Giant Rush

Last Sunday, after finally getting a chance to review the tape, ultimatenyg noticed that the Lions were doing a lot of rollouts to keep the pass rush out of rhythm. We noted that it was not a concern because the Giants would make the adjustments.

On Thursday Ralph Vacchiano caught up with Spags and … they said they were happy they saw it in preseason and that they would make the adjustments.

A few extra remarks on the topic which were not mentioned by Vacchiano. (1) These maneuvers by teams will put a premium on depth, as these scrambling plays will tire your linemen even more than the normal game. Reese’s remarks about not being happy with the depth on our DL was a little disturbing- is that an indictment of the 2008 training camp progress of guys like Tollefson and Alford? That would not be good. (2) Since most QBs are right-handed they like to roll right so that they can pass more easily on the run. Kitna went to his right. Who used to be patrolling the right side of the opponent’s offense? None other than left-side DE Michael Strahan. Stray had the ability to sniff those things out, adjust super quick and immediately get after the QB. Not only that, Strahan was nothing short of stellar in his ‘containment’ of the pocket to avoid the flush out of guys like Garcia et al. So these are the little things the Giants will have to adapt to in 2008. Tuck is smart and has been mentored by the best. We may never see another DE again who can play ‘contain’ by holding the pocket together and simultaneously rushing the QB the way Strahan did, but Tuck will do it pretty well.

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