Myers of the Daily News with more New York Giants post mortem

Gary Myers had a good piece over the weekend which recapped the 4 game playoff run.
It is always easy to relive these moments because the Giants won. But it is also interesting because you get more accuracy about what actually happened. As an example, McCarthy’s comments are revealing: (1) Favre made the mistake on his OT INT, not Driver on the route (Favre threw Driver under the bus in his postgame remarks (2) That Eli Manning was singularly praised by McCarthy for playing so well in the cold weather that night. Ultimatenyg pointed out how on the last drive of the Super Bowl, Adalius Thomas was practically living in the backfield, thereby RAISING Manning’s score. When you look back and consider how Manning led the team down vs TB to seal the deal (Q4 24-7), was shut off at 9:27 left in Q4 by the Giants coaches vs Dallas, got the praise from McCarthy vs GB and was so solid vs the Patriots, I think the conclusion is that Eli Manning carried more weight for this championship than even we were aware of.

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