Pat Hanlon: Burress will straighten out

Pat Hanlon, the Giants Director of Communications, was on Giants Online this week and offered some Burress remarks beyond the usual commentary: “I think you are going to see the actions of a man who is going to be a big part of this (push to another title). He is ready for the conversation about him to turn to what he is doing on the field.”

Everyone mentioned that Burress admitted to making some mistakes, which universally is understood as the first step in correcting them. But Hanlon put some of his own credibility on the line, going on the record and saying that BURRESS IS NOW COMMITTED TO TURNING IT AROUND. He did not have to do that, but obviously as a pr guy he knows that he needs to contain the damage and repair the image if possible. Cynics out there will say that that is his job. My read on Hanlon is that the guy is too in love with himself to attach himself and his credibility to a sinking ship. He is as close to the situation as anyone, so if he is going to come out and say that Burress is now going to focus on the field, I believe it.

3 Responses to “Pat Hanlon: Burress will straighten out”

  1. Mitch Says:

    I do hope that Hanlon is right about Plaxico finally admitting that he was wrong and will work to correct it. If he does, then the Giants will be on their way.btw…The episode of Giants Online (which I watch all the time and thoroughly enjoy)had a major flaw in it this week. The critical play for the Giants was 4th & 1 that turned into 4th & 6 was mistakenly talked about by Paul Schwartz & company as 3rd & 1 and then 3rd & 6. Maybe I'm nitpicking here but that is something that should have been corrected. I guess only here at can we get the full truth…lol

  2. Bob Says:

    AndyCan you explain to me why the Giants “Brain trust” has one of our best offensive weapons (Bradshaw) on kickoff coverage where he could easily get knicked up ? This drives me nuts !Bob from Va.

  3. Motown Blue Says:

    Thought I would pass on some comments from Ralph V about Killdrive. First relates to utilization of Bradshaw: “The power game isn’t working. Why not use Bradshaw to try to put a few moves on them?” Really, against an aggressive defense I think he could’ve been huge. So I agree, in this case, Coughlin made a mistake. The problem is an old one with this staff. It’s very rigid. They have a plan and they stick to it, no matter what. Offensively they’ve never been great about making in-game adjustments. Their philosophy appears to be “This is what we do. We’re going to keep doing it until it works.” Damning condemnation of Gilbride overall and inability to utilize personnel effectively. NFL is all about matchups.We’ve all heard the reports about Pitt reading Eli’s lips on 4th and goal:“when Eli calls the play in the huddle he’s facing his team, not the Steelers. Without a mirror, or one heck of a reflection in his teammates’ helmet, I don’t see how they could’ve even seen his lips. Now, if they’re talking about reading his lips on the line of scrimmage … well, every quarterback makes calls at the line, and if the defense figures out the call then obviously they’d have an advantage. I think, honestly, in this case the Steelers were just guessing right. I mean, the Giants ran basically the same play three straight times.”Hmmmm!, wonder if it predictability has anything to do with Pitt teeing off on the play??? If a moron like Buddy Ryan can figure out how much he sucks what does it say about all those media/bloggers defending him??

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