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Kiwanuka: “Football’s a lot more fun now … than it was when I was learning from the beginning.” Whether this experiment works or not, whether it is justified or not, Kiwi is a total professional and has done whatever the Giants have asked of him. He is articulate and takes the high road every time.

4 Responses to “Monday Camp Reports”

  1. Mitch Says:

    July 28, 2008Giants put on pads for first time in campThe champs put on the pads tonight and did a little hitting for the first time this summer. Not a ton of hitting, but enough to knock a few bodies to the ground. The also worked straight through a brief rainstorm that soaked my notebook.Here are a few of the salvageable highlights:LB Chase Blackburn, who has been seeing a lot of reps on the weakside with Gerris Wilkinson (knee) out and Danny Clark (hernia) limited, made a nice blitz, then got way up in the air, and deflected away an Eli Manning pass. Blackburn is one of those guys that always seems to do something good when he’s on the field, though he probably doesn’t get on it as much as he should.Interesting coaching maneuver tonight. For a brief time, LBs coach Bill Sheridan was coaching the running backs and Secondary coach Peter Giunta was coaching the receivers. Why? It appeared as if the defensive coaches were teaching the offensive players tackling techniques – you know, in case there’s a turnover and they’re suddenly forced to turn into defensive players. Makes a lot of sense.Sam Madison, still recovering from hernia surgery, was fast enough to stay step for step with the speedy Michael Jennings and break up the slightly underthrown pass in a 7-on-7 drill.In the same drill, Sinorice Moss cut inside and lunged at a pass from Manning, but it was just out of his reach. It didn’t matter, though. Rookie S Kenny Phillips had got himself in a position where he would’ve taken Moss’ head off. That’s a theme with Phillips so far this summer. He either appears to be in pos ition to deliver a crushing hit, or he just hits someone – non-contact drill or not. You’ve got to love that aggressiveness.Speaking of rookie defensive backs, he might be one of the Giants’ most overlooked rookies in several years but keep your eyes on CB Terrell Thomas. This was far from where I was standing, but he appeared to make a great play cutting off Brandon London and nearly made a great interception while lying on the ground. My view was blocked, but I was sure at first that he caught it.Play of the day was a diving catch by WR Brandon London on yet another deep pass, this one thrown by strong-armed rookie Andre Woodson.Runner up came in the two-minute drill when Dominek Hixon out-fought S James Butler for a 50-yard bomb from Manning.QB David Carr returned to practice and got off to a slow start before throwing a few nice completions. They were mostly short passes. Maybe this is the power of suggestion, since QB coach Chris Palmer indicated it was an issue, but a few times I did thi nk he bolted from the pocket a little too soon on a play.Rookie WR Mario Manningham, who strained his quad in the morning, sat out the afternoon practice.

  2. Patrick Boyle Says:

    Good info. Although, might want to shy away from calling an African-American “articulate” as a compliment, for obvious historical reasons.

  3. Andy F. Says:

    lunchbreak special….Fabulous job, Mitch.Patrick- Pls do not be oversensitive. I am impressed by Mathias Kiwanuka’s composure and ability to handle difficult questions. Nothing more, nothing less! In my opinion he happens to be one of the (if not THE) most articulate players on the entire roster, so what does that have to do with race?!! Absolutely nothing. These reporters are peppering him with all kinds of traps and landmines, and he sidesteps them with grace and calm, something lacking from most professional athletes.

  4. Mitch Says:

    Oh well, home again and back to the grind. If you have some free time over the next month, take a drive up to the Albany area and watch the Maramen you will enjoy it…Just a something to note… Tom Coughlin was waving periodically to all the fans every so often. He seemed very relaxed….I guess a Super Bowl victory and a new 3 year contract will do that. GO BIG BLUE!…WHY NOT TWO!

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