ESPN reports Giants sign Sammy Knight

3 yrs 5.15M, 1.25M Guaranteed.

2 Responses to “ESPN reports Giants sign Sammy Knight”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Just heard about this deal, I get that Knight hits hard and plays well against the run, but the Giants still have to play against Jason Witten twice a year, does Knight have a chance against an elite TE like that?Do you think the Giants are going to pick up a LB that has a good chance of covering guys like Witten, or is Spagnuolo going to have to create some new defensive scheme to compensate for slow safeties and LBs who can’t cover?

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Daniel- all relevant comments. The Giants on a good day have trouble with a good TE like Witten.Reese is getting a player that will slide in as a short term (1 yr, 2 yrs max) solution to the Giants need in that position. We needed a strongside LB who could have the speed for covering TEs before Wilson was lost and we still need one now. Today’s pickup will take some pressure off of Reese when the draft arrives. Now he can go into the draft with Johnson, Butler and Knight, draft a Safety anywhere the value lines up (preferably higher, but not TOO high*), get a rookie UFA, have 5 people compete for 4 jobs and (if I get my wish) cut Butler. Knight and Johnson would then start. The second path would be to sign another free agent Safety as well.* Safety is not a ‘skill’ position. Drafting very high for Safety is (most of the time) an inefficient way to use your pick. The best positions (which are drafted over and over in the first round) are DE’s, OT’s, QB’s, RB’s, CB’s, and yes Linebacker! Generally you don’t draft a Guard, Center, or Safety in the first round. These guys get paid the least for a reason- they are simply not as critical as the others. So go for that big and fast Strong Side LINEBACKER in the end of Round 1.

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