Sammy Knight and Gibril Wilson

The first of the leftovers. These players are sausage fillers. Plug them in, Spags will have enough bodies so that Reese can draft for as much value and as little need as possible. If that is at all possible. Sad but true, we have a glaring hole at safety and a moderate one at LB too assuming Wilkinson and Kiwanuka are not training camp geniuses.

I just figured it out! The Giants are going economy because they need to have that cap room ready for Strahan, Umenyiora and Burress. Okay, that was a joke. I think the Giants are still in shell shock about how wrong they were in not using the franchise tag on Wilson. And to make matters worse, I think the Giants could have been told before the tag deadline (a week ago) that he was going to sign for 6.5M per yr and they STILL would have passed on tagging him for 4.4M for one year. Their reaction to the idea of tagging him when asked about it at the Combine was so telling. The THOUGHT was so radical, and it was summarily dismissed out of hand. (I am willing to bet that Pat Hanlon, the genius of all geniuses, was belittling the Giants beat writers for even SUGGESTING such a STUPID notion!) I congratulate Alvin Keels, Gibril Wilson’s agent, for understanding the ramifications of the increased salary cap and ignoring the Giants. They were secretly praying the Giants would not tag, and they had 16M reasons why!

One last thing, let’s add some insult to injury and remind everyone that we will have to pay someone like Knight 2-3M per year (because he likely won’t last the length of the contract they agree to), when the Giants were 3M bid for Wilson just days ago. This is called attitude adjustment.

2 Responses to “Sammy Knight and Gibril Wilson”

  1. footballfan Says:

    funny you’d see this as a insult.have you watched football the last eleven years? Sorry, but if Knight signs with the Giants consider them lucky. The guys is indeed older, but also smarter. His stats have been better than Wilson’s the last 4 years!!! Not to mention half the other safeties in the league but let’s face it, when your not drafted, the bandwagoners don’t jump on. Real fans know the deal. Do your research…and rethink your post.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Knight does not excite me. To be fair, you know him better than I do. What I do know is that he lost a step, he is 33, the Jaguars moved on, and this guy gave up 3 TDs to 2 TEs in 2 playoff games. So should I be happy that I am going from Gibril to that? Our defense is going to get weaker. We need help in covering TEs with our LBs already, so I really do not feel particularly lucky.

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