Top Ten Draft Steals of All Time

As the NFL Draft moves onto center stage, some fun with draft picks that everyone missed.

10- Roger Staubach
9- Larry Wilson
8- Ray Guy
7- Shannon Sharpe
6- Bo Jackson
5- Dan Marino
4- Deacon Jones
3- Terrell Davis
2- Joe Montana
1- Tom Brady

Ahmad Bradshaw is a long way from getting to a list like this, but as one of the last players taken at the end of the 2007 draft he is off to a good start.

Bottom line- the draft is always an inexact science, so watch every team troll for the 2008 diamond in the rough.

2 Responses to “Top Ten Draft Steals of All Time”

  1. Mickey C Says:

    Roger Staubach was not overlooked. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1964 but because of his service commitment (remember when people were expected to fulfill commitments?), he could not play in the NFL until 1969. He would be unable to play football at any challenging level during his period of military service (he was limited to service teams), so his skills could have deteriorated. Only the Dallas Cowboys were willing to spend a draft choice on him under those circumstances, and even they would not spend a high one.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    The video clip did a pretty good job of summing up the story for why he was passed up until ~#129. The bottom line was that the Cowboys took a calculated risk that the rest passed up. They gambled and won. The Giants got Bradshaw at the end of last year’s draft, and all 32 teams passed up on this good runner ~7 times. This is what makes the draft interesting each year. We have a rundown of the 2008 draft coming up soon. Stay tuned.

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