NY Giants 29 Niners 17

The Giants got the pressure in H2 and then O’Sullivan started making the mistakes. The Giants were sloppy. The 49ers were sloppier. The Giants will not win next week if they play this sloppy. 10 penalties for the Giants? I lost track. (Just checked, it was 11.) That O’Hara penalty from one of your leaders has me going nuts. Selfish from a team leader. Instead of 1st and goal from the 8, it is 1st and 10 from the 23, and then the 4th down FG gets blocked for a TD the other way. The result is different if it is FG from inside the 8 yard line (or dare we get a TD?!). Instead, we keep SF in the game. An example of the Giants being a much better team than the 49ers, but not executing in so many places and making too many boneheaded mistakes to let them stick around. The Giants deserved this victory, but there were many alarming things we saw:

1) First half lack of pressure
2) Defense extremely vulnerable in pass protection when the pressure is not there
3) Lack of pocket integrity (Roethlisberger will KILL us if we do not contain)
5) In normal game flow (ie not 2 min drill, or NYG playing from behind in H2) Gilbride predictably calls a RUN on second down and anything less than 11 yards after a first down pass.
6) Ross vulnerable on deep route double moves.
7) Bradshaw must protect the ball better, especially at the end of runs.
8) Burress must contain his emotions, if he spends half the effort redirecting his concentration away from the refs and toward the game, he’ll be fine and we’ll be fine.
9) Way too many batted balls on Eli’s throws.
9) I won’t even count the Special teams blocked FG nightmare, that should be correctable.

Examples of Giants LUCK:
1) Wide open Bruce missed by O’Sullivan, he might still be running if the ball is put in there.
2) Morgan wide open, drops the ball for a 50 yarder.
3) On Burress TD, Boss should be called for interference penalty but is not.
4) Burress fumble at beginning of game is not called, it was clearly a fumble, looked like he took a zillion steps after the catch, instead called incomplete pass.
5) Blackburn held Gore (Q1) when he released to go into a route, should have been a Giant penalty.
6) Ditto another play in Q2, Giants held RB out of backfield.
7) At halftime SF is killing us in the air and they call three straight running plays (to begin Q3), the last of which..
8) is a fumbled handoff, resulting in the first fumble recovery by Giants of the season, without us even touching them.
9) ANOTHER big Morgan drop on a beautiful throw.
10) The late game O’Sullivan self-destructions, too many to name.
11) SF horrible use of timeouts.
I am sure I missed a few, but the point is if the SF Niners execute, we are in deep trouble in/lose this game. Obviously the two Johnson INTs in the first half have to give credit for good play, but better decisionmaking and we are not getting either of those.

1) Manning
2) Offensive Line
3) Toomer and Smith
4) Justin Tuck H2
6) Second half pass rush
7) Dallas S*CKS!

8 Responses to “NY Giants 29 Niners 17”

  1. Nature Says:

    i fvcking hate GILBRIDE die die die die die,he sucks he sucks he sucks he sucks you gotta be kidding me who the fvck are we on offense? to much fvcking shotgun… and the COWBOYS suck damn they suck…D fence is WAAAAAAAAAAAY overated….PITT is gonna be a tough game but i think we can ge to BEN its the matter of bringing him down….did it mention I hate GILBRIDE? f GILBRIDE f GILBRIDE f GILBRIDE

  2. Nature Says:

    …..and also GILBRIDE sucks

  3. Pastime Princess Says:

    <>In normal game flow (ie not 2 min drill, or NYG playing from behind in H2) Gilbride predictably calls a RUN on second down and anything less than 11 yards after a first down pass.<>You can set you watch by that it’s so predictable. I’m glad you said it because I thought it was just me.If 49’s play a little better we could have lost that game and that’s a shame because we are clearly the better team by a lot.

