Gilbride- killing them softly

Let’s make one thing clear quickly here- this Giants defense is not excellent. People who want to make a big deal about the 6 sacks did not watch the game. Yes, they stopped the run, but many pressures came later in the second half. Tuck made a big difference. But opposing offenses that are slightly better will double Tuck and have a good QB that will not make the myriad mistakes that O’Sullivan made (see Browns).

So let’s look at my Gilbride voodoo doll.

Pass:Run ratio in each of the six games this season–

Patterns like these are a BIG problem. Remove the 43:23 Bengals game, where the gameplan was 8-9 men in the box and forced Eli to audible at the line of scrimmage to change the play (not to mention playing from behind and in OT, where the Giants were passing (with SUCCESS) from the shotgun/no huddle almost every play). Every other game has this orderly goal which other teams understand to almost maddening certainty. The Giants STRIVE FOR BALANCE TO THE POINT OF PREDICTABILITY.

The only thing more successful than the Giants great running game is the great passing game.

The only thing more successful than the Giants great passing game is the great running game.


You have a much better hand than Spags; at this point it is not even close. Take some more responsibility for winning games and throw darts at your playbook because the players on this team could run anything well. The only thing at this point that holds them back is your predictability by trying to maintain balance, almost on a play by play basis. Break tendency, do it differently, at this point you are the only thing that holds this team back. Try your TE, he has better hands than anyone we have seen since Bavaro. Try Ward and/or Bradshaw in the slot. Did you see Ward rumble for 35 yards on a short pass? Bradshaw on 4th and 1? You have an offensive line that can run block and pass protect, stop wasting it with measured responses and start attacking. All I KNOW is that that offensive coordinator on the other side of the field (MIKE MARTZ) would have the Giants offense scoring 40 points EVERY GAME. This is not an offense that needs to be obeying the speed limit.


9 Responses to “Gilbride- killing them softly”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    Perfectly said Andy.

  2. David Lo Pan Says:

    Right on the money. Maybe they should throw in a play action on that second down, since everyone is expecting run anyway…and maybe Ross should try and bump his man at the line once in a while, that might help with the short slants…

  3. jblaze Says:

    Andy,If Giants’ offense continues to stagger and they do not do well in the playoffs, would they cut Gilbride by end of this year?

  4. xtian Says:

    the last i looked the giants were 5-1 and on offense were leading the league in rushing, 2nd in pts, and 3rd in yards/game–denver plays tonight which could change pts down or yards up–not bad!!! remember in these games we were almost always in the lead, so who cares if we were predictable when we were executing well enough to control the game.

  5. Pastime Princess Says:

    Problem is Xtian, we are not beating the bad team, they are beating themselves. When we start playing the better teams in the league will can’t count on them to give it to us.

  6. Pastime Princess Says:

    The giants are not going to be able to win with great defense like last year. The offense is going to have to win games like the browns game by outscoring their opponents. 3 yards and a cloud of dust is not going to cut it anymore.

  7. xtian Says:

    again, the giants have one of the best offenses in the nfl, they are deep at receiver and running back, they will continue to be good, but not perfect. for the most part, the giants are flat out beating the other teams and causing them to make mistakes. how about giving the giants some credit.i agree that we will find out more about the team now as the tough part of the schedule starts and that the offense will have to carry more of the load than last year.

  8. Nature Says:

    I never liked Palmer and I hate GILBRIDE…we need a coordinator with an IDENTITY….running an even amount of run pass doesnt give us an ID

  9. Cody Says:

    Couldn’t agree more; the Giants succeed more in spite of Gilbride’s play calling (rather than because of it).

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