the decision is less clear cut. If it were on 5 at that point you have to go for the 1 because it is two FGs… not worth it. But when you are at 12, the Eagles having burned two TOs, the chances of them scoring a TD and 2 FGs for the 1 pt to matter become more difficult a scenario. I would have gone for the 1, because then the FG later makes it a 9 pt game, out of reach. To be fair to Coughlin, his decision worked out. The whole situation is very complicated because it was simply not ordinary to watch a team have the ball with ~20 secs before the 2 min warning and burn it all down to the 2 min warning! It was like the Eagles Super Bowl again. Remarkable. Its almost like when you play the Eagles, they have less time than everyone else. The Eagles fans’ venom for Reid as a game manager (and let’s not forget all of his end of the first half follies) is quite warranted.

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