That uneasy feeling?

How many of you out there have this uneasy feeling about the game on Sunday? This is really the start of the season in my eyes, and I would have to think that EVERYONE understands that, including the Giants team. I spoke with Marvelous and asked him for his perspective- he was uneasy about the game and listed his concerns:

1) Eli has not been new Eli the past few games (Yes, agreed, Mr. Berenson, we did highlight the batted balls, an Old Eli hallmark)
2) Gilbride’s playcalling
3) Linebackers

The LBers are one of need and historical neglect. Kehl is playing okay, but he has not been tested, and the Steelers offense will test him, bet on it.

But back to (1) + (2), what is the common denominator there? I think I have the answer, something we have mentioned before— LACK OF URGENCY. The playcalling is simply not in attack mode. We saw it in attack mode (correct me if I am wrong) twice this season.. early against the Redskins, and when we were behind 20-16 vs the Bengals with 5 mins left. The Giants offense, including Eli, want to attack. Sometimes they are not put in the position to do so. On the road it is harder to audible a play change at the line of scrimmage, lots of noise. Will Gilbride have the right play calls for a Steeler team that is aggressive in setting the tempo and tone of the game? Gilbride is spotty. He has grown a pair from time to time. But his reluctance to attack on offense and dictate the terms is what gives me that uneasy feeling. You tell me the odds of Gilbride attacking on offense, and I will tell you the odds of us winning this game.

p.s. attacking does not mean less running, it means unpredictability, it means spreading the field, it means going to your TE on a 25 yd post seam route, it means a well-sold screen pass out of the backfield to burn the Steeler blitzing.

p.s.s. no Burress? no problem. Hixon gives the offense a different look.

5 Responses to “That uneasy feeling?”

  1. Motown Blue Burke Says:

    How about Ward/Jacobs, Ward/Bradshaw, or Jacobs/Bradshaw in 2 back formation?? Creates match up problems when back is in motion out of the backfield and runs in the slot with play action also in play. Why don’t we use Moss in the seam and slot to utilize his quickness and speed?He has to try something creative to offset the aggressiveness of those Pitt LBs and create mismatches.I would say 60-40. But the defense needs to win this one.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    The gmen caught a break with Pittsburgh deactivating Holmes (drug related)…I asked Wonder about Parker and Holmes being out..> "parker not so much…he's been hurt..but HOLMES is HUGE loss for PITT…as I told you, HE was the one to be "feared"… NOT ANYMORE !!!! go jints !!"

  3. xtian Says:

    yes, pitt is not really scary on offense with the injuries. giants have big advantage at skill positions. eventually, that will show up and the giants win by a td late.

  4. dberenson Says:

    Defense needs to shut down BigBen-to-Hines Ward combination. Offense needs Eli to convert 3rd downs. If we do those two things, Giants win.But I do have that uneasy feeling . . .

  5. Nature Says:

    just watched the 49ers game again…lol #44 was on Special teams trying too make tackles…..killdrive will strike always give me atleast 2-3 fuck ups

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