The following is Wonder’s VALUE BOARD, with a brief comment on each player. It is NOT A MOCK DRAFT. It is Wonder’s assessment of the best player available. As an example, Wonder does not project McFadden at #1 for Miami and he does not see the Giants necessarily taking Flowers or Talib either. The hope for the Giants is that someone of value AHEAD of those players is available and FALLS to #31… someone like Groves, Hardy or Cherilus. Gosder Cherilus is 6’7″, 314 lbs., switched to LT from RT in his senior year, and if you are not sure if the Giants will have interest… he played for Boston College, aka NY Giants North.


1. McFadden– POTENTIALLY biggest game changer
2. Dorsey– ever hear of Warren Sapp?..4-3 ONLY
3. Gholston– most POTENTIALLY dominant DE(4-3 end !!)
4. Jake Long– best OT..and SAFE pick
5. Chris Long– great att,motor,intangibles..(I think 4-3 end)
6. Ellis– undervalued…could be anchor in 4-3
7. Rivers-hard to predict…I think best in 4-3 OLB (TB brooks?)
8. Ryan– good but not great..needs a good team
10/11. Stewart/Mendenhall– GREAT value, studs
12. Albert– disagree.think he should be TOP FIVE OG, not OT
13. Clady– little unclear..good body..feet ??
14. Thomas– I believe he WILL be the next TO on good team
15. Balmer– versatile…3-4 NT or 4-3 DT..10 year solid pro
16. Mayo– not sure he can play MLB..but GREAT ILB 3-4
17. Merling– just plug him into a 4-3 DE and let him play
18. Harvey– Beast? or bust? has to play 4-3 DE
19. Otah– MOOSE…if not quick enough, could be a prob
20. Groves– POTENTIAL BEAST (see J. ABRAHAM !!)
21. McKelvin– solid pro
22. Keller– in new pass happy NFL, 60-70 catches/yr !!
23. Jenkins– solid pro
24. Hardy– “small” Harold Carmichael !! RED ZONE !!!
25. Sweed– unclear..but if he learns to go across the middle..
26. Cason– next group of solid cb’s
27. Flacco (THIS MUST BE A NEED PICK..2-3 yrs away)
28. Cherilus– plug him in at RT for next 10 years..
29/30. Brohm/Henne (NEED PICK)- good value /pot..
31. Flowers/Talib (pick one!) for COVER 2

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