John Fox

What is all the fuss about? ESPN’s John Clayton writes about a few coaches who are the hot seat this season, one of which is John Fox.

What is going on here?!! Fox totally turned around the franchise immediately after becoming head coach, his team’s biggest losing season is 7-9 and the Panthers have been hit by major injuries the past two years. So looking at the aggregate won-loss record of his stewardship as head coach is utterly ridiculous and Neanderthal. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he is 5-2 in the playoffs, having lost to Brady and the Patriots by a bleeder FG at the end… not that anything like that outcome could have POSSIBLY happened to US!?! Do you see where I am going with this? If this guy were around and we needed a head coach, I would pounce on him faster than a …well, a panther. And one more thing- when Spags is plucked from the Gmen at the end of this season, and if the rest of the league is clueless about Fox, I would grab him as our defensive coordinator and let him know that he has the inside track (of course, no guarantees) with the organization to become the next Head Coach. Considering how well-liked he was by the Giants in 2001 (he was almost offered the Head Coaching job if Fassel blinked), this could be a decent setup- the Giants like hiring people who they know. Buy the Fox.

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