DeAngelo Hall etc..

1) This past February/March the Falcons decided to move DeAngelo Hall. He was looked at by a few teams, including the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins. The Raiders traded a #2 draft pick for him and picked up a huge salary.Now he quite possibly could get cut by the Raiders. The Giants showed some interest in him before, but NOW I suspect they will let him go through waivers so they don’t have to eat that salary… if they are even at all interested. How desperate is Jerry Jones for another malcontent in that loonie tunes locker room? Dallas was also rumored to be interested in Hall before he went to the Raiders.

2) We better win the SB this season because Spags is going to be ultra-hot and ultra-gone in 2009. All the nightmare teams with interim coaches et al. Lions, Raiders, 49ers, Rams, Bengals, Chiefs have to be looking at him. Maybe all you Gilbride-lovers can explain to me why your boy was not sought after last season and will likely not get any interest yet again for a head coaching job.

3) A win by the Giants on Sunday night would assure the Giants of at least a split vs all division rivals and essentially put us ~3 games in the loss column over all of them, since Dal-Wash the following week will generate another loss. The bottom line on that one is that beating Dallas this past weekend was a tremendous tonic for the end of season scenarios and another win over Philly is going to make it really tough for all of them to have any serious division chances. And considering what is happening in the NFC South, the wildcard is no picnic either.

4) Garafolo makes a “bold” midseason call about the gmen vs the Cardinals in the NFC Championship, but where did you hear that first? Try Wonder, 3 WEEKS AGO!

5) Let’s look at the Eagles’ 3 losses. Cowboys Week 2, 41-37 shootout. Bears w/o Westbrook. Redskins without Westbrook after early injury in Game when they were leading comfortably 14-0. In other words, with Westbrook playing, this will be a very good game.


7 Responses to “DeAngelo Hall etc..”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    Your correct Andy, Wonder is a wonder. For all you out there. Go back and read Wonders comments from 3 weeks ago. So, does Wonder have a crystal ball or something?

  2. xtian Says:

    yes, picking az for the nfc conference game is surprising, but their division is so weak getting into the playoffs is a walk; that makes it not so far fetched. #1 seed is a shock though.philly could easily win at home against the giants, but so could the giants. the problem with philly is that they rely so much on westbrook and if he gets injuried they are done. that is too fragile a situation to depend on for a 30-yr old rb who has been frequently injured. the giants have much more depth.

  3. Mitch Says:

    Sunday’s game at Philly will be the toughest on this year’s schedule. You know the Eagles game plan will be to feed the ball to Westbrook all night, and watch him run circles around the Giants Linebackers. They’ve also been pretty good at stopping the run. Westbrook is dangerous, no doubt, but so was Clinton Portis, Stephen Jackson, Frank Gore, Marion Barber … It’s not going to be easy, but I don’t know that he’s going to completely run circles around the LBs all night. This may not be the best LB unit in the league, but they’re not stuck with the likes of Carlos Emmons anymore. They’ve got a bunch of guys that can play there this year.

  4. dberenson Says:

    For some reason, Westbrook scares me more than Portis or Barber. Maybe the late kickoff return to ruin the Giants’ season a few years ago still lingers. Every game remaining on the schedule is clearly winnable. But this one the narrowest margin. This indeed is the biggest game of the season so far. After that, the Nov. 30 contest against the Redskins may really settle things. (Although the Carolina game — knock wood — may be critical for playoff homefield advantage.)

  5. Nature Says:

    westbrook is the GIANT killer f the rest of the backs mentionedi dont care if they were in the Mountain West picking AZ to get to any conference championship was a a crystal ball call for your a$$

  6. Motown Blue Says:

    Eli open for debate?? Every year he starts out well and then deteriorates as the season goes along (obviously the playoffs last year was an exception). Is this year no different? Ralph V mentioned it 2x how when E is asked to throw downfield in the game plan he has been less than stellar.It will be interesting how Killdrive approaches this game. The eagles have a solid 2ndary and rush. I hope we see lots of Boss, slants to Smith and Ward/Bradshaw under their LBs. Need to take advantage of the eagles LBs over-aggress.

  7. Bob Says:

    Did Motown say use Bradshaw on slants under the LB’s. Who’s Bradshaw ?Oh yeah, I remember. The G men use him on the kickoff team.Why the he.. is this tremendous talent going wasted ??Bob

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