Wonder’s NFL Draft Analysis: Top 5 picks on Offense by Position

QB: Ryan, Flacco, Brohm, Henne, Johnson (GREAT VALUE !! as project if late 3rd-4th round)

RB: McFadden, Mendenhall/Stewart (Tie), Jones, Johnson (FAST Leon Washington)

WR: Thomas, Sweed, Hardy, Kelly, Jackson…LOTS OF DEPTH here for SMALLISH fast guys..Avery, Royal, etc…have to grab SIZE early !!

TE: Keller, Bennett, Davis (KELLEN NOT FRED!!), Davis, Cottam (strictly potential, etc. blocker – all around)/Rucker

OT: Long, Clady, Otah, Cherilus, Collins/Baker…NOT WILLIAMS !!! NICKS, Cousins…plenty of potential..DEEP

OG: ALBERT, ALBERT, ALBERT, ALBERT, AND ALBERT….then, Rachal, Shuening, Young (conv.), Thomas/McGlynn

C: Pollack..STOP !! all suck..but…Sullivan, Justice…ok

If you have questions for Wonder, let me know via email or comment.

2 Responses to “Wonder’s NFL Draft Analysis: Top 5 picks on Offense by Position”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Because of the depth of OT in the draft, what are the chances the Giants draft a big talented receiver in the first round (Hardy, maybe?) and go after an OT in the second round (Where you yourself have proven that the Giants draft better players anyway!)?

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Great question- Wonder says that Hardy is “the steal of the draft.” (see future post coming.) He has him on the Giants’ short list for their #1 (31st pick). While I personally would be disappointed in the Gmen taking a WR that high, I would see Hardy as “Wonder” value at that spot. As for the second round, this draft is very deep… the Giants are going to do fine at #63 (2nd round). STAY TUNED. A LOT WONDER-FUL comments coming.

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