some Giant remarks

1) Is Bradshaw a fumbler? He fumbled ‘twice’ vs SF and one of them was the ground causing the fumble, so yes he fumbled once. ALL Season. 29 touches. NOT ENOUGH DATA to make a conclusion. If he had two fumbles on 29 touches, there ‘might’ be cause for concern, if he had zero that would not be enough data there either. Give him the ball.

2) Ward works for me as well. He’s not as dynamic as Bradshaw but he is doing great, he hits the hole fast enough to get it done.

3) Jacobs is important, just not enough to get ~57% of the carries amongst the three of them.

4) I was out on an errand last evening and heard a caller on WFAN ask about David Carr. The host (I couldn’t tell you his name) shot down Carr like a clay pigeon. Dismissed him completely, said the Giants were totally done without Manning. I would not go that far. The caller and host started talking about how he stunk at Houston, and all I can think is that these two bozos are clueless… Houston? The most sacks in history? Tom Brady would have gotten killed in Houston, and my grandmother could QB this Giants team with how well the OL is playing. (Tomorrow’s post.) Of course Carr is a big dropoff, but he is much better than LorezenWrightWoodson et al. Our championship hopes would take a beating, but I think that the OL is playing so well right now that he would have a shot. Not a big shot, but a shot.

5) Speaking of OL, Diehl will be tested by DeMarcus Ware this weekend. He has trouble with the speed rusher, and Ware is at the top of his game (9 sacks). Just give him some help, because the rest of the DL for the Cowboys is not that great.

6) Tuck on the Cowboys: “They hate us, we hate them.” That is about it.

7) If I am Coughlin, I have the comments from Wade Phillips (last January) on the bulletin board that the terd made after “the best team” lost.

8) Motown Blue Burke- the two back alignment works for me, but the problem is that you are thinking logically. We’ll have none of that around here. Some of the people who want to get technical about it will tell you that (a) they use Hedgecock for the FB blocking duties and (b) Jacobs/Ward/Bradshaw don’t want to block for one another. Jacobs can be your FB (hey, he’ll get back to the line of scrimmage faster if he gets the call!), Jacobs can make punishing lead blocks anyway. ANYTHING TO SHAKE UP TENDENCY and keep’em guessing.

9) Witten has a broken rib but will play.Maybe Phillips can break another one. (and Wonder jokes the Giants should PREY the Cowboys actually are stupid enough to play him… they’ll hit him in the ribs one time and maybe put him on IR for the rest of the season… logically the Boys should sit him for this one week and give him 3 weeks rest thru the bye.)

10) In that same link there is a quickie about Jerry Jones being nominated for consideration into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ya kiddin’ me, right? He’s an owner the past ~20 years who has been a good businessman and marketing guy for his brand. But Hall Of Fame? More like gall and shame. Mara got in after ~70 years of involvement with the franchise.

11) The gmen are -9 over the Boys. The Ultimatenyg most-hated divisional rival was/is/and always will be the Eagles, but I do admit to having a special interest in seeing the Boys get buried this weekend. Perhaps it is because not only does winning mean a lot for our chances, but I really do want to see Phillips and Jones out of the playoffs… at 5-4 things will get a little tougher for that Wild Card. We’ll take a win by any score, but making a statement on Sunday would be nice.

8 Responses to “some Giant remarks”

  1. xtian Says:

    when you play sporadically it is easier to be a fumbler, that is probably the case for bradshaw.carr is an upgrade at backup qb plus he has worlds of talent to be very good starting qb. we were lucky to get him.jacobs doesn’t seem to mind stoning pass rushers. i think it would be a good idea for the two rb feature as long as they mix it up and split them wide to pass at times.playing witten is probably dumb, he won’t make it through the game unscathed.i have a funny relationship with the nfc east teams cause i like and hate them at the same time. i certainly enjoy saying the nfc east is the best.

  2. xtian Says:

    of course, i love the giants!!!

  3. Daniel Says:

    From – Umenyiora is doing light jogging drills, and he says he could have returned by the end of the season if the Giants hadn’t immediately put him on injured reserve. Do you think this is a big deal? If Umenyiora could have returned by ~week 13 or 14, maybe he’s in game-shape and ready to go by the first round of the playoffs, and sets up the Giants defense to be nearly unstoppable for a playoff run.

  4. dberenson Says:

    Keeping Osi off the IR would have put a significant constraint on the Giants given the size of the roster and the low probability of his return. Note in the article that he says no real football moves until the springtime. I wonder if I can ask the group a couple of dumb questions:1. When you go on IR, how do you get paid? Does a player like Osi get a regular game check?2. How much does a practice squad player earn? 3. Why are they always dropping a guy from the practice squad, and then resigning him a week later?

  5. Nature Says:

    IR player get paid unless they take a buyout/settlementif im not mistaking i think practice squad dudes make something like a per diem the whole cut and resigning is because you are only allowed 53 man roster and 47 on gameday, could be wrong about gameday

  6. Motown Blue Says:

    PS is maxed at 8. PS does not count against 53 roster.They often waive/re-sign based on scouting needs for upcoming games. PS players often fill play mock position of upcoming teams.The major positive about Osi is that he was not 100% all last year as the injury cropped up during the first game last year. A 100% Osi, Kiwi and Tuck will be scary good. I just don’t get why he didn’t have surgery immediatley after last year??

  7. Mitch Says:

    My pet peeve about the “Gameday Roster” and the amount of players you are allowed to be active for the game never made sense to me. If you are paying 53 football players a game check, then why do they only allow you to dress 47? With the high incidence of injury it seems pointless.Example…Last week with Dockery going down He was replaced at the nickelback spot by rookie corner Terrell Thomas because we had decided both R.W. McQuarters and Sam Madison were to be inactive, the Giants are forced to go with only three corners for the rest of the game. I think the NFL decided to do this so teams could not stockpile players on their roster. (I’m not sure about this)This never made sense and still doesn’t. Can anyone explain this to me?

  8. Andy F. Says:

    All this stuff is the intricate balance between the union and NFL in their collective bargaining agreement. The biggest injustice is the new kid near/at the top of the draft who makes more than the entire team w/o having even taken a single professional snap.As for Osi, yes, I agree, it was all about those 6 spots for the players who don’t dress.

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