New York Giants 26 Cincinnati Bengals 23


3+ months from now in January when the Giants have enough wins to get into the playoffs, we won’t remember or care that they won by 3 in OT like today or 28 like last week vs the Rams in a blowout. A win is a win.

Maybe this can serve as a wakeup call that you cannot mail it in. The Giants tried to mail it in again. If this team is the road warriors, they are the home hospitality. They lack the intensity and urgency at home. We saw it vs the Skins in W1 as the home opener. Trap game? Was the Viking game last year a trap game? Manning seems to be the leader of that unevenness. Rule #23 of Carl Banks. Where was the sense of urgency? None in the first half! We were lucky we did not lose in regulation.

Let’s focus on some of the positives-
1) The Giants offense can be brilliant when it wants to be. If it plays in attack mode for 60 minutes we can be in the game against any team.
2) Amani Toomer’s Toes should be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.
3) Hixon is terrific and needs to start in front of Toomer. He willed a first down and had his man beat on overthrown ball behind the defense. He also made a very nice block for Smith when Smith scampered on the right sideline for a nifty first down.
4) Boss’s hands are great. He was instrumental in this win and maybe Gilbride can use him more.
5) Ward was fantastic today, he moved as well as I have ever seen him.
6) Carney was there for the gmen and we needed every little bit.
7) Like we said before, the Giants are 3-0. They will get better too.

There was a reason why the gmen were the biggest favorites of Week 3. They are a good team. But the complacency was there and we knew back in camp that every team would be ready for us. The Bengals certainly were ready for us today. Putting a team into an 0-3 hole is tough, but the Bengals got some self-respect out of this loss. I wouldn’t want to play them next week because they know they can play now and they are every bit as wounded at 0-3.

1) Manning burns two H2 timeouts because Gilbride has the wrong playcall and he cannot change the play at the line of scrimmage in time.
2) Where is Bradshaw?
3) WTF are you doing calling a pitchout (to Bradshaw) in the red zone? (See Rule 5.)
4) WTF are you doing calling Jacobs to run wide in the red zone on 1st and Goal from the ~3? (Wonder was apoplectic about that one as well, lol. USE Ward OR Bradshaw, either is far more competent on that playcall in close environs. NYG convert the TD on third down pass to Boss, but putrid setback nonetheless.)
5) Was Ross hurt?
6) See previous post for Meathead’s ugly gameplan/playcalling, etc…

6 Responses to “New York Giants 26 Cincinnati Bengals 23”

  1. Drew Says:

    I’m no doctor, but it looked like ross dislocated his shoulder again. Since its not the first time this has happened, there is less of a chance that he tore soft tissue or other internal stuff. Considering we have a bye week, he’ll be fine.

  2. David Lo Pan Says:

    Great Blog, totally agree with the post…Gilbride is a Dummy. Why the hell is Jacobs ever getting the ball in short yardage situations? He only converts about once in 25 tries, and then barely. His TD was abysmal, Ward or Bradshaw would have cut outside when they saw the pileup and went in standing. And why is Gilbride calling run after run when Cincy is stacking the box on every play in the first quarter? I understand the philosophy behind Jacons, but so does every opposing defense. He needs to be on the bench in the red zone and in short yardage. Nice to see Boss catch a ball, Eli must have had to check down to his 4th option, sheesh. There’s no way gilbride called those 2 plays intentionally.Keep up the good work.

  3. Nature Says:

    dude its like we watched the game together i think GILBRIDE will be the death of us, its getting to the point where i can officially say i hate hime…and im starting to hate JACOBS also. if there isnt a hole the size of a pornostars snatch he cant get yards…that running into the pile and push it shit dont cut it…since preseason i have been asking for more 44 but it aint happenning the redzone shotgun? what the fvck is that?

  4. Mitch Says:

    I now understand why Buddy Ryan punched Kevin Gilbride.

  5. olid99 Says:

    I agree with the anti-Gilbride sentiment. The final drive in OT was actually the first time in the game where we tried throwing downfield. Prior to that, we took no shots deep and for that reason allowed Cinci to keep the box full. It is impossible to have a decent running game when you can’t spread the field and keep the DBs off the line. Also, can we please get a placekicker that can kick further than the opposition’s 15? Special teams continue to be embarrassing.

  6. RSM GP Guy Says:

    In Buffalo they used to call him Kevin Killdrive. I think the name should stick.

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