Where have you gone Giants Linebacker?

2008 Kehl4 Goff5
2007 DeOssie4
2006 Wilkinson3
2004 Torbor4
2002 Griesen5 Mallard6
2000 Short4 Jones6
1999 Childress7

*Are these picks weak? No.
*Are any of them particularly exciting? We obviously have to wait for the jury on Wilkinson, DeOssie (as a LB, not his good specials), Goff and Kehl.
*See a trend? No doubt about it.
*Are you thinking what I am thinking? Yep, another patch job.

Reggie Torbor/Brandon Short/Dhani Jones… these guys helped our team, but did any of them make you feel that they were going to help the defense impose their will on the other team’s offense? They did their jobs, and once in a while they made a nice play, but that was it. Is that what we have in store for ourselves with one of the last lot? We certainly went for defensive help in the secondary by drafting a Safety in Round 1 and a Cornerback in Round 2. If these guys in the secondary can be big and strong and play the run big and strong, then the Giants by default become this 4-2-5 nickel defense, or even 5-1-5 when they rush that fifth man (remember Kawika Mitchell in the Super Bowl) to keep the pressure on the QB. LB gets outsourced.

2 Responses to “Where have you gone Giants Linebacker?”

  1. This American Fan Says:

    I heard Randy Cross and Peter King (I think) talking on the NFL Network radio yesterday. King mentioned a quote from Parcells. Parcells said that the time will come soon when teams play 3 cornerbacks. I wonder if Spags is thinking the same thing.

  2. glenn w Says:

    Good post. Thank you for sharing this trend. For most of their history, the Giants have drafted fantastic linebackers.For whatever reason, as of 1993, Giants management has made a decision to replenish linebackers through free agency.Linebackers:Dating back to 1993 to present:Michael Brooks, Carlton Bailey, Mike Croel, Mike Barrow, Carlos Emmons, Barrett Green, LaVar Arrington, Antonio Pierce, Kawika Mitchell, Danny Clark are all free agents signed by the G-men. Please add here. I listed these linebackers from memory.Please amend your post:In the 2002 draft class, LB Quincy Monk was drafted in the 7th round. Glenn W.

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