New York Giants 16 Washington Redskins 7

Meat and potatoes win. Yes Wonder, the Redskins stink. They are learning a new system, their offense is woeful and they have a lot of injuries. Their two minute offense wouldn’t scare a college team. It is not who you play but when you play them. They will get a lot better- every team improves from W1 to W17.

Offense: Manning was not present for all 4 quarters, but he looked good. He used the pump fake and looked off the safety on more than a few occasions, which was vg. Burress was excellent. Steve Smith picked up right where he left off with his terrific 3rd down possession catches which kept moving the sticks. Jacobs was punishing… he always looks good at the beginning of the season when he has fresh legs. Ward looked very good too… and as good as we have ever seen him catching the ball out of the backfield. When Jacobs has fresh legs it is hard to argue for Bradshaw. With the exception of a pass or two out of the backfield that screamed for #44, any of the three of them could get this job done. John Madden was having a lovefest with the offensive line.. I was surprised he did not suit up to join them down there. Great play call by Gilbride on the naked bootleg at the 1 yard line. As we mentioned in preseason, Manning should run ONCE per game just to keep the defense off-balance.

Defense: the DL was fantabulous. Pick a lineman, they all played great. I saw #21 all over the field. He made a great play to stop a first down by making an open field tackle of rookie Devin Thomas just short of the sticks. Webster played very well. Alford got called for a big 15 yarder which was horsebleep. They say it is a rules change but Alford totally missed his face mask anyway. Ross looked bad on the Moss TD, but he may have been in zone, so I won’t judge that one too harshly. (The real culprit on that drive was…

Specials: Not good, folks. No hang time on kickoffs gives them good field position. Carney will work until Tynes can come back. Costly roughing the kicker by McDougle was a turnover insanity.

The Giants had to win this game, they did win, NEXT. The first 4 weeks are exactly like this, schtick dreck competition where the gmen must get their business done. The Giants benefit from this 10 day layover because everyone makes mistakes in W1, the Giants get to iron them out after a win and become a better team. Wilkinson and Kehl got a lot of playing time and looked fine with the exception of each taking a bad penalty… the coaches will take a scalpel to each of these guys if they keep making boneheaded mistakes like those. (Kehl had the illegal block on kickoff, Wilkinson had the unnecessary roughness.)

5 Responses to “New York Giants 16 Washington Redskins 7”

  1. Nature Says:

    I think Gilbride needs to go with the flow more..meaning 1st and 10 while averaging 6.6 a carry and in redsking territory there is no need to pass, we have to establish that MAULING RUN STYLE and keep it there until it breaks, nothing wrong with winning ugly, shite we beat the BILLS in ’90 that way. i kind of see the RB situation different, I saw 2-3 runs from JACOB and 1 from Ward that would of been TDis or longer runs if it was BRADSHAW, unlike the other 2 he can score with just one touch of the ball, with the size of those holes they make BRADSHAW can be more of a homerun hitter

  2. Andy F. Says:

    This site has been home of the Bradshaw flag-waving for quite some time. I get so tired of saying that that I have to throw a bone at Jacobs and Ward for getting it done. Jacobs and Ward are good backs, but Bradshaw should be starting in order for the Giants to be reaching their potential. By midseason Jacobs slows down and that is the point where it becomes painfully obvious that by the time he hits the hole Bradshaw would be in the other team’s secondary. We won the game, Jacobs and Ward both deserve a lot of credit. If each game is equivalent to a car crash for a RB, Gilbride and Coughlin are lengthening Bradshaw’s career. LOL. That was a joke. Get him the ball.

  3. xtian Says:

    the giants, in general, dominated the skins as both our lines won the battle. offense: burress was huge. jacobs was great–showed some shake too–and ward was very good, but not even 1 carry for bradshaw, what’s up with that? eli was sharp early, then lost his accuracy, but he was poised throughout the game. i’ve always believed he is clutch and a good leader–low-key montana-like–but his lack of accuracy at times seems like we will have to live with. tight ends weren’t much of a factor in the passing game.defense: the energy was good and everyone was flying to the ball. there was decent pressure throughout, but only 1 sack. i’m glad kehl and phillips got lotf of playing time.specials: all good but the kickoff coverage.

  4. bruno Says:

    Ross looked great on pass coverage. An example was the pass into the end zone. Almost an INT. Both offense and defense played with emotion. Manning was a little better than last yrs reg season play. Looks more confident. Another problem solved; Carney can kick for PA and FG. Offense has to do better with blitz

  5. olid99 Says:

    Is there a reason that McQuarters is still returning punts? This seems like an easy opportunity to include Bradshaw in the lineup, especially since RW looks shaky even executing a fair catch.Also, they need to stop throwing to Jacobs. He has boulders for hands and there are much more appropriate players on the field to set up a screen with. Otherwise I thought this was a very positive week 1 performance.

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