in case you missed it

1) Kicker Jay Feely of the Dolphins was cut in favor of a rookie.

2) Plax is back in practice, sort of. I am so grateful not to be a beat writer that has to follow every minutae of this guy’s soap opera.

3) London and Moss seem to be doing well enough, be it the first game or cumulative practices. Tyree is in trouble if he does get back into pads soon. Wonder suggests that with the WR numbers being what they are, they can either put Tyree or Manningham on (season-ending) IR.

4) Injuries are injuries, but one of Wonder’s biggest AVOIDs of the 1st round of the NFL Draft in April was OT Chris Williams, whom Wonder called soft, not a road grader. Now he is out 10+ weeks, and some think he’ll miss the entire season.

Tomorrow Wonder-ific comments on everything around the league. Do not miss that post.

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