Need a TE?

Too late, past the trading deadline.

I guess it would have been humorous to watch and see how Gilbride would react to having a guy like Gonzalez… what would it take for him to realize that the TE causes all kinds of opportunities for your offense?

Question- Opposing safeties that face the Giants each week are worried about:

a) run support
b) Burress over the top
c) Boss
d) Gilbride’s a joke, a+b

3 Responses to “Need a TE?”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:


  2. jblaze Says:

    ahmad brawshaw

  3. KP Says:

    It’s getting ridiculous. Week after week we see him under utilizing his weapons. How about putting Boss in the slot like Shockey? Bradshaw on 3rd down passing plays? Sending a deep ball to Moss? List goes on and on. Get rid of him Reese!

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