Sammy Knight signing

Coughlin on Knight: “Sammy Knight is a durable, physical player with 42 career interceptions. He comes to the line of scrimmage extremely well. He’s a smart player who gets everybody lined up. He played in Kansas City for (secondary coach) Peter Giunta, so we know all about the quality of the man.”

The Giants are a physical team, so it is good to hear that he will be able to fit in with their schemes. But please note sometimes it is what they don’t say that is just as important.. ‘he comes to the line of scrimmage very well’ means he plays run fine. But what about his coverage skills? They left that part out. Spags will have to compensate for a 33 year old safety and not expose him to too much single.

From Paul Schwartz NY Post on Sammy Knight: “He does not possess the physical skills he once did, and reports are that his lack of speed will at times be a liability in coverage. But Knight is an able and willing participant in the running game and is effective up in the box, where he is a sure tackler.”

Knight fills a need and allows Reese to manage the draft much easier. The Giants still need to draft here, but at least it is not rushed development.

How much confidence do we have in Kiwanuka to cover the TE? I still see a strong side LB as a key need for the Giants. We face two Pro Bowl TE’s in our division, they need attention.


One Response to “Sammy Knight signing”

  1. Greg Says:

    Great point about how sometimes, it is the things left unsaid that reveal the truth about what was said.With all due respect to physical safeties who play the run well, give me a fast safety good in pass coverage any day of the week.I know that the subtleties of the game are often lost on those of us who watch it on television, but how many times do you actually find yourself saying, “I wish our safety provided more physical run support on that play?” Every now and then, of course, but not nearly as often as you say, “I wish our safety was faster and better in pass coverage!”Especially in today’s pass-oriented game, isn’t a safety’s first priority pass coverage? Shouldn’t that the first qualification for the job?Is it possible that valuing safeties based on their run-stuffing skills is an anachronism from the days when the game wasn’t as pass-centric? And maybe also a product of football coaches’ age-old macho fetish for physicality?That said, the Knight signing is good, under the circumstances. We’re paying a relative pittance for his considerable experience, savvy, and ability to make picks. In a market where Gibril Wilson fetched $39 million, JR made the best out of a bad situation.

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