  4. Mitch Says:

    I’m sure we all feel fortunate that we won…..but check this out…..WHAT A SURPRISE….Shockey rips SaintsBy MIKE CRANSTON, AP Sports Writer CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)—Jeremy Shockey was hurting, frustrated and angry after a miserable return to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday following hernia surgery.Shockey questioned how the team has handled his injury and was unsure if he’ll play next week in London.The four-time Pro Bowl tight end, who had missed the past three games with a sports hernia, practiced last week and was cleared to play. But on the first play of Carolina’s 30-7 win, Shockey said he “did the splits” and felt pain.“I feel a spot in my leg that wasn’t there before,” said Shockey, who indicated he was hopeful he only dug up scar tissue and did not suffer more damage.Shockey was clearly slowed by the injury. Later, after a catch, Shockey had the ball stripped by Julius Peppers and Carolina recovered. It led to the Panthers’ go-ahead touchdown in a rout that left Shockey in a foul mood despite leading the team with five catches for 50 yards.“I had a fumble that hurt the team. I missed a backside cutoff block,” Shockey said. “That’s on me, 14 points I felt like I gave up today, not because of effort, but just because physically I’m not healthy.”Shockey said he may have come back too soon from the surgery, and also indicated the Saints erred by misdiagnosing him in training camp.“I’m worried that this thing could have been taken care of in camp, like it should have been,” said Shockey, who the Saints acquired from the New York Giants in July for two draft picks. “If it wasn’t misdiagnosed in camp like it was there’d have been no problems. … Next time I know. When I get hurt I’ll get three or four opinions besides just the team’s.”Shockey underwent surgery four weeks ago, and had practiced without limitation the week before facing the Panthers. In contrast, Philadelphia Eagles receiver Kevin Curtis had hernia surgery in August and has yet to play this season.“It’s not a three-to-six-week recovery time,” said Shockey, who alluded to Curtis. “It’s really a five-to-seven-week.”Shockey’s injury concerns were part of a horrible day for the Saints’ offense, which was held to seven points by Carolina and watched running back Reggie Bush and center Jonathan Goodwin leave with left knee injuries.Shockey said he would know more about his status Monday.“I want to help this team win that brought me here,” Shockey said. “I’m just disappointed in myself. I’m making plays and everything, but I’m just not healthy.”

  5. Andy F. Says:

    just remember folks, EVERY Saints loss means a better draft pick for the gmen. 3-4 never sounded so good.

  6. Craig Says:

    I guess about 90%(estimate) of the plays right, Gilbride is way to predictable. Great run defense without Pierce or Wilkinson. Kehl is looking good.Ross is just a confidence thing, he got torched last week against Braylon Edwards. When the Defense cannot pressure the QB, they march down the field and score a TD. Happens in every game for a drive or 2. I dunno if anybody else noticed it, but Eli is horrible at faking the hand off on play action. In the playoffs the play action was lethal, now, its not that effective.Where is Kenny Phillips? Does Steve Smith ever get the ball not on 3rd down?Tollefson is this years Tuck?

  7. dberenson Says:

    I don’t see how you can count Eli as “THE GOOD” from Week 7. I’m not an Eli hater (at least not anymore), but you have to recognize when he’s having a crappy game. He was flat yesterday. Its not enough to say about your franchise QB that he didn’t throw any picks. He completed (maybe) 50% of his passes. He missed a bunch of 3rd down conversions, especially late when it would have put the game far out of reach.NYG won yesterday due to Defense and Luck. That won’t be enough next week. Eli will need to step it up big time if we’re going to have a chance against Pittsburg.

  8. xtian Says:

    hey, calm down everyone. the giants offense was leading the league in yards and 4th in pts/game going into the 49ers; not much to complain about. also they have been ahead most of the time so they haven’t had to be that creative. i want a balanced attack and i realize that those early predicable jacobs runs results in ward and bradshaw longer runs later and having play action work. now the tough part of the schedule is up and we will see what the giants are made of. remember it is about getting into the playoffs first and executing well there.yes, i agree the giants were very sloppy and so were the 49ers, but there was luck on both sides of the ball, the giants also dropped several key passes and a blocked FG returned for a TD, come on!

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