Wonder on the NFC at Week 7

NFL guru Wonder on all the happenings around the NFC, the trade deadline, etc. Tomorrow, Wonder on the AFC.

1) How much did the Giants players bet on the Browns? The Giants simply did not come to play. The only unit that showed up and played well was the offensive line. I blame Coughlin for not having them ready to play.
2) Please, do not ever mention Aaron Ross in the same sentence as Darrelle Revis again.
3) The Cowboys are in DEEP TROUBLE. Pacman Jones suspended indefinitely, Romo out, Newman sports hernia, AllPro Punter Briar out, Felix Jones strained hamstring (probably/maybe out thru the bye). Deep trouble.
4) Giants play the Boys before bye, you must win that game, if not there is something wrong with your team.
5) Why oh why did the Giants NOT take Gonzalez for a 3rd or 4th rounder? The first bad move I have seen Reese make.
6) Dallas gave up too too much for Roy Williams. 1,3,6 for him and a 7? The Lions did well. And with Romo out, he won’t be in synch with his QB until late enough in the season that it diminishes the need at the deadline. Jones must have thought that with the Giants losing last night that he could still go for it, but Jones paid too much, desperate. No one else in the league makes that trade except Jones, Jones was bidding against himself.
7) Hasselbeck is hurt again, Arizona is breezing into the playoffs.
8) Wonder sticking with his orig opinion that Skins are still going to have hard time. Boys will be 5-4 at the bye, they need to go 5-2 after bye, the best they do now is 10-6. That skins loss is going to kill them on the tiebreakers.
9) Eagles have a shot at 7-3 to finish 10-6.
10) Giants will finish 11-5 (or if they play really well 12-4) and win the division.
11) Minn (I told you so) has Gus Frerote. GB still is coming out, 9-7 wins that division. If I am wrong it is Minn coming out. Tiebreakers will be scary.
12) Saints- Colston and Shockey losses hurt. Saints sb breezing 6-0 yet are 3-3. Lost to Washington and Minnesota, had no business losing either. Against Denver that FG costs them the other. They should still come through. With Dallas taking the pipe (and not having a very strong record), this opens up Carolina/Saints for a second wild card spot.
13) At this point it is Giants-AZ or Giants-second place NFC East team for the NFC Championship. Giants-AZ regular season game is going to have a lot of playoff ramifications for home field, byes, playoff games.

12 Responses to “Wonder on the NFC at Week 7”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    Giants-AZ champ game. My goodness, will wonders never end. I’m happy for AZ fans if Wonder is correct but it’s hard to imagine but I guess if you can say Boston Redsox and World Series champions in the same sentence anything is possible.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Wonder is simply alerting us to the fact that AZ’s schedule is too easy from this point forward, they are going to sail, and that means they could be getting a first round bye and be one home game from the conference championship.

  3. Mitch Says:

    The Cowboys acquired wide receiver Roy Williams from the Lions for a first-round pick in 2009, plus a third- and sixth-rounder that year and a seventh-round pick in 2009. Now I think this is a very high price to pay but it sets up the Cowboys for years to come given that T.O. is 34 and Roy Williams is only 27. But what I continue to not understand is how the Cowboys or the Redskins (re: Shaun Alexander, although clearly not the same back) continue to do this in this “Salary Cap Era.”For 2008, the cap is $116,729,000.Unfortunately, the rules governing the manner in which the cap is administered are so cumbersome, it takes a team of attorneys to understand them. Indeed, most NFL teams have attorneys and accountants on hand whose sole responsibility is to monitor the Salary Cap.

  4. Nature Says:

    I am fvcking going out of my mind that mr reese didnt give a a 3 for #88, are you kidding me…just the threat of him does wonders for the office and eli’s confidance to know that he has the BEST catching tight end in league history as a SECOND OPTION, just saying that pisses me off Tony G. as a SECOND OPTION….i agree this is the 1st one the JERRY REESE blew…and dont we have 2 second round picks?what the hell dude if you have 2, 2’s you dont need a 3

  5. James Allen Says:

    Amazing. The Giants aren’t really getting pummeled at all (at least on a national level) for their no show on Monday as it’s still soap opera time for the Cowboys. I think Eli Manning has to, like, murder someone for the Giants to seriously get in the radar. This is, of course, not a bad thing. They seem to be at their best when they are being generally ignored.

  6. Pastime Princess Says:

    I’m glad the Giants didn’t get Tony. They don’t need him. If Eli can have just 3 throws back from Monday it’s a 28 point change in the score. We didn’t need more playmakers sunday, we needed Eli to get the ones we have that where open the ball.

  7. Cody Says:

    AZ is going to breeeze into the playoffs, that’s for sure – they still get the Lambs 2x and their schedule definitely gets easier. Plus their D is starting to show up.However, as we GMen fans know, Warner *WILL* crumble. They don’t scare me.I still think the class of the NFC is in the East. I think the GMen are a better team than anyone in the West/South/Central. But the NFC East is a different story. The NFC Super Bowl team will come out of the East.

  8. bruno Says:

    The Giants did not need another TE, even a good one. They need good LB’s. There were none available at this time. There will be good prospects avaiable in next years draft and we will be glade we have those extra picks. Mr Reese did the right thing. Right now the Falcons and Giants have the best front office.

  9. xtian Says:

    the giants did offer a 4th rd pick for gonzalez, who doesn’t have much left in the tank if you ask me, so i don’t mind them not getting him for more. yes, it was eli’s bad throws that cost them, not the receivers. we also did not use bradshaw in the 4th qtr–shameful–as he might have taken one of those draws to the house. chalk it all up to one of those bad games that every team has during the season. yes, ammo for motivation.cowboys are in trouble with all their injuries, but this is oct, not dec, they should recover in time for good run unless they completely collapse the next 4 weeks. they did overpay for williams, but he is a very good player.wow! az and playoffs, what is the world coming to? lol they are my fav team in that division anyway.

  10. KP Says:

    I don’t agree with alot this Wonder guy says. Why should we give up a 3 for Tony? No way at all, and Peterson was asking for a 2nd anyway. Reese won’t sell the future and I agree with him. We need good LB’s. Like I said in a earlier post…….package up some picks to move into the top ten of next years draft and get one of the top LB

  11. Andy F. Says:

    Yes, clearly LB is a far bigger need for the team. A guy like Gonzalez does not come along that often, he is playing well and would have given the team that much more. Moot now, and no, he is not worth a 2. A 4 that is effectively a 5th rounder because it is so late in the round? You do that.The Giants track record in round 2 in the draft is excellent. It has been 24 yrs since we have taken a LB #1, but at this point even a #2 LB would be welcome relief. After watching our OLBers get fooled by misdirection on Mon night, woof.

  12. Bob Says:

    We don't need Tony G, and do you think they'd give him for a 4th.We have plenty of great guys to catch & run with the ball. We needLINEBACKERS !!!. And dam it, put Bradshaw in the game.

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