New York Giants NFL Draft 2008 Round 1 and Round 2 recap

The Giants missed a very good opportunity at #31 and went conservative with Phillips. Remember the reviews of Wonder as draft guru- Wonder may not be right, but he won’t be wrong… at worst he is a push, meaning in this case another Safety like Tyrell Johnson will be just as productive if not more so as opposed to Phillips. The CB at #63 (Terrell Thomas) was a good pick. He has good speed and is a reliable tackler. Between him and Ross they will get it done. And that also leaves Webster in there to compete with them for jobs.

Wonder was surprised at how Quentin Groves dropped to the Jags at #52; he thinks it was probably due to teams not wanting to risk that much on a player that had a medical condition (heart procedure, fixed, Doctors gave clean bill of health).

Wonder was very pumped for the Giants to get Avril or Bryant at #63, and is willing to bet even money tomorrow at the beginning of Day 2 that the Miami Dolphins take one of those with the #64 pick. We will see.

The Steelers got Mendenhall and Sweed, a great draft. KC scooped up Dorsey, Albert and Flowers, a huge haul. The Redskins got Devin Thomas at #34 after trading down, a very nice move.

“The NFL GM’s got it right for a change, did not bite on Connor in the first two rounds. Good for them not going for that Penn State LB 1st round bs.”

One Response to “New York Giants NFL Draft 2008 Round 1 and Round 2 recap”

  1. glenn w Says:

    Ask Wonder:Were the Giants interested in drafting a defensive lineman in round 1?Being down here in South Florida, I was not impressed with Phillips.I thought he was good. I think it is interesting evaluation of Phillips. A push.In addition to the Gmen, I closely follow college football especially the SEC. I think the Big 10 is overrated.I think the SEC and PAC 10 are the two best conferences. Thank you for info on Connor.Although the Giants only dress three defensive tackles each game,I still think we need a hybrid guy. A guy who can play end and tackle. Again, good stuff from you and Wonder.glenn w.

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