the Steeler connection

The Steelers were thin at RB, and then on Monday night Ray Lewis made a legal but nasty hit on rookie 1st round RB Rashard Mendenhall that put him out for the season. So now the Steelers are shopping for a RB, and guess who they have been looking at? Giants RB Danny Ware. Do not give this guy up in a trade without getting MORE than just a token draft pick. Ask for a 3rd rounder. Why?

1) The Steelers are desperate because their style of play is a ball-control offense that limits the number of times Roethlisberger throws the ball. Last season they were 3rd in the league in rushing attempts per game. This year they are still running the ball and they want to keep it that way. So make them pay.

2) We have 5 RBs if you count Droughns. Just because we CAN trade him does not mean we should just give him away. But it does give the Giants flexibility.

3) WE PLAY THEM LATER THIS SEASON. So only trade him away to this team if they are going to PAY UP. If the Steelers find another stooge to help them with a cheaper solution, so be it. But there is no reason for us to help this team to give us a loss later on… unless we know we are going to get MORE than what is fair.


4 Responses to “the Steeler connection”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    THis may sound nuts but trade Jacobs. He is over rated. Without a nice hole to run into he goes no where. At least with Ware, Bradshaw and Ward, they can make something out of nothing, Jacobs doesn’t give you that and with Jacobs we will get a lot more in return then we would for the unprove Ware. We know that Ware is better than Jacobs but the steelers don’t so they will overpay for him.

  2. Patrick Boyle Says:

    No one is going to give up a third round pick for Ware. We can ask for it all we want, but it would be a monumental waste of time.

  3. Andy F. Says:

    the Steelers signed Davenport to a one year deal, so it is likely a waste of time. the bottomline is that if Parker cannot come back healthy after their bye and his effectiveness is diminished then the Steelers are screwed. Wonder says a 5th rounder would be ample, but I would not trade him for that because you let them off the hook (since we face them in W8).

  4. bruno Says:

    Jacobs does the tough running. He hurts the other guys. Ask the Giants D if they want Jacobs as an opponent? Having said that, I wouldn’t trade Ware for anything less than a 3rd round pick. He will be a very good RB.

